Death in Paradise fans launch petition over DI Neville Parker and Florence cliffhanger

Death in Paradise: Neville drives to Florence’s house

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Death in Paradise’s season 10’s finale ended on a heartwarming cliffhanger as Neville Parker (played by Ralf Little) decided to come clean to Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) about his feelings for her. However, impatient BBC viewers are calling for the series to return earlier than next year to resolve the tense storyline. 

Death in Paradise fan William Taylor has taken action to lobby the BBC to air season 11 of the series earlier than planned. 

The petition is titled: “Lobby BBC to air series 11 of Death in Paradise earlier to resolve ‘Florville’ dalliance.”

The petition stated: “The recent tenth series of Death in Paradise attracted widespread attention and affection from both its national UK viewers and its International viewers. 

“In these uncertain and dispiriting times, many have found it a joy to absorb themselves in the Death in Paradise series that has been sublimely written by Robert Thorogood, wonderfully produced by Red Planet Productions and beautifully acted by Ralph Little, Joséphine Jobert and the wonderful cast.

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“A particular pleasure of the 10th series of Death in Paradise, and I am certain will continue in the 11th series, has been the heart-warming dalliance between Ralf Little’s character ‘DI Neville Parker’ and Joséphine Jobert’s beautiful character ‘DS Florence Cassell.’”

“The request to Piers Wenger, head of the BBC Drama Commissioning department, is: Please liaise with Red Planet Productions and negotiate for the airing of Death in Paradise series 11 be brought forward to a date earlier than January 2022,” the petition continued.

“So that the British and International fans of Death in Paradise can all find some heartwarming joy, to pleasantly distract us from the present sad state of the world, in seeing the joyous development of DI Parker’s and DS Cassell’s forthcoming relationship.”

Season 11 will likely follow the pattern of previous seasons and is expected to air on BBC One in January 2022.

After the tense finale cliffhanger, Death in Paradise fans vented their frustration on Twitter at having to wait for a year to find out what happens next with the pair.

One tweeted: “Looking forward to next series of #deathinparadise, that last series was best so far… Pity, it looks like we lost JP he was great.. hope they keep Florence in the next series!”

“Oh my god now we’ve got to wait and see if Neville actually tells Florence that he wants to have a date with her I would love it if they finally get together as a couple we need something good in the programme now that JP is leaving as well,” another remarked. 

While a third shared: “Now it’s confirmed that Florence is at a stage she is ready to ‘move on’ with her life, it’s up to Neville. Can’t wait for the next season! #DeathInParadise.

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“SECONDLY, Neville and Florence, @deathinparadise how could you?! I loved that ending no matter how frustrating. I like the natural, realistic pace and I think this is what Neville needed, that push forward and I’m 96% sure he will confess his feelings.”

“Just caught up w/@deathinparadise and nuh-uh you did NOT just end it like that?! We’re meant to wait until NEXT series to find out what happens w/ Neville & Florence??? Like what??? On the other hand: slow-burn romantic murder-mystery-solving partners yes! Bye JP,” someone else said. 

A fifth added: “Oh well I caught up with #DeathInParadise Quite a sad episode with the victim and her son. 

“Very sad JP is leaving, he grew on me after Fidel left. And Neville and Florence!!! Leaving the series there with Neville about to speak!! Grrr!” 

Throughout season 10, fans noticed Neville’s growing feelings for his new partner in the Saint Marie police force.

After being encouraged by Catherine Bordey (Elizabeth Bourgine), the detective decided to tell Florence how he really felt. 

But, after discovering she had been asked out on a date by an old friend, Neville doubted whether he should be honest with her. 

As the team gathered to wave JP Patterson (Tobi Bakare) goodbye, Neville pulled Florence to one side but before viewers heard what he had to say, the season ended. 

Death in Paradise seasons 1-10 are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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