EastEnders' Davood Ghadami reveals why Kush hands himself in to the police

Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) made a hasty exit in EastEnders, in an effort to avoid spending time behind bars.

With Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) investigating the market trader’s vanishing after he was implicated in the robbery Shoreditch, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) was forced to take drastic action.

Yes, she attacked Jack, before hightailing it out of Walford with Kush!

Kush had been desperate to avoid prison, hence his decision to leave.

‘He had to try to escape and possibly build a better life with Kat and the boys, and try and duck out of the horrible mess that he’s gotten in to’ revealed actor Davood.

‘He’s trying to weigh up his future and whether he wants it to be away from his son, do the time for the crime that he has committed. He’s in a bit of a dilemma at this point as to which path he takes.’

This very dilemma continues to weigh on Kush in the coming episodes, as — in spite of their hasty exit — he and Kat return to No. 31 next week.

Naturally, they couldn’t have picked a worse time to do so, as the police are swarming the Square in the wake of Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) attack.

Kat sets out to acquire the money she’s owed from Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), but Kush has other ideas, and therefore turns himself in to the police.

‘I think Kush would rather serve his time and still see his son than to be on the run for the rest of his life,’ said Davood.

‘When it comes to it, he has a lot of love for his boy and I don’t think he wants to miss seeing him grow up.

‘As much as he loves Kat and Kat’s boys, Arthur is his flesh and blood. In the end he decides the only thing to do is to hand himself in.’

‘I think Kush is really caught between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn’t hand himself in, he’s running away for the rest of his life and not seeing his boy. And he’s being chased; potentially not only by the police but by the Mitchell’s too.

‘And on the flip side of things if he does hand himself in he risks all sorts of things. He risks a long time without seeing his son and also a long time without seeing the person that he loves, which is Kat.

‘And he’s worried about how she’s going to deal with it all. How she’s going to be dealt with by the Mitchell’s around the corner.

So I think he’s really torn as to what’s best but I think deep down he knows the right thing to do is to hand himself in. It’s an opportunity to almost clean the slate and clear his name.

‘And hopefully he’ll clean up his act a little bit and not relapse into the gambling. Maybe find his feet again. Be a bit more like the Kush we knew when we first met him.’

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