BBC Breakfast hosts emotional as Carol Kirkwood explains poignant gesture to mum

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BBC Breakfast presenters Dan Walker and Sally Nugent were left emotional as weathergirl Carol Kirkwood opened up about a sweet gesture made to her mum.

On Monday (April 25), Carol revealed that she and her siblings had an adorable surprise for when her mum turned 70.

Sally began the conversation by saying: "Later on in the programme we're going to be talking about how everybody in their homes now, they like quite a minimalist look. Not too much clutter, not too many ornaments, no knick-knacks.

"Apparently, one of the things that's really gone out of fashion – garden gnomes. Now, I've heard you're a fan?" she asked Carol.

Chuckling, Carol admitted: "Well, yes, I've got one! But it's got a lovely wee story around it, Sal."

Showing a snap of the painted gnome on-screen, Carol explained: "My mum was very creative, and she used to make garden gnomes much bigger than that wee one that we call Charlie.

"So for her 70th birthday many moons ago, all my brothers and sisters decided to get one and each of us paint a part of it for her. I painted his hat!"

Sally couldn't help but get emotional at the admission, as she swooned: "Oh Carol, it's beautiful! I love him! Well we like Charlie, I'm a fan of Charlie."

The conversation quickly turned to whether Charlie took inspiration from their BBC co-star Charlie Stayt, as Dan wondered: "It's not named after our Charlie, is it, on Breakfast?"

Carol giggled: "No, but I'll tell Charlie it is if I see him!"

Dan couldn't resist sending a compliment his co-presenter's way as he replied: "You can't quite see the hair under that hat, but I'm sure it's magnificent if it's called Charlie."

But it turned out Carol wasn't the only gnome fan, as Dan went on to explain that one of the programme's editors also has quite the collection.

"Our editor – we call him Freddie, but his name is Richard – he's got a very impressive collection. Slightly worryingly impressive!" he said.

Sally was taken aback by an image of the gnomes gathered in the garden, as she said: "How many…? Oh my goodness, that's a proper collection! There's even one peeping around the side of the tree. There's a lot going on there!"

That's when things took a slightly racy turn, as Dan couldn't help but say: "If you want to show us your gnomes… er… or your favourite knick-knacks…" but couldn't get his words out past his sudden onslaught of giggles.

And Sally was cracking up right beside him as Dan struggled to continue: "Show us your gnomes!"

"You can email… or tweet them to us," he giggled, before adding: "We need a hashtag #ShowUsYourGnomes."

"Just the way you said it!" Sally laughed, while Dan admitted it "sounded a bit rude".

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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