Coronation Street fans fuming as Stephen blackmail letter totally unreadable’

Coronation Street fans were fuming on tonight’s episode of the ITV soap after a very pivotal blackmail letter was “totally unreadable” to viewers.

Whilst showing off his new car and giving Owen and Angelique samples of their first order with Michael and Sarah, Stephen was seen opening a hand delivered letter. He was shocked to find a single line reading “I know what you did to Rufus”.

But the writing on the letter was so small that fans had no idea what it said, with many fans scrambling on Twitter to help each other find out.

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“#Corrie were we seriously supposed to be able to read that letter?!!,” blasted one viewer.

A second chimed in: “Couldn't read the bloody letter, whoever wrote it hasn't put their own down in the paper hard enough. Most faint thing I've ever seen. #corrie.”

More joined in the hunt for info, penning: “Anyone read what the note to Stephen said? I couldn't see it. #corrie,” as a fourth said: “Hi Stephen can you ask your penpal to write a bit bigger I couldn't read what they wrote even whilst wearing glasses. Cheers ta #corrie.”

At the Rovers, Stephen struggled to join in the celebrations with his new business partners.

On his way back to the factory, he was approached by the two lads he previously tried to buy LSD from. Shockingly, they admitted to sending Stephen the threatening letter, demanding £10k or else they'd go to the police.

He drove the pair to a secluded place and told them their accusations had no merit and threatened to kill them if they stuck around. The pair fled leaving fans wondering if they’re gone for good.

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Elsewhere, Elaine, Stephen's girlfriend, stunned everyone when she announced to Tim and Sally that she and Stephen would soon be moving into her apartment and getting hitched.

Tim lashed out at Stephen, telling him he'd rather die than see his mum marry him.

Tragedy struck in the café when Amy, who was stressed-out by her economics work, spilled coffee all over her laptop.

As she struggled to fix her ruined computer, she confided in Tracy and Summer that she'd already received a warning from the University for falling behind.

But fate had other plans for Amy, as a brand new laptop suddenly appeared on her doorstep.

She soon figured out Aaron was behind the gesture and confronted him at work.


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