Dani Dyer says dad Danny tried to make her laugh during filming for EastEnders

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Love Island star Dani Dyer has revealed her dad Danny Dyer kept trying to make her laugh while they were filming for her cameo appearance in EastEnders.

In scenes that will air this week, Dani will star as Danny’s character Mick Carter’s pregnant taxi driver Jeanette.

And while the pair filmed the hilarious scenes in which she goes into surprise labour, Danny wasted no time in mucking around in a bid to make his daughter giggle.

Dani explained: “My dad’s got a habit of trying to make me laugh, so I really had to ignore the little things he did.”

And while the real-life mum-of-one managed to keep a straight face when the cameras were rolling, she’s the first to admit that there were a few mishaps as she got to grips with driving her character’s cab.

Dani revealed: “I’ve never driven one before so I was scared but we did loads of test runs so I felt more relaxed when it came to filming.”

Dani, who recently welcomed her first child in real-life, continued to laugh as she recalled: “I’m not the most confident of drivers so they kept their eye on me.”

She went on to joke: “I did stall the car a few times and I forgot to open the window.

Dani added: “I definitely won’t become a cab driver anytime soon!"

While it’s Dani’s first time on screen on EastEnders, it’s not the only time she has visited the BBC sets where the show is filmed.

She explained: “My dad’s given me a tour before so it wasn’t such a shock to me.

“But it is crazy the way it’s filmed and Albert Square is much smaller in real life.”

And the famous father-and-daughter duo enjoyed every minute of their time working together.

Dani said: “We have acted together before but this was definitely a lot more than what we’ve done in the past and it was brilliant.

“I really love working with my dad. He really does make work easy with whatever we do together.”

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One

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