First look at Anna Kendrick in comedy series Dummy sees woman floored as boyfriend cheats with sex doll – The Sun

PITCH Perfect star Anna Kendrick encounters a love rival in new comedy series Dummy – in the form of a sex doll.

This is no ordinary inflatable toy, though, with a mind of her own and staunch feminist values.

Anna's character, Cody, first encounters the sassy red head when she finds glitter in her boyfriend's bed, prompting her to quiz him on whether he has cheated.

In a new trailer, she is seen raging to Donal Logue's character: "Are you cheating on me?" to which he candidly replies: "I have a sex doll."

As she goes to investigate for herself, she opens the cupboard to find the wide eyed – and living – female, named Barbara, stashed there.

Later scenes, which promise a hilarious sitcom in store, show the aspiring writer as she moans to her pal: "I am having a nervous breakdown, the sex doll is talking to me."

In a witty clapback the sex doll, voiced by Meredith Wagner, states: "I have news for you babe, we are all sex dolls until we topple the patriarchy."

Anna's character replies: "That's great you're a feminist sex doll," which appears to spark the start of a great friendship between Cody and her boyfriend's toy.

There may well be a touching moral aspect underpinning this too, as the American's character is said to be reflected in the doll, with her new buddy providing an opening for what one character tells her is "the part of you that wants to heal."

Full details of the character's and the plot have not yet come to light yet Anna, 34, has teased a snippet of its content.

Talking to publication MEAWW, she said: “By the end of this season, ‘Dummy’ is kind of a love story.

"A story about falling in love with yourself and even your worst, most critical and sometimes-honest thoughts about yourself and trying to make peace with that side of yourself."

Dummy will air on mobile platform Quibi later this year.

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