Four in a Bed star puts head in hands and sobs over guest feedback

Four in a Bed: Angie in tears over feedback

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This week’s episodes of Four in a Bed featured hoteliers Andrew and Angie, Katie and Jess, Emma and Emily, and Darren and Jamie. They all spent a night at each other’s hotels and during Friday’s episode, the truth was revealed as feedback was looked at and areas for improvement were realised in the Channel 4 staple. Angie became emotional after listening to opinions about her and Andrew’s Daisy Bank Camp in Yorkshire.

Angie and Andrew’s business consists of self-built cabins and both work a different full-time job each.

Daisy Bank Cabin in Hebden Bridge featured cabins of up to £95, with an extra £15 for breakfast, and the cabins had a big focus on both sustainability and comfort.

The guests enjoyed their stay at the camp, which was the first stop of the week.

When it came to the moment of truth, Angie couldn’t contain her emotion as she took on board everyone’s comments.

All the guests had provided a full payment to the pair, applauding the unique feel of their hotel.

When Emma and Emily revealed their payment lastly, Andrew counted: “£110… Full payment.”

Placing her head in her hands, Angie became tearful and commented: “Thank you.”

“You are more than welcome,” Emily replied, adding: “Well deserved, honestly… at the risk of reducing you to a complete puddle.”

The group laughed before the couple later reflected on what the positive comments had meant to them.

“We were aware going into this that we were being scrutinised by industry professionals,” Angie stated.

She continued: “Which is a very tough crowd for us as newbies.”

It was clear the pair were grateful that their efforts had been appreciated.

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As they entered the rooms earlier in the week, the guests were instantly delighted by the charming feel of Angie and Andrew’s place.

“It’s tiny but really, really sweet,” Emily commented, while Darren and Jamie branded their room “lovely”.

“Aw, I love the way it’s decorated – it’s so cute,” Katie remarked as she looked around the room.

“It’s very well thought-out,” Emily later added, while Katie and Jess praised the cleanliness of the room.

Angie and Andrew went on to win the series, which was revealed during Friday’s episode.

The two were delighted and thanked their guests for the experience.

Coming in second place came Emily and Emma, followed by Katie and Jess, and Darren and Jamie came in last place.

Four in a Bed is available to watch on All4.

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