Disney+ fans boycott Mulan movie after lead actress accused of ‘endorsing police brutality’ in Hong Kong

DISNEY+ subscribers are staging a staunch boycott of the revamped Mulan movie due to lead actress Liu Yifei's political stance.

This week the movie star, who plays the feisty protagonist, spoke out in support of the Hong Kong police in their battle against rioters.

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The Chinese-born star spoke out as the anti government protestors accused the authorities of using excessive force.

Yet, anticipating a major backlash, she wrote on Weibo: “I support the Hong Kong police.

"You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong."

Her words posted a major backlash on both Twitter – and the launch of the #BoycottMulan hashtag specifically aimed at the Disney streaming site.

One user wrote: "Please #BoycottMulan and say no to #PoliceBrutality! Liu Yifei, the actress of Mulan, openly supports the violent crackdown on Hong Kong protests. Stand with HK 👭."

Another commented: "Congrats, Disney. You released another live action movie nobody wanted.

"Not only are you creating lifeless products that stand in the shadow of the original cartoons, but you've got this actress openly supporting police brutality. #BoycottMulan."

One then bluntly wrote: "Your daily reminder to #BoycottMulan."

Mulan is released on Disney+ today.

The film is a remake of the 1998 cartoon and will be bypassing a cinema release and landing on the streaming service at a premium of £19.99 for subscribers in what Disney have called a “one-off” plan.

It was due to be released on Disney Plus in the US and the UK on March 27, 2020, however due to the coronavirus outbreak the film was postponed.

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