Coronation Street spoiler: Yasmeen makes sordid escort discovery on twisted husband Geoff’s laptop – The Sun

CORRIE'S Yasmeen Nazir is about to find out what her husband has really been up to behind her back.

Things soon take a nasty turn for the worst after the chef (Shelley King) decides to snoop around on his laptop – and to her surprise finds out that he's been meeting up with a number of escorts behind her back.

After months of watching Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) bully her grandmother, Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) decides to quiz him about the hotel he's booked for the two to expose him for his nasty ways.

They end up getting into an argument and the evil man decides to suddenly fake a heart attack to get out of the tricky situation.

When the paramedics arrive they can’t find anything wrong with him, and out of the kindness of her own heart, Yasmeen decides to cancels their trip to Spain due to his health condition.

Later in the week, a suspicious Alya does some digging and realises that Geoff had never actually booked the hotel he said he had.

Keen to expose him for who he really is, Alya confronts Geoff about his lies and threatens him with the police.

Their explosive showdown quickly comes to a halt when Yasmeen arrives home and Geoff manages to sweet talk himself out of the argument.

However, Alya isn't keen to backdown and she decides to open up his laptop to show her grandmother what he's been doing behind her back.

Yasmeen scrolls through Geoff’s emails and is shocked to see an email exchange with an escort agency.

As Yasmeen is scrolling through his emails, Geoff comes back downstairs and catches her redhanded.

The waitress demands for an explanation about what she's just discovered on his laptop and announces that she is going to attend Ryan's wedding without him.

Geoff turns aggressive and blocks her from trying to leave the door and tells her that she isn't going anywhere.

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