'Big Brother': David Alexander Answers if He Regrets Taking the $10,000 Prize

Do you go for prizes or go for power? It depends on what your position is on Big Brother. Houseguests were shocked David Alexander decided to take the money, but does he regret it?

David Alexander took the prize

Cody Calafiore won Head of Household and put David Alexander and Kevin Campbell on the block. He told David that he wasn’t the target so the writing was on the wall for Kevin.

They all still had to play the OTEV veto competition. This time the houseguests had to search for shirts that had the answer to OTEV’s riddle. One of the shirts had “$10,000” on it, which means a houseguests can bring it to OTEV for the money. But would sit out for the rest of the game.

David ended up finding the $10,000 prize and decided to take it instead of going for the veto. Cody won the veto and decided to keep the nominations the same.

He didn’t survive the ‘Big Brother’ triple eviction

The other houseguests weren’t happy with David for taking the prize. Cody said it made him look bad that David felt so safe on the block. Kevin was still the one evicted.

That was only the start of the triple eviction. Memphis Garrett won HOH and nominated David and Nicole Franzel. The vote almost flipped, but David was sent to jury with the vote of 3-2.

David still seemed positive about his return to the show. He also explained to Julie Chen Moonves why he took the prize money.

“When I grabbed that shirt and I looked at how many people were going to go back up [on OTEV], I could guarantee winning something right now,” he said. “This is my moment. I can worry about the process afterwards.”

He doesn’t regret taking the money

Some houseguests were angry David didn’t stay in the OTEV game to fight. But David told Entertainment Weekly if he thought that decision played into him being voted out.

“It might’ve played a little bit,” he said. “I don’t regret grabbing the 10,000. Ultimately, I wasn’t part of a bigger, more powerful alliance in the house and I couldn’t win competitions. So this was an opportunity to win something [was] the way I saw it.”

He went on to talk about being at a disadvantage this season. “As there are less people and as you see more strategy being played to get people out, I felt like I was just out of the know of what was going on, which made it way more difficult,” the evicted houseguest said. “So I was relying on trying to win comps to extend my life or give me power or knowledge, which I never was able to get.”

David will now go to jury and cast a vote for someone to win the season. At least, he is $10,000 richer by taking the prize.

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