First look clip from Call the Midwife Christmas special leaves fan in stitches as Trixie dealt brutal blow

CALL The Midwife dropped the first look at its Christmas special which sees Trixie – hilariously – get some bad news.

The short clips shows Nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George) rushing down the stairs to collect the mail and here hotly anticipated annual Christmas letter from her godmother – complete with her expected dress allowance.

But things have clearly not gone to plan as Trixie's face drops while reading the Portofino postmarked letter.

A concerned Nurse Lucille Anderson stops decorating the Christmas tree and turns to ask, "Trixie, have you had some bad news."

That's when Trixie drops the bombshell, that her 'beloved' godmother has not sent her a dress allowance at all this year.

"She's paid for me to join a marriage bureau," a distraught Trixie replies.

"So that I don't end up and I quote, 'on the shelf'."

Trixie bursts into tears as they clip fades to black and fans of the show rushed to share their delight about the upcoming Christmas special.

One Twitter user wrote: "Thanks for the morning giggle! Will be watching from Lubbock, Texas."

Another added: "Absolutely hilarious. Poor Trixie."

And a third said: "Well, life sucks for Trixie. Hahaha! Being a single woman past a certain age still isn't cool, unfortunately. When will they leave us all alone."

Trixie's bad news comes as the Call the Midwife cast have hinted at a "milestone" engagement in the Christmas special – with wedding bells to follow in series 10.

Leonie Elliot (Lucille Anderson) and Zephryn Taitte (Cyril Robinson) opened up about what viewers can expect to see over Christmas and also teased what's in store for their character's relationship.

The nurse and mechanic/pastor's feelings towards each other have been growing stronger and stronger recently and when asked if they will take their relationship to the next level, neither of the actors shut it down.

In fact, they have teased that the two may at some point tie the knot, as Leonie said: "It would be lovely.

“We never know the next step for our characters, but yes, why not?"

With Zephryn adding: “It would be in keeping with the culture of that time. 

“People from the Caribbean who came over on the Windrush tended to be very conservative and looked to the UK as a place where they could settle down and have a family, which meant marriage. 

“So a wedding with Lucille would be something Cyril would long for. It would solidify his journey and feel like a new milestone for him.” 

The BBC show, which first graced our screens back in 2012 has gone on to have nine successful seasons, and is about to air its 10th early next year.

But before that fans of the period drama can enjoy a 90-minute special episode on Christmas day.

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