Coldplay end touring ban after striking deal for ‘eco-friendly’ gigs

COLDPLAY are ending their self-imposed ban on touring after saying they couldn’t travel for environmental reasons.

The superstars have struck a deal with BMW to tour in a “carbon neutral” way, thanks to specially produced electric trucks and vehicles.

The band announced two years ago how they were putting their plans to tour the album Everyday Life on hold until they could work out a way to do it sustainably.

Instead of spending months on the road abroad, bandmates Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman played just two gigs in Jordan — one of which I was lucky enough to go to.

But now, with the launch of the all-electric models BMW iX and the BMW i4, fans all over the world can once again enjoy Coldplay gigs — a sentence I thought I would never say, but great stuff.

On their deal with the German firm, the band said: “We are proud to partner with BMW as part of our efforts to make everything we do as sustainable as possible.

“The technology that BMW use for their electric cars can power our live performances almost entirely from renewable energy.”

It is said that the “shared awareness of sustainability” gave rise to an intensive creative process between BMW and the musicians.

As part of the band’s eco-campaign with the car manufacturer, their new single Higher Power will be the soundtrack for telly adverts for the debut of the sustainable cars with more collaborations between them to be expected later in the year.

BMW bosses added: “In the initial discussions we quickly realised Coldplay and BMW share many common goals that go far beyond marketing.

“Based on this, we developed a real co-creation in which the band actively contributed their thoughts and attitude to the design of our campaign for the BMW iX and the BMW i4.”

Coldplay already managed to overcome the usual boundaries of the music business by premiering Higher Power in space last month, in a link-up to International Space Station.

Might they rock the music world again by paving the way for sustainable gigs?

A source close to the band said: “It’s early days but this means they are able to tour again without breaking their pledge to stay eco friendly.

“They’re a huge stadium band and fans around the world were desperate to see them back out there, but they had a very clear vision in their mind of not adding to the environmental problems we’re all facing.

“The hope is a deal like this is groundbreaking and totally changes the playing field for a band like Coldplay to hit the road sustainably.”

It’s not exactly rock ’n’ roll but if it gets the band gigging again, I’m not going to complain.

Ariana is right up James' street

Ariana Grande joined James Corden for a parody of the Hairspray song Good Morning Baltimore, which they changed to be called No Lockdowns Any More, as restrictions were relaxed in several US states.

They danced in the street in the number, recorded for James’ The Late Late Show.

Wearing a fake beard, He sang: “Time to go back to work indoors, no more sweatpants or Zooming in, while I really watch Bridgerton.”

In another part, Ariana belted out: “We can see a movie at three, making plans is like sex to me.”

They were also joined by actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, who played Tracy Turnblad and sang the original track in the Broadway musical.

If these three minutes are anything to go by, now is the time to cast Ariana in a big-budget production.

Kylie's Scott what it takes

Kylie Jenner looked so good in this dress, it prompted Travis Scott to finally declare they are back together.

The couple welcomed their daughter Stormi in 2018 then split a year later.

But he confirmed they are an item again as they all attended a bash in New York – referring to her as “wifey”.

The family jetted into the Big Apple from California for just 24 hours to attend the Parsons Benefit event, where he was honoured.

Praising both his daughter and cosmetics mogul Kylie on stage, he said: “Stormi, I love you and wifey, I love you.”

Afterwards,Kylie shared a photo on Instagram of the Sicko Mode rapper hugging her from behind, which racked up more than 10million likes.

Judging by that reaction, it’s safe to say their fans are glad they have kissed and made up.

Lorde in chilling planet warning

Lorde is questioning her future as a touring artist after a life-changing trip to Antarctica.

The Royals singer visited the continent in January 2019 and has just released a memoir called Going South about her time there, which made her reflect on her impact on the planet.

Lorde, who played 76 shows across the globe on her 2017-18 Melodrama tour, wrote: “I think about the year of touring I’ve just had, how at times when I’m working my personal orbit swells to include over 50 people.

“So many days being primped and fluffed like a prize pony, a trail of wasted food and plastic bottles wherever I go.

“Once, I visited three countries in a single day. All that jet fuel for one little life.

“How could I ever go back to that way of life, not only now that I know the huge toll it takes on the environment, but now that my senses are heightened to every irresponsible choice? What must I change?”

Despite the realisation, Lorde revealed she felt guilty it took travelling there to rethink her habits.

She added: “Witnessing the natural world is the most important reason to be alive, that its wellbeing matters above all else.

“It took coming here for the knowledge to galvanise – and in coming here, I have also been part of its deterioration.”

Given that her new single and forthcoming album are called Solar Power, she is certainly sticking to her green credentials.

Rita swimming Si-Gala

Rita Ora is making a real splash with her new single – by hiring a group of synchronised swimmers to perform in the video.

I first told in March how the I Will Never Let You Down singer had recorded a song called You For Me, which was written by her pal Charli XCX. Now she has teamed up with Sigala to release it.

In a bid to make it a summer hit, Rita filmed the video in Los Angeles yesterday, featuring several talented swimmers.

A music insider said: “The track is a huge, summery, feelgood anthem and they wanted a really fun video to go with it.

“They filmed at a rooftop pool in LA on Wednesday with a team of synchronised swimmers performing a special routine.

“Everything is coming together and they are planning to release it in the next few weeks – just in time for dancefloors to reopen.”

Since jetting to LA from Australia, where she spent five months as a coach on its version of The Voice, Rita has been a busy bee.

As well as planning her third album, I told last week how she had a top-secret meeting with Jennifer Lopez about the prospect of working together on music and a film.

Meanwhile, J-Lo has a full schedule as she is taking on the task of saving humanity from a robot soldier, in her first sci-fi movie.

She is set to produce and star in Atlas, which is part of a deal she signed with Netflix.

Director Brad Peyton said: “Having the chance to direct Jennifer in the title role of this movie is a dream come true.”

Fury over fur

Stella McCartney and a band of brand ambassadors put on animal heads in a stand against the fur trade in the UK.

The stunt in London’s Piccadilly Circus yesterday was part of Humane Society International’s Fur Free Britain campaign – as well as marking the launch of designer Stella’s Our Time Has Come autumn 2021 campaign.

If that doesn’t stop people wanting to wear fur, the current heatwave will.

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