EastEnders' killer Lucas reveals son Jordan is DEAD leaving Denise in tears – but fans think he murdered him

EASTENDERS' killer Lucas revealed tonight his son Jordan is DEAD – leaving Denise in tears.

But fans think the homeless convict murdered him before returning to the Square last month.

Lucas broke the news to Denise after his daughter Chelsea asked him to come over to the house and make amends with his ex.

A reluctant Denise, Jack and Patrick agreed to meet Lucas to wipe the slate clean.

And Lucas explained how sincerely apologetic he was for his vile past and insisted he’s not back to get revenge against her.

But Denise wasn't buying it, and said: "It disgusts me that you targetted Chelsea, the vulnerable one. I'm guessing that Jordan told you where to shove it."

The room went quiet, and he replied: "Jordan's dead".

Denise buried her head in her hands and wept after learning the devastating news about her former stepson.

Though she was quick to blame him and asked: "What did you do?!" to which Lucas says "it was drugs, a heroin overdose."

He went on: "You are right to ask me what did I do. It was my choices that led to his death. Learned behaviour. I swear if I could swap my life for his I would do it in an instant."

Jordan was a joyful boy who lit up the room when he first entered Albert Square in 2008, but when his dad Lucas went to prison things dramatically changed for the teenager.

EastEnders fans will remember Ben Mitchell first revealed his dark side when he fractured Jordan’s skull in 2010 after they were forced to hang out together in an attempt to make them bond.

Jordan had been picking on Ben when Phil Mitchell's son grabbed a spanner and told him: "You need slapping down."

Ben was later shipped off to a juvenile detention for eight months, and went on to fatally bash Heather over the head in 2012.

Jordan then returned Walford in 2016, now a single-father to three-year-old JJ and released on bail for a knife attack.

But he was soon locked up again for helping Lucas escape prison.

Viewers are now convinced Lucas had more to do with his son's death then he was letting on.

One said: "What’s he done now?"

Another tweeted: "If Jordan is dead, I’m surprised that Lucas didn’t slap him down "

And one more wrote: "A serial killer saying he doesn’t pose a threat"

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