Five Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Sharon Bentley’s dramatic return

SHARON Bentley makes a dramatic comeback to the cobbles next week in Coronation Street – as Jenny does her best to expose her ulterior motives. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week from the cobbles…

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1. Sharon returns

Rita’s foster daughter Sharon rocks up on the cobbles next week with a sob story. 

Sharon gets Rita's sympathy when she explains she had cancer and Ian ran off with a woman he met on the internet. 

When Sharon also explains that her brother Wayne died and that she’s lonely, Rita suggests moving in with her for a few weeks. 

2. Jenny locks horns with Sharon 

But when Rita introduces Sharon to Jenny, explaining that she fostered Jenny too, Jenny is hostile and later convinces Gemma that Sharon can’t be trusted. 

Later, they make it clear that they won’t let Sharon hurt Rita again and that she needs to disappear sharpish. 

But when Rita gets wind of their plan, she steps in and tells them to stop meddling, asserting that Sharon deserves a second chance.

Is Sharon going to cause trouble?

3. Faye dumps Craig

With Faye set to appear in court for attacking Adam Barlow, police officer Craig tells Kirk he’s going to resign from the police force so that he can prioritise his relationship with Faye next week. 

But when Kirk finds Faye in Victoria Garden and tells her about Craig’s decision, Faye rushes to tell him there’s no way she’s letting him throw in the towel – and that it’s best they split up. 

How will Craig react?

4. Aadi punches Corey 

Asha’s brother Aadi will be left reeling when he spots Corey emerging from Asha’s bedroom.

Aadi is furious to realise he stayed the night and threatens to tell Dev.

Corey isn’t bothered and makes a cruel jibe about Asha’s huge sexual appetite, but he's left speechless when Aadi punches him in the face. 

Will Asha realise she’s making a huge mistake?

5. Nina is left heartbroken by Seb

Nina admits to Roy that she’s falling in love with Seb next week in Corrie after the young lovebirds head to a gig together. 

But later in the week, Nina overhears Ed and Paul mocking her appearance and is horrified when Seb laughs at the jokes instead of defending her. 

Nina rushes off before Seb sees her and later confronts him and tells him she was going to ask him to move in with her – but that now she doesn’t want anything to do with him. 

Seb is gutted and tries to worm his way out of the situation.

Will Nina give him another chance?

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