Challenge First: Will Bananas And Wes' Total Madness Alliance Go The Distance?

The Challenge: Total Madness may have begun on April Fool’s, but an alliance between Wes and Johnny Bananas is no joke. The “joining forces” is completely real — and traces of their longtime rivalry seem to be a forgotten. Even more unbelievable: A hug even ensued between the two, after the notorious MTV ginger got heated at the Nomination Ceremony and his former (!?) adversary confronted comforted him.

“We’ve realized it’s not beneficial to either one of us to go against each other,” the six-time champ stated during the premiere in a private interview.

And the two-time winner riffed on this even further — explaining that the two were “sick and tired” of seeing people who are “less athletic and intelligent” riding their coattails because of their longstanding feud.

They’re “running this show” — and so far, they prevailed through week one (and a guy’s elimination). And they’re keeping it totally under wraps (for the time being), even though Cory remarked that something “fishy” is going on between the two.

So what went into their thinking as they entered this unlikely partnership?

“He and I both came to the realization that this rivalry was benefiting everyone but us,” Bananas told People. “Why are we going to continue to make the lives easier, season after season, of all the other cast members, all these rookies, all these people who don’t know how and don’t have the ability to play the game as well as us?”

Will this newly positive relationship last — or will it crumble, and will one of the men go against their alliance? Sound off, then keep watching Total Madness every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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