'Counting On' Fans Are Certain Joe and Kendra Duggar Will Announce Another Pregnancy This Year

With Counting On in between seasons, fans are still trying to keep themselves entertained by watching reruns and following the cast members on social media. And two people who have always intrigued viewers are Joe and Kendra Duggar. The two wed when Kendra was only 18, and now, they’re on pace to have more kids than Joe’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob. Many fans are certain Joe and Kendra will announce another pregnancy this year — maybe even before any other Duggars do. 

Joe and Kendra seem to have a strong relationship

Over the years, fans have gotten to know the Duggar kids’personalities. Many consider Jessa to be somewhat of a ring leader, while Jilland Jinger are the family rebels. Joy has always been more tomboyish, and manybelieve that Joe is a very kind, sweet person. From watching episodes, Joealways seemed to be extremely caring toward his siblings. And when he metKendra Duggar, he felt the same way about her.

The two hit it off, as it seemed they shared similar personalities and values. They only courted for about two months before Duggar proposed, and they wed four months after that. And since then, they’ve seemed to get along so well and have a truly happy relationship. Fans recently suggested that they are the “happiest” Duggar couple.

Fans have grown concerned with the couple’s pace for having children

Joe and Kendra have not wasted any time when it comes toexpanding their family. The two wed in September 2017, and nine months later,they welcomed their first child, Garrett. Then, when Garrett was about 10months old, the couple announced their second pregnancy, which means they onlywaited about seven months after Garrett’s birth to try for another baby.

Fans were concerned with how quickly the two had announced their second pregnancy. Kendra was only 19 when she married Joe and still only 19 when she had her first child. The two had welcomed their second child only a few months after Kendra turned 21.

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Many are convinced Joe and Kendra will announce baby no. 3 soon

Though Joe and Kendra seem to be loving life with their twolittle ones, fans don’t think it will be long before they announce baby no. 3.Kendra just posted a photo celebrating their daughter’s five-month milestone,and fans took to Redditto discuss when they think the two will announce another baby.

“I call it in the next three or four months she’ll be pregnant again,” one user wrote. “I say October or November announcement,” another user commented. “Give the uterus a break! I can’t even imagine what she’ll be like in 10 years,” someone else added. People seem to think that Kendra and Joe need to slow down in terms of how many kids they have. They’ve only been married two and a half years, and they’ve already welcomed two children. But since the Duggars tend to not use birth control, it wouldn’t surprise us if they do make another baby announcement later this year.

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