Freud on Netflix cast: Who is in the cast of Freud? Who plays Sigmund Freud?

Freud is the new Austrian-German crime drama with a historical twist on Netflix. The series re-imagines the early life of Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist who went on to be the founder of psychoanalysis as we know it today. has everything you need to know about the cast of Freud.

Who is in the cast of Freud on Netflix?

Sigmund Freud – Robert Finster

Austrian actor Robert Finster portrays psychiatrist Sigmund Freud in Freud on Netflix.

Freud was a real person, often known as the father of psychoanalysis. However, Freud on Netflix is not a biopic and is instead, a re-imagining of his earlier years.

In the series, he teams up with a police inspector and a medium to hunt down a serial killer who is terrorising the streets of Vienna, using his background in psychology to help crack the case.

Finster is best known for his roles in several Austrian television series and stage performance.

International audiences may recognise him as Pietschi Mordelt in the award-wining film My Brother’s Keeper.

He also had a small role in the 2019 film Kaviar.

His other credits include Vor der Morgenröte, Dennstein & Schwarz – Die Erben and Walking on Sunshine.

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Fleur Salomé – Ella Rumpf

Swiss actor Ella Rumpf portray psychic medium Fleur Salomé.

Rumpf is best known for playing Alexia in the 2016 horror film Raw, which won 2016 Sutherland Award for the most original and imaginative first feature at the London Film Festival.

Viewers may also recognise her as Tiger from the critically acclaimed film Tiger Girl.

She also played Hanna in the 2017 film The Divine Order, which was nominated for the best foreign-language film at the 90th Academy Awards.

Her character Fleur is loosely based on Lou-Andreas Salome, one of Freud’s student and close friend.

Rumpf will star in the upcoming HBO series Toyko Vice as Polina.

Detective Alfred Kiss – Georg Friedrich

Austrian actor George Friedrich stars as Detective Alfred Kiss in Freud on Netflix.

Detective Kiss is a war veteran turned detective, who is in charge of tracking down an Austrian serial killer.

Fredrich is a well known Austrian actor, who has appeared in more than 80 films since 1984.

His notable credits include Wild, Bright Nights and My Best Enemy.

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Franz Poschacher – Christoph Krutzler

Christoph Krutzler stars as Franz Poschacher in Freud on Netflix.

Krutzler is an Austrian movie and theatre actor, best known for his role as the red one in M-A City.

He is also well known for his roles in Thearpy for a Vampire, M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder and Menschen & Mächte.


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Lenore – Brigitte Kren

Australian actress Brigitte Kren takes on the role of Lenore in Freud on Netflix.

Kren is a well known Austrian actor, who has appeared in film, television and on stage.

Viewers may recognise her from the series SOKO Danau and 4 Blocks.

In 2012, Kren was one of 12 celebrities who took part in the seventh season of the ORF television show Dancing Stars. Together with her dance partner Willi Gabalier, she achieved fourth place.

Freud is streaming on Netflix now

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