EastEnders fans work out triple exit as Eve plans revenge

EastEnders airs special flashforward scene for Christmas 2023

EastEnders resident Eve Unwin (played by Heather Peace) recently confessed her love for Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) after spending the night together in Leeds for a work trip. However, in recent scenes, Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) came close to exposing their affair after it was revealed only one hotel room was booked. Now BBC viewers have claimed they have “worked out” that there will be a triple death for Eve, Suki and Nish as she plans to take him down in the name of love.

During a recent episode, Nish greeted Suki at the door and asked: “The hotel, they just phoned. Just a courtesy call to make sure everything was alright with your stay. What was it like?”

Keeping the conversation light, Suki replied: “Clean, functional. I was working so it was just somewhere to lay my head.”

Not convinced, Nish pressed: “See I was just wondering that maybe next time I will come up myself, make a little trip of it, just you and me.

“They also sent through some paperwork for Eve’s room, I was missing it for the VAT but the strange thing is they couldn’t find you.

“They also checked the original booking and even sent me your confirmation email. Only one room was booked, in Eve’s name and nothing in yours.

“Probably just a misunderstanding. An embarrassing one though, having a hotel clerk telling me my wife wasn’t where she was supposed to be.”

Trying to save herself and Eve from Nish finding out about their affair, Suki hit back: “I was where I was supposed to be.

“I told you about the meetings I had, I showed you the notes I made. Your doing it again aren’t you, just like last time, jumping to conclusions.

“You are twisting my words. Nothing happened then and nothing happened now, like I said it was probably a simple understanding.”

Suki escorted Nish and stormed over to Eve where she was adamant they tell him the “truth” about what was going on.

Eve explained: “Suki was staying there, I was staying somewhere else. An old flame of mine moved there a month ago and I was looking her up. I asked Suki not to say anything.”

Suki fumed: “Now you have accused your wife and embarrassed your employee are you satisfied?”

Back at home, she argued: “The one thing you haven’t said is sorry. I am not living like this Nish.”

Later in the shop, Suki paid Eve a visit where Eve revealed her grand plan: “This is proof that Nish is up to his neck in money laundering.

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“If the police see it, he will be gone and he will be out of our lives and don’t give me what if’s because we cannot live like this.”

Suki realised Vinny Panesar’s (Shiv Jalota) name was on the paper, with Eve claiming she was trying to make a deal with the police.

However, Suki was furious: “No, I have already lost Jag, I have as soon as lost Kheerat I am not about to lose another son.

“You burn these and you burn it all. Whatever you have up your sleeve you stop it, you stop it now. We are over.”

Viewers of the show claimed they have “worked out” that Eve is set to try and take down Nish, but her plan will end in catastrophic tragedy for the three of them.

Matthew Farris claimed: “I’m fully expecting the Eve/Suki/Nish story to end like a Shakespeare tragedy – with just about everyone dead.”

Eileen Cumiskey expressed: “Poor Suki, out of the frying pan and into the fire. From one manipulative villain to another. First Kheerat her eldest son, now Nish behind bars so Eve can get what she wants. That’s if she doesn’t get her killed first.”

Ryan Glendenning added: “Eve, Nish is starting to suspect you and Suki. That argument you had with him yesterday didn’t make things any better either. Eve cannot do this alone, she needs people on her side.”

Another agreed, saying: “Nish knows about Suki and Eve booking just one room. Now how are Eve and Suki going to get out of this one? This is the problem here – Nish is clever and always one step ahead of the game. Eve is out of her depth. She should have listened to Suki last night.”

“Whose thinking Nish maybe the man dead on Christmas Day in the Queen Vic after tonight’s ending, with Jack and Eve? Please don’t let Eve leave though,” commented another. (sic)

EastEnders airs weekdays from 7:30pm on BBC One.

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