Are Ash and Iqra going to break up in EastEnders? The doctor's dark side is revealed

IQRA Ahmed begins to have doubts about her relationship with mysterious Ash Panesar when her girlfriend shows a dark side in upcoming episodes of EastEnders.

Ash has been a mysterious figure ever since she arrived in the Square last year – but what’s she hiding now on the BBC One soap?

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Are Ash and Iqra going to break up in EastEnders?

EastEnders are yet to confirm the fate of Ash and Iqra, but things aren’t looking great for the couple in upcoming scenes when Iqra is shocked by a side to her girlfriend she’s never witnessed before. 

However, viewers will know that Ash has been secretive ever since she arrived in EastEnders last year, and Iqra is yet to run a mile.

Shortly after her arrival, it emerged that Ash had a secret family after they bulldozed into the Square last year looking for her. 

It then became clear that the doctor had cut them off after her mother disapproved of an abortion she’d had when she was 19.

Why might Ash and Iqra split in EastEnders?

Ash reveals a calculating side next week in EastEnders when Vinny’s party spirals out of control. 

It all kicks off when Vinny starts a fight with one of his mates and the police arrive to investigate the hullabaloo. 

But things worsen when a brick is thrown at the police car and Keegan is arrested. 

Iqra is stunned to see Ash suddenly transform and take control of the situation. 

She looks pretty intense in the spoiler pic above as she takes matters into her own hands and orders Vinny around.

As the dramatic evening comes to a close, Iqra is left feeling like she doesn’t even know who Ash is anymore. 

But could the couple be heading for a split?

What do fans think about Ash and Iqra in EastEnders?

Fans are desperate not only for Ash and Iqra to stay together – but for EastEnders to give the couple as much airtime as the Square's other LGBT couple Ballum.

One fan tweeted: "Yeah Ben said he loves you to Callum but does he mean it sorry but I think we need more Ash + Iqra anyone agree? #ashra."

Another tweeted: "Ash and Iqra deserve scenes where they are kissing/slobbering all over each other as we've seen with #Benway. In fact, now that the Ballum fans got their ILY & bed scene, they need to put #Benway at the back & use the time to build up #Aqra #EastEnders."

They added: "Diversity isn't just a warm body that appears in the background. Ash and Iqra deserve their onscreen intimate moments."

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