Big Bang Theory plot hole: Young Sheldon opens huge Missy Cooper error

After an impressive run of 12 seasons, the nerdy CBS sitcom was cancelled after Sheldon star Jim Parsons decided to quit the series. Now the world of The Big Bang Theory continues with Young Sheldon, but some fans have noticed the two shows don’t always line up.


The geeky sitcom paved the way for other pop culture-heavy shows, and finally shed a comedic light on the scientific community.

Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) was a break-out comedic character, alongside his roommate Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and friends Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar).

Now the iconic role has been taken over by young comedy star Iain Armitage, who portrays Sheldon during his younger years as a high school prodigy in East Texas.

Despite leaving the series in 2019, Jim Parsons returns to the role by narrating the spin-off series, and also serves as executive producer.


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Alongside Sheldon, fan favourite character Missy Cooper also makes up the main cast.

Missy was introduced in The Big Bang Theory played by Courtney Henggeler, as Sheldon’s fraternal twin and polar opposite.

As opposed to Sheldon’s difficult and pedantic behaviour, Missy isn’t as intelligent but much easier to get along with and, his friends notice, surprisingly attractive. 

In the spin-off series, Raegan Revord portrays 9-year-old Missy as a sweet and perceptive girl, who nevertheless teases his twin brother for his geekier tendencies.

While Young Sheldon has managed to keep the spark of the original show alive, some fans have noticed the continuities of the two series don’t always line up.

One fan took to Reddit to discuss a major error with Sheldon’s twin sister.

Redditor qwerty-1999 said: “In one scene, she mentions that when they were growing up, Sheldon tried to build a robot in order to keep Missy from going into his room.”

During Courtney’s early appearances on the show, The Big Bang Theory establishes the twins had a difficult relationship growing up, which is usually respected on Young Sheldon.

However, the poster continued: “But in Young Sheldon, we see that Sheldon and Missy share the same bedroom. Maybe they moved out during their childhood?”

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Although Sheldon and Missy’s older brother Georgie Cooper (Montana Jordan) has his own room, the twins have to share a small bedroom in the Coopers’ East Texas home.

Perhaps Georgie eventually moves out, freeing up some extra space for one of the twins to claim as their own.

Despite this crucial line in The Big Bang Theory, however, Sheldon and Missy are still forced to stay cooped up in their shared bedroom throughout the ongoing series, despite their frequent arguments.

Thankfully, one fan stepped in with a convincing explanation for the strange continuity error.

They said: “The Young Sheldon producers have stated they do not feel bound by TBBT canon. It’s more of an ‘inspired by’ series.”


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Meanwhile, another fan has spotted a much darker plot detail introduced in TBBT that was conveniently left out in Young Sheldon.

The fan added: “According to TBBT, Sheldon’s dad was an abusive drunk who fought non stop with Mary, cheated on her, then died when Sheldon was 14.”

If longtime viewers of the two series decide to tune out the frequent errors, Young Sheldon still has a lot to offer Big Bang Theory fans.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix.

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