Celebrity Snoop Dogs viewers compare it to canine version of Through The Keyhole

Viewers of Celebrity Snoop Dogs’ first episode were left a tad confused, with some comparing it to a canine version of Through The Keyhole.

Channel 4’s new show sees cute dogs have a camera strapped to their backs to record them trotting around their owners’ houses while viewers have to guess who they and the home belong to.

All they have to go by is the dog’s-eye-view shots of the home to work out who lives there – and it’s safe to say viewers were a little unimpressed.

They took to Twitter to share their thoughts, with one writing: ‘”It’s called Celebrity Snoop Dog.” “What happens?” “Not sure, we’ll work it out if you commission it.” “Just rip off Through the Keyhole. But with dogs. You’ve done the hard work with the name.”’

Others liked the cute dogs – which belonged to Shirley Ballas and Kevin Bridges – but thought the premise missed a little touch of Through The Keyhole host Keith Lemon.

One wrote: ‘sorry it had to go off. What with Kevin’s voice and lack of anything interesting we only managed 15mins! Get Keith Lemon to put some poke in it #sorrykevin’.

The show is narrated by Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud but due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, he doesn’t visit the homes himself, of course. 

The celebrity homeowners were given cameras to place around their homes and instructions on how to rig the dogs after the producers did a recce of the property via video call. 

Despite the two cute pups in episode one – Lhasa Apso Charlie and Annie the Labrador – it seems viewers didn’t really take to the show itself. 

One wrote: ‘Well, the last 45 minutes of telly on channel 4 has been strange hadn’t it?!’ while another added: ‘This show could have been so much better…. loved the dogs though and will continue to love the dogs next week’.

Celebrity Snoop Dogs airs Fridays at 8.30pm on Channel 4.

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