CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez Arrested Live On Air During Minneapolis Protest Broadcast

CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his camera crew have been arrested during a live broadcast from the protests in Minneapolis.

Footage quickly emerged online, and many of Jimenez’s colleagues took to twitter in outcry over the incident (see below).

In the footage, Jimenez, sporting a virus protective mask, is being quizzed by his anchor in front of a group of riot police as they move to arrest a nearby person. State patrol then approach the presenter and his crew, and Jimenez can be heard telling the officers that the four-strong unit can move “to where they would like” and get out of their way in a cooperative and non-confrontational manner. The officers surround the crew as Jimenez continues to report live on air, before he is told that he is under arrest and placed in handcuffs, displaying them to the camera as he is walked away. After a moment, the crew are also placed into handcuffs.

“That is an American television reporter being led away by police officers. He clearly identified himself as a reporter and was respectfully explaining to the police that the CNN team was there and moving away as they would request, and then for some reason he was taken into police custody live on television,” added the anchor off screen.

“I have never seen anything like this,” the anchor adds on several occasions. The camera continued to roll after the incident, placed on the floor at the feet of the officers.

CNN has confirmed the incident, adding that a producer and camera operator were also arrested.


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