Emmerdale fans horrified as Meena targets grieving Liam after brutal murder

Emmerdale viewers are adamant that Meena is turning into a "master manipulator" after she murdered Leanna and convinced her victim's dad, Liam Cavanagh, to dump her belongings.

Liam had been missing and many locals were out looking for him, including his wife, Leyla, but it seems Meena knew where he was all along.

Heading to the cemetery, Meena attempted to comfort Liam as he sat by his wife Lara Cavanagh's grave, who died years before he entered the village.

However, in the midst of comforting him, she suggested getting rid of Leanna's items, which many viewers thought was odd.

Meena was reassuring Liam in his grief when she said: "What I'm trying badly to say is life goes o- life goes in weird directions, right when you least expect it.

"One day, you will get over Lea- this pain, and you'll find a way through."

Meena then began laughing as she said she's "rubbish at this stuff", before telling Liam that he should come home and encouraged him to get rid of Leanna's items as they were "causing pain".

Liam appeared to listen to her advice, later returning home and dumping Leanna's items onto the street, much to everyone's surprise.

Leyla fumed at Meena and told her that Liam would regret dumping his daughters items and David agreed, telling Meena: "Leyla's right, you shouldn't have said anything."

Viewers were quick to criticise Meena's behaviour, with one person writing on Twitter: "Meena, the master manipulator."

Another wrote: "Oh poor Liam. He won't be able to make a fresh start no matter how much stuff he gets rid of. Meena's evil too, those things are irreplaceable."

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A third person said: "Meena's only brought Liam back to the village so it makes her look innocent. I can see through your game Meena."

Viewers were adamant they would see Meena's dark side in the leadup to the brutal murder, and fan theories were soon proven to be true.

Meena's comfort towards Liam comes after she killed his daughter in heartbreaking scenes earlier this month.

She threw Leanna off a bridge after Leanna learned that the nurse had killed a friend before, which she said had been an accident.

As Leanna took her final breath, the killer stole a ring from her – but those in the village are yet to figure out that it was Meena who killed her.

Emmerdale returns tomorrow on ITV at 7pm.

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