BBC Breakfasts Sally Nugent left red-faced as she suffers on-screen blunder

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    BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent was forced to quickly correct herself after she appeared to introduce a reporter who wasn't actually on screen.

    During Wednesday morning's programme (August 2), Sally sat alongside her co-host Jon Kay as they discussed the terrible weather conditions that are currently affecting farmers and their harvest.

    But while introducing the next segment of the show, which would take place via video link, Sally, 51, appeared to make a slip-up as she realised the camera had panned to someone else, not reporter Jonah Fisher.

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    She said: "Well the wet conditions are causing a big problem for farmers who are struggling to harvest quickly and efficiently.

    "Our environmental correspondent Jonah Fisher is at the North Devon show for us this morning and he's already busy."

    Looking at the screen again which showed someone attending to a sheep, she quickly said: "Morning Jonah! Oh, it's not him!"

    Appearing via video link, Jonah replied: "No, that's not me doing the scrubbing there.

    "That's Ricky and Emily who are giving their Exmoor horn sheep a bit of scrub before the show!"

    Earlier this week, on Monday's show, Sally appeared to land herself in hot water once again when Jon appeared to pick up on her "fat" remark.

    While reading the latest stories from the papers, Sally picked out a health-related article, which claimed men who eat more eggs are happier, according to a recent study.

    Turning to Jon, she said: "Apparently, eating eggs, particularly for men can make you less angry."

    "What?" Jon jokingly shouted as Sally informed viewers that "Jon is never angry never ever, ever."

    Reading the article, she then said: "They studied 168 men, from 35 to 55 who had been given regression counseling by work, to diets that were compared to those of colleagues who had not been referred.

    "The more aggressive men were found to be fatter and heavier."

    Quickly noticing that Sally glanced up at him while reading, Jon replied: "Sorry, but you looked at me then!"

    Laughing, while later trying to hide her reaction, Sally responded: "I didn't know where to look that's all!"

    Jon then jokingly replied: "Alright, we'll leave it there."

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