Donald Glover Teases Atlanta Seasons 3 and 4: ‘Some of the Best Television Ever Made’

Donald Glover is teasing that the next two seasons of Atlanta will be “some of the best television ever made.”

On Friday, the star made a shout-out on Twitter to Atlanta alum Angela Barnes Gomes, who recently directed a viral voting PSA. Glover shared that he was asked to participate.

“Angela Barnes Gomes ('atlanta' alum) made those 'get ur booty to the polls' yall love/hated so much,” he said. “She asked me to rap on it, but @Steve_G_Lover is a better rapper…so.”

He then promoted Atlanta, comparing seasons 3 and 4 of the FX series to HBO hit The Sopranos. “While im here: 'atlanta' s3+s4 are going to be some of the best television ever made,” he wrote. “Sopranos only ones who can touch us.”

Glover both created and stars in the critically acclaimed comedy-drama series, which first premiered in 2016. He plays Earn, a college dropout who helps his cousin Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) with his rap career.

The third and fourth seasons have been delayed due to coronavirus concerns, with season 3 projected to premiere sometime in late 2021. According to Complex, the show plans to begin shooting early next year and will film the next two seasons back-to-back, as was the plan prior to the pandemic.

REALATED VIDEO: 'Atlanta' Star Lakeith Stanfield Reveals Season 3 Will Help Fans 'Laugh Through' This Crazy World

In February, Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield also offered a tease of season 3, sharing that it will help fans “laugh through” the “craziness” of the world.

“It reflects the world we’ve been living in,” he said. “A lot of stuff’s been going on, a lot of craziness and we’ll find a way to help you laugh through it hopefully.”

In addition to promoting Atlanta, Glover gave an update on his music career Friday. “Last music project was probably my best,” he wrote, referring to 3.15.20, which was released in March under his stage name, Childish Gambino.

“But the one coming will be my biggest by far,” he added.

“There is a lot (of magic) comin. yall thought i was hot in 2018,” Glover concluded in his latest tweet on Friday.

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