FX Drops New ‘Fargo’ Season 4 Footage, but There’s Still No Release Date

There’s still no release date for the fourth season of the widely acclaimed “Fargo,” but FX Networks’ latest teaser for the upcoming season promises an installment as hilarious as it is action-packed.

The new teaser, titled “Big Fish,” primarily consists of criminals threatening violence, interspersed with slapstick comedy — be it four adults awkwardly hanging out on see-saws or someone haplessly tripping on a pile of snow. The 30 seconds of material offer little in the way of revealing plot details, but there’s more than enough gun-toting and goofiness to warrant plenty of excitement for the upcoming season, whenever it ends up premiering.

Per FX, the fourth installment of Fargo is set in 1950 Kansas City, where two criminal syndicates fighting for a piece of the American dream have struck an uneasy peace. Chris Rock stars as Loy Cannon, the head of the African American crime family who trades sons with the head of the Italian mafia as part of tenuous truce.

Like practically all of Hollywood’s upcoming film and television projects, production on “Fargo” Season 4 was halted earlier in the year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Season 4 was originally expected to premiere in April; the delay means the show won’t have a shot at Emmy contention until next year.

“Fargo” boasted plenty of barbed laughs throughout its first three seasons, allowing everyone from Kirsten Dunst and Ewan McGregor to Carrie Coon and Billy Bob Thornton to play outside the box. Keeping with that tune, Rock’s starring role in the show’s upcoming fourth season strikes a different chord than the beloved comedian’s recent work. Rock’s most notable television credit stemmed from the four-season sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris,” which Rock created, narrated, and wrote. Rock has primarily focused on films and various comedy specials since the conclusion that series in 2009; Rock’s recent film credits include roles in the “Madagascar” and “Grown Ups” films, and “The Week Of.” Rock will also star in “Spiral,” the ninth film in the “Saw” franchise, alongside Samuel L. Jackson, arriving in May 2021.

Other Season 4 stars on “Fargo” include Jessie Buckley, Jack Huston, Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, Timothy Olyphant, Francesco Acquaroli, and Andrew Bird.

“Fargo” Season 4 will presumably premiere at some point before the heat death of the universe. Check out the latest teaser for the upcoming season below.

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