Dark season 3 explained: How did Adam build a time travel machine in the past?

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Netflix series Dark is one of the most challenging watches in the golden age of television. The show demands a lot from viewers who invest in the trippy sci-fi series. While the third and final series did offer some payoffs, the show left some audience members scratching their heads.

How did Adam build a time travel machine in the past?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from all seasons of Dark

Season three saw how the strange cult Sic Mundus was formed. Fans also learnt how it had always been a source for good after Heinrich Tannhaus (played by Werner Wölbern) sought to bring his late wife back to life.

Bartosz Tiedemann (Paul Lux), Future Jonas (Andreas Pietschmann), Franziska Doppler (Gina Stiebitz) and Magnus Nielsen (Moritz Jahn) were trapped in the past after they travelled from 2019 to avoid the apocalypse at the start of season three.

They were unable to return to their own time because Future Jonas had run out of vials of the God Particle, which was used to power the time machine.

This is particularly significant as Bartosz told Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) from the second world how there was no radiation in their own time and so no God Particle.

The only way to travel through time was to build a machine from scratch, which led to the group joining Sic Mundus.

They spent years perfecting the machine and essentially grew old in the past as they finally managed to make the God Particle work.

This version of the God Particle helped Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) get back to 2019 after he was stuck at the turn of the century after overshooting from 2052.

Season three revealed how Martha from world two showed up in the past and gave Sic Mundus one of her globes of the God Particle, which she used to power a different time machine.

Future Jonas used the God Particle, placing it in his own time machine but the first attempt to stabilise the matter failed.

While the members of Sic Mundus were focused on whether the God Particle would work, Martha fled back to her room and left them in the past.

After much experimentation, Sic Mundus managed to get the God Particle to work and finally were able to go through time.

From the looks of it, there were several different time machines in Dark with the God Particle twins both in the 1900s and 2019 allowing people to travel.

There was also a rudimentary time machine made by Noah (Mark Waschke) and built in the bunker as well as the one multiple characters took to H.G Tannhaus (Christian Steyer) to fix.

There was a special one in world two which Martha used to go through time to the first world and encounter Sic Mundus.

Claudia Tiedemann (Julika Jenkins) also had a special time machine which she gave to Jonas and Martha to travel to the Origin World and break the Knot.

Fans shouldn’t forget the time machine Tannhaus made in the Origin World which created the Knot.

But it was never explained how Tannhaus built his own machine, which looked completely different to the others.

There was much mystery surrounding the Origin World and it wasn’t clear how Tannhaus powered his machine and whether the God Particle existed there.

Nonetheless, the show suggested there were many worlds and time travel was possible thanks to the vortex Martha and Jonas ventured through.

The two teens may have ceased to exist in their own timeline and within the Knot, there was hope they were both alive in another world.

But whether they were ever reunited in one of these other dimensions was another thing left to fans to decide.

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