Five Coronation Street spoilers for next week as Simon Barlow returns to the cobbles and Peter is attacked

CORONATION Street’s Simon Barlow returns to the cobbles next week and is attacked by one of drug dealer Harvey’s thugs. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the cobbles…

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1. Simon returns

Viewers know that Simon is in witness protection with Nick and Leanne after they reported Harvey to the police.

But next week, Simon threatens to jeopardise his family’s safety when he returns to the cobbles after Sam gets in touch to let them know that Peter is having a liver transplant. 

Leanne knocks on Simon’s door to break the news about Peter, but she’s horrified to realise he’s already disappeared.

Meanwhile, Simon tells Peter and Carla that he’s not going back to the hideout. 

2. Peter is brutally attacked

When Carla finally manages to persuade Simon to return to safety, Peter is horrified to realise the cleaner is reporting Simon’s whereabouts. 

As Peter tries to stop the cleaner in their tracks, they launch a violent attack against him as Simon does a runner.

Will Simon make it back to Leanne in one piece?

And will Peter survive the attack?

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3. Sharon schemes to find Leanne

Sharon will scheme to track down Leanne in witness protection next week as part of a new mysterious plot. 

The newcomer steals Gail’s laptop to get her hands on Nick’s mobile phone number, before promising Sam she’ll set up a meeting between him and his dad. 

When Jenny spots Sam on Sharon’s screensaver, she confronts Sharon, who tells her she must have picked up Gail’s laptop by accident.

What is Sharon up to?

4. Asha moves in with Corey 

Dev will decide it’s time to step in when he discovers Corey has persuaded Asha to move in with him.

Dev marches to confront Corey’s father, Stefan, about the situation, but it soon becomes clear that Stefan couldn’t care less.

Dev loses his temper and tells him that if Asha fails her exams or anything else goes wrong, he’ll be holding him accountable.

5. Corey’s dad buys him a flat

Later, Corey breaks the news to Asha that Dev has been round shouting his mouth off, and tells her she’s no longer welcome to stay.

Aadi tells Dev that Asha has been in touch and told him where she’s living.

But he bumps into Corey, who explains that his father has bought Nick and Leanne’s flat for him and Asha to live in.

Meanwhile, Asha rushes to tell Nina the news. 

Will Nina be able to talk Asha out of it?

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