Charles gets rid of Alex at last after terrifying threat in Emmerdale

Of all the people in Emmerdale, we never thought it would be vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) who would end up terrifying Alex Moore (Liam Boyle) after his hit and run.

The drug dealer had made a plan with his girlfriend, Clare, to rob the medication from the surgery in recent weeks, but it went catastrophically wrong when Charles found the gear in the boot of Alex’s car.

Alex attempted to flee the village but, out on a country road, he ended up getting hit by Billy (Jay Kontzle), who was heading into town to get some fish and chips for dinner.

As this storyline has unfolded, Billy was instructed by Dawn (Olivia Bromley), Kim (Claire King) and Will (Dean Andrews) to keep quiet, but Billy doesn’t often dabble in a life of crime and dodgy ordeals – the guilt over Charles being questioned instead of him was eating away.

Once Charles found out what was really going on, he vowed to help Dawn and Billy – they’re good people after all!

Discovering that Alex had finally woken up, he made his way over to the hospital, wasting no time in questioning the villain on how much he remembered.

It became apparent that Alex recalled seeing Billy after the crash, which meant there was every chance he’d tell the police and get revenge.

After this, Charles’ demeanour began to change. He started to appear threatening but initially, Alex didn’t take much from it, convinced that because Charles was wearing a dog collar, he’d never actually do anything terrible.

So, he took the collar off.

Making a comment about how he’s a father first, vicar second, Charles stood over Alex and told him that if he didn’t disappear, he’d do it for him instead.

Alex was ultimately terrified and agreed to do whatever Charles wanted – which was to crawl under a rock and stay there.

So, Charles has looked after his friends and, in turn, gotten rid of Alex without hurting him.

Let’s just hope this is really the last we’ve seen of him.

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