EastEnders star reveals rapist dad revelation turns Freddie's life upside down

When Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) first returned to EastEnders, he was under the impression that Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is his father.

This was because Freddie’s mum, Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) had kept the truth from him but in upcoming episodes, a search leads Freddie to answers as he discovers he was born after Mo was raped by Graham Foster in 2003.

This week, as Kat (Jessie Wallace), Jean (Gillian Wright) and Harvey (Ross Boatman) chatted about the identity of Freddie’s father, Tommy (Sonny Kendall) overheard the name and took it to Freddie with the intention of finding out more online.

After Freddie found Graham’s name under a car dealership, he left Walford in Wednesday’s (July 2) instalment, finding himself coming face to face with his biological dad for the first time ever.

With Freddie finally set to learn the truth, Bobby Brazier has been speaking about what will change for the character, revealing that he thinks the revelation ‘will turn everything upside down’.

‘Freddie has never imagined this to be the reality of the situation and it’s the last thing he would ever think would be true’, he said.

‘He finds out that his dad works at a car dealership so Freddie wants to get him sussed beforehand and also have a chance to see him.

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‘He understands that telling him “I’m your son” before meeting him might have meant that he couldn’t have gone to see him in the first place so he comes up with a plan to say that he’s interested in buying a car so he can buy that time with his dad before dropping the bombshell and telling him “I’m your son”.’

As Bobby continued, he explained why Freddie so desperately wants closure surrounding his dad and said that his character is failing to consider just why his family have never told him what he wants to hear: ‘Freddie finds it frustrating that no one really wants to give him any answers, but as well as frustrating he doesn’t understand because he can’t comprehend why no one will and why no one wants to tell him.

‘He can’t get his head around the idea that there might be a reason, he just thinks that everyone else is being unfair and that they’re just not taking the time for him.’

‘Freddie wants to find his dad because he’s grown up for the past 18 years without know anything about who his dad is and anytime he has wanted to find out about who his dad is he has always been palmed off’, Bobby added.

‘He hasn’t had any definitive answers to give him peace or that resolution he’s looking for. He moved to the Square last year in hopes of finding his family and he also wanted them to point him to the direction of his dad.

‘Seeing Alfie, who has kind of taken on that male role model for Freddie as someone he can trust and take shelter on, being such a great dad to his boys, it triggers something in Freddie that hasn’t come up for a while but is always there. So he wants to go and find his dad.’

So, will coming face to face with his real dad help Freddie moving forward?

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