Emmerdale fans convinced Kim Tate will fake her own death to catch her poisoner

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Kim Tate is going to fake her own death to catch her poisoner.

The scheming superbitch – who is played by actress Claire King in the ITV soap – knows someone close to her was secretly poisoning her.

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Having discovered this she set a trap to expose them – but so far has failed to catch the culprit.

New spoilers have revealed that next week Kim will be found dead after setting a trap for Will Taylor who is suspected of the drugging.

Her son Jamie will arrive home and find her dead on the floor as paramedics zip her up into a bodybag while police arrest Will.

However fans remember that Kim has form for faking her death – as she did to Jamie's own father, before returning and watching him die in front of her.

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And they think history is repeating itself.

One wrote: “Nope, not buying it. It's got to be another of Kim's schemes to catch the poisoner.”

A second said: “If it is a set-up l'd say he has to be in on it unless Kim has also mocked up a police station with everything that comes with that.”

Another added: “As others have said, it’ll be some elaborate setup. No way will they just kill off one of their biggest characters in that manner!”

Actress Claire King recently told The Sun how viewers will be shocked by the reveal.

“We weren’t told who the, the poisoner was at the start, because they thought we might deliver lines in a certain way or you know might give some clues away or something. 

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“But through powers of deduction, we found out anyway.”

However Claire insisted fans will be shocked: “There are twists and turns in it.

“When it comes out, it doesn’t sound as obvious as how I’ve just told you now. So, yeah, I think it will still be a shock at the end of it.”

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