Ashley James shows off 'changed' body in a bikini 11 weeks after giving birth and says 'we deserve to enjoy ourselves'

ASHLEY James showed off her "changed'" body in a bikini 11 weeks after giving birth and said "we deserve to enjoy ourselves".

The former Made In Chelsea star, 33, looked incredible as she gave her fans a glimpse of her post-baby body.

Ashley welcomed baby Alfie Rivers with her boyfriend Tom Andrews, 31 in January.

The reality star has been sharing her motherhood journey on social media to help other first time parents.

The star shared a series of snaps of her wearing a matching black bikini, as she soaked up the sunshine in her north London garden.

During an Instagram Q & A, a fan asked if Ashley had returned to her former body weight.

The new mum replied: "I don't think I've weighed myself since I was 23. I'm 33 now. So I couldn't tell you.

"But I'm not able to fit in the clothes I was wearing pre pregnancy and I'm cool with that.

"I just bought some bigger clothes. My body grew an entire baby and my happiness doesn't depend on me being a certain size."

Ashley also shared a lengthy post explaining that she wished she hadn't wasted time feeling insecure about how it looked.

She wrote: "I don't know who needs to read this, but you deserve to enjoy the sunshine no matter how your body has changed over lockdown! ☀️.

"I was so excited for the heatwave I didn't really think about the fact my body had changed since last year and all my bikinis are all teeny weeny.

"When I look back at my body before I had a baby I think how amazing I look and I wish I hadn't wasted time feeling insecure about how it looked. And it made me think that there'll be a time when I look back at this photo and think how great I looked."

The presenter and DJ went onto slam the concept of diet culture which puts extensive pressure on new mums.

She continued: "Whether you've just had a baby, or whether you've put some weight on in lockdown, or whether you're just nervous to get back in your summer clothes – we really deserve to enjoy ourselves.

"This year especially. And diet culture and unachievable beauty standards have put so much pressure on us, but I've come to realise it's in our minds and has nothing to do with the way we look.

"When I see loads of women on the beach I usually see beauty everywhere. I love to see women of all shapes and sizes. I love to see cellulite, and bellies, and all the things that make people beautiful… Mainly I admire the women who look carefree and confident. That's true beauty. 🦋"

The new mum said she was excited to slip into a bikini no matter the size you are.

Ashley added: "So this year, I'm bigger than I was last year, sure. I've got some stretch marks, which I like to think of has a tattoo from Mother Nature to commemorate growing Alfie. But I have a whole lot more respect for my body, and all our bodies for what they do for us every day. 💖

So enjoy the sunshine, we deserve it. And listen to Baz Lurhmann's Sunscreen for that much needed boost. 😎"

The former reality star recently hit back at a “trash” troll who quizzed her about losing weight after giving birth to her first child.

She had no time for one fan who asked if she thought it would be hard to lose weight post pregnancy. 

On posting a stunning photo of her feeding adorable new baby Alfie Rivers, many of Ashley’s followers rushed to compliment and offer well wishes. 

However, when one fan asked: “Will it be hard to lose weight after pregnancy?', the DJ shut them down by retorting: “Someone come and collect their man/son from the trash.”

A passionate body positive advocate, Ashley has been vocal about her body while it has changed during pregnancy and after. 

The 33-year-old told fans that her post-baby body is “nobody’s business” after someone asked her to share photos of her changing body.

She assured them: “I haven't even thought about my weight. Firstly: my weight pre or post pregnancy is nobody's business but my own.

“Secondly: I find it MENTAL that our bodies have just grown a baby, and the moment they're out of our body, people want to talk about weight.”

The Celebrity Big Brother star went on: “Our bodies are recovering, relax. Thirdly, I've not even thought about my weight… But also all of our bodies react differently post birth… The important thing for me is recovering properly before I look at bringing exercise back into my lifestyle.”

Ashley was single for six years until December 2019, where she hooked up with old friend Tom, three months later the pair were expecting little Alfie.

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