Andy Cohen reveals son Ben’s first words were ‘dada’ after reunion following WWHL host’s coronavirus battle – The Sun

ANDY Cohen revealed his son Ben's first word was 'dada' after their reunion, following the Watch What Happens Live host's coronavirus battle.

The Bravo exec told Jimmy Fallon on video chat how the The Tonight Show host's book helped him learn the word.

Telling Jimmy what words his one-year-old is saying Andy relayed: "Because I crammed your book, Dada, down his throat, and the flashcards, all he ever says is ‘Dadadada.’”

He told Jimmy he's been reading his book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada.

It appears to have worked but with one hitch- Ben doesn’t understand the word “dada” is his dad just yet.

Andy said: “There is a glitch in the system, my man.

“He doesn’t associate it with me! He says the sounds but it’s not…”

But Jimmy argued: “That’s not part of the deal!

“The only thing I promised is that the baby would say ‘dada.’

"I didn’t say he would necessarily know it was you.’”

Andy suggested Jimmy needs a sequel to his Dada book, “How to join dada to dad.”

Jimmy added in the next addition dads could add a photo of themselves.

This way their children will actually learn who “dada” is.

Andy and Ben had been apart for nearly two weeks after Andy contracted coronavirus.

When he and his sweet 13-month-old reunited Andy posted a pic of the two of them captioning: "I’ve hosted reunions for years, but yesterday’s was the best one yet."

He shared on Radio Andy: "Today is a huge day for me, not only am I back on the radio and Watch What Happens Live but I have been quarantined from Ben for the last 12 days or so and I'm gonna get to see him right after the show.

"My doctor, two doctors, said it would be safe to see him yesterday and I freaked out on Saturday night, worried… so I was like let me just add a day to that – so I'm going to see him today."

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