BGT finale receives over 2000 Ofcom complaints after Nabil Abdulrashid routine

Britain's Got Talent has been hit with more than 2,000 Ofcom complaints regarding Saturday's final – mostly directed at comedian Nabil Abdulrashid's routine, which discussed racism.

Nabil's jokes took aim at a number of different issues, including race, veganism, Islamaphobia and the death of George Floyd.

And, he claimed at the end of his routine if he "won tonight" and "made history," that people would "deconstruct it because I am black".

He also poked fun at the Ofcom complaints he had previously received following his semi-final act, which discussed race and religion.

He said: "I am glad we are here, I thought we wouldn’t make it," Nabil began by saying.

"A lot of complaints, they complained because we said, Black Lives Matter."

He also discussed race, saying: "Before I go I want to say, I hope I win tonight because it will make history, but I'm already sad because I know if I do, people will deconstruct it because I am black.

"The same way they said Alesha only gave me a golden buzzer because I'm black, even though I'm the first black person she's given a buzzer to in three years."

His routine was met with a standing ovation from judges who praised his humour and bold routine but some viewers at home hit out at his routine on Twitter.

Following the performance, an Ofcom spokesperson told Daily Star Online: ‘We have received 2094 complaints about this programme, most of which relate to Nabil Abdulrashid’s performance."

Nabil lost out on the first prize to fellow funnyman Jon Courtenay, who stole viewers' hearts with his witty and uplifting musical rundown of the year's events.

Despite being hit by the wrath of some online commentators, Nabil's routine was met with a standing ovation from judges, who praised his humour and bold routine.

Britain's Got Talent was hit with 892 Ofcom complaints after Nabil's semi-final episode earlier this month, of which 733 related to Nabil's jokes about race.

Nabil's comedy set about racism saw him attack "angry far-right guys".

He said: "Angry far-white guys come out going: 'Look at that, it's terrible him doing jokes about being black and muslim. If a white non-muslim did that it would be racist.'

"Well, duh. That's like me saying: Look at that guy kissing his wife, it's romantic. But if I kiss her…"

He also made jokes about white people mistaking him for rapper Big Narstie.

Daily Star Online has contacted Nabil for comment.

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