EastEnders legend Patsy Palmer says it was a ‘big mistake’ for the soap to go to four episodes a week – The Sun

PATSY Palmer is as much a part of EastEnders as the Queen Vic pub – but that doesn’t mean she agrees with the decisions of her paymasters.

Patsy— best known for playing Bianca Jackson — believes the decision for the soap to show four episodes a week was a “big mistake”.

And despite making two comebacks in the past 18 months alone, she says she never watches the BBC1 soap and doesn’t know who any of her new colleagues are.

She revealed: “I haven’t watched EastEnders for six years, so when I go back I have no idea who anyone is. There’s all new people there.

“That’s how that show goes. I don’t know what’s going to happen to it.

“When I was on set I was talking to one of the writers and I said they should never have had EastEnders go three or four times a week. It was a big mistake in my book.

“They should have kept it at two times a week, not followed what all the other soap operas did.

“They should have stayed at two times a week and written really solid, good stories that lasted for quite some time instead of chopping and changing.

"Now you go away from it for a week, come back and don’t know what’s going on.”

The series, which began in 1985, upped its weekly episode count from two to three in 1994, then to four in 2001.

Rival soaps have made a similar move, with Coronation Street now airing six shows a week.

Ironically, EastEnders is now back down to two episodes a week, as the series is eked out amid the Covid-19 shutdown.

Patsy added: “I just feel like they should have stayed at two times a week, and now they’ve gone back to two a week. But it’s weird we’d just had that conversation.”

If you could let me know this weekend’s lottery numbers while you’re making predictions Patsy, that’d be great.


CORONATION Street’s Andy Whyment, who plays Kirk, is excited to get back to filming but said: “There’s going to be no kissing or holding hands.

"If Kirk is walking down the street with Beth, we’d sometimes link or hold hands.”

Kate and Koji land series two

KATE & Koji wasn’t just a surprise lockdown hit – it was also ITV’s biggest sitcom success since Birds Of A Feather and Benidorm.

And that is why the six-part show, which starred Vera star Brenda Blethyn, is now returning for a second series which ITV hopes to film and air next year.

The comedy features Brenda as seaside cafe owner Kate, who strikes up an interesting relationship with customer Koji, an asylum-seeking African doctor played by Jimmy Akingbola.

A TV insider said: “It’s a show with an unusual setting and character dynamic but it’s still gained a terrific audience, with the first episode in March attracting five million viewers.

“Though it’s probably helped by Brenda having such a devoted following thanks to playing no-nonsense detective DCI Vera Stanhope.”

It’s great to see a successful sitcom back on ITV.


LIAR star Joanne Froggat broke her own social media ban to read comments on her Laura Nielson portrayal.

She said: “I reply very occasionally. I often like things so people know I’ve read it. I don’t reply to anything negative.”

Russ mum hooked on fest

GAVIN & Stacey actor Russell Tovey has been a regular face on TV for more than 20 years and has just landed a lead role in new drama The Sister, by Luther creator Neil Cross.

But despite his success, he can still get embarrassed by his mum, as he recently revealed in BBC Radio 5’s Headliners podcast.

While filming in San ­Francisco, Russell took her to a sadomasochism festival, where she took lots of ­pictures and posted them on Facebook. Unfortunately someone reported her and they had to be taken down.

He said: “My mum was ­literally going up to people, tapping them on the shoulder and going, ‘Does that not hurt when you put that hook in there?

"What are those marks from? Can I get a picture with you? What’s that dangling down there’?

“She’s the most open- minded woman you will ever meet. She puts them all up on Facebook.

"There’s lots of nudity and piercings all over the place. I was like, ‘Mum, you can’t!’ ”

must watch

WHAT? Gogglebox, Channel 4, 9pm.

WHY? The final episode of the series sees Jenny and Lee give their view on Ricky Gervais’s Afterlife. Meanwhile, the Siddiqui family mull over the pandemic.

Jamie's in limbo

WITH plans for Strictly Come Dancing still up in the air due to Covid-19, posh boy Jamie Laing insists he still does not know when he’ll get to appear on the show.

Last year the Made in Chelsea star, had to drop out after an injury, only to watch his replacement, Kelvin Fletcher, go on to win the competition.

Speaking on yesterday’s This Morning show on ITV, he said: “I’ll sit by my phone and wait.

"I had my chance last year and obviously I didn’t do that well – it was the quickest exit ever.

“If they come calling this year then, yeah, I would love to dance and I would love to do it. But I just don’t know at the moment.”

I never thought I’d feel sorry for the heir to a multi-million-pound fortune.

Actually, I still don’t.

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