Barbie actress lifts lid on behind-the-scenes antics and gift from Margot Robbie

A full year after filming ended on the summer’s biggest blockbuster, Barbie’s cast and crew are finally able to share what they got up to for months on the Warner Bros lot.

One background actress, Jodi Alexander, who appeared as a few different Barbies in the film, gave fans an in-depth look at her time on-set with Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and Greta Gerwig in a series of TikTok clips and photo compilations.

The actress titled one set of photos “Things that just made sense while filming Barbie” across a behind-the-scenes snap of Barbieland.

Jodi, who most notably played one of the Barbie dolls taking out rubbish bins in the film’s first few scenes, revealed some of the more peculiar moments behind-the-scenes.

This included having to be “scanned in every outfit” for the VFX team and the “2 packs of clip in” hair pieces that were attached to her head for “three months”.

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During her three months on-set, Jodi said there was an “endless amount of caffeine” consumed by the various Barbies and Kens and gave a glimpse at the “HUGE accessory collection” used to dress them all.

Among her most-cherished memories were the “belly ache from laughing so hard backstage”, “always having a cute outfit on”, “the relief of taking my hair out every night” and the “pink glittery golf carts” she and some other Barbies used to get around the Warner Bros lot.

The extra also revealed the film’s lead, Margot Robbie, had gifted them a batch of waffles with a sweet simple note reading: “Waffles – Yay!” as Jodie declared “she the cutest”.

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In another compilation, Jodie broke down a “day in the life” of filming the iconic movie, explaining that the day starts at 6am alongside a shot of Greta Gerwig’s golf cart which was covered in pink glittery paint.

The actress shared a snap of the Barbie’s dressing room sign that read: “No Kens allowed” as she and the other extras changed into a gown and slippers before heading into hair and makeup, or as she called it: “Wig o’clock.”

Jodie then got changed into her Barbie outfit of the day and headed to set, revealing that the beautiful blue sky seen in Barbieland was actually a massive mural painted onto one of the studio’s walls, with warm orange lights behind the set acting as sunshine.

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