Countryfile fans fume over woke art special

Countryfile: Matt Baker introduces mountain art project

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Sunday night’s Countryfile saw Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith take BBC viewers to Wales, where they gave an insight into the story of Green Space Dark Skies, an artistic initiative celebrating nature. The group has staged 20 events across the UK including Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Snowdon in Wales and Slieve Donard in Northern Ireland.

The programme highlighted how the local volunteers, artists, community groups and places involved in the project had joined together to celebrate the countryside and connect people to the landscape.

Introducing the show, host Matt began: “The UK’s highest mountains enjoyed by walkers, Wordsworth, and weekend warriors.

“But this autumn, our lofty peaks are being transformed into a giant canvas for one the largest works of art ever made in the UK and I can’t wait to see it.”

He later said: “These rugged peaks are now holiday destinations for millions every year.

“Depending on when you visit, they’re welcoming or inhospitable, colourful, or monotone, sunny or wet.

“You never know which one you’ll get, which is why they’ve inspired poets, painters and musicians for centuries.

“Now we’re here to witness the creation of the latest work of art involving our mountains.

“They don’t come much bigger than this. The four peaks are to star in Green Space Dark Skies, a living breathing art installation, involving thousands of volunteers and low-impact lights.

“It’s a special celebration of our countryside, captured by some amazing camera and drone technology, culminating in a spectacular 15-minute film that will premiere at the end of the programme.”

However, some viewers were less than impressed by the art special, and many took to social media to complain.

Charles tweeted: “@BBCCountryfile This programme used to be interesting. It’s b****y boring nowadays.”

“Started watching then you got all woke,” user @KanangaBond fumed.

While Chris Clarke tweeted: “@BBCCountryfile what a divisive load of shxxt this is. Absolute waste of licence payer’s money.” (sic)

Greg added: “Goodness me @BBCCountryfile you aren’t half dragging this “light” stuff out…dreadful section…” (sic)

Peter Murtagh complained: “Love the programme but God, this edition is very, very boring…”

“If I were someone making their living in the countryside, I’d be scratching my head this evening,” user @Stroller1976 raged. “45 minutes (so far) on some art light project?! What happened to Countryfile? BBC lost its way and out of touch with ordinary people. Again.” (sic)

Therese commented: “I’m watching #countryfile #BBC honestly this article about doing drone scapes with lights is utterly boring & nothing to do with nature. What a waste of time.”

However, not all viewers were unhappy with the art special, with Graham Andrew tweeting: “@ST3AMCo are you watching @BBCCountryfile and the #unBoxed2022 art project taking place on our highest peaks? Looks stunning. Whole show dedicated to it. #countryfile.” (Sic)

Penny Copner added: “I have to say that tonight’s @BBCCountryfile is like a soothing balm. Are you watching @DrAmirKhanGP stunning.”

“This is the best thing I’ve seen on #Countryfile for a long time,” David Horspool praised.

Countryfile returns on Sunday at 6pm on BBC One.

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