Charlotte Hawkins twerks and recreates TikTok dance on Good Morning Britain as Piers Morgan jokes 'she's improving'

CHARLOTTE Hawkins hilariously recreated a TikTok dance on today's Good Morning Britain which left Piers Morgan joking that her dancing has "improved" since her Strictly Come Dancing stint.

Piers and co-host Susanna Reid were discussing a TikTok dance troupe's take on GMB's opening credits when Charlotte, 45, broke into an interpretive dance to the theme music.

Playing the original video, Piers began: "I don't think any video has ever excited the team more than that here – or made something in me slightly die.

"We got very excited by that," Susanna added. "Congratulations to Katie Wong, Amy Lester and Thao Therese Nguyen, they originally did the BBC…"

It was at that moment that Charlotte broke into dance and playfully twerked to the show's opening music much to her colleagues' delight.

Although Piers, 56, quipped that he understood why she was voted off Strictly Come Dancing in 2017.

Piers chimed in: "Oh my God, the things people will do to get a bit more air time.

"It's baffling why Brendan Cole got kicked off Strictly for that. Just reminding the nation again why they voted you straight off."

Susanna fired back to his comments: "I think that was awesome Charl."

To which, Piers admitted: "Actually your dancing skills have improved a bit".

In the 2017 series of Strictly, Charlotte was paired up with Brendan Cole for what turned out to be his final season.

At the time, Charlotte weighed in on Brendan's axing on GMB and said: "That makes it look like it's my fault, like it was my dancing that was the last straw."

Her co-host Piers said: "You have to ask, were you so bad?"

"I hope it was nothing to do with me. It's a BBC decision. I think it's really sad. He's been there from the start and done 15 series," she responded.

"He is the one that spoke his mind. He did have my back when the judges were being harsh during criticisms."

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