Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown demands joint custody of ex Raiven’s newborn son- IF DNA test proves he’s the father – The Sun

ALASKAN Bush People star Bear Brown is demanding joint custody of his newborn son with ex-girlfriend Raiven Adams IF a DNA test proves he’s the father, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

Raiven, 22, welcomed their son, River Anthony, on March 9, 2020 and has been raising him on her own, as Bear, 31, was not present for the birth and has yet to meet him.

In court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Bear, whose real name is Solomon, filed a complaint to establish paternity on March 12.

The Alaskan Bush People star wrote in the court filing: “If Solomon is, in fact, the Minor Child’s biological father, legal and physical custody, visitation and all related issues should be determined.”

If Bear is the father, he claimed it is “in the best interests of the Minor Child that Solomon be awarded joint legal custody” and “shared physical custody” of River.

He is requesting that he, Raiven and River undergo genetic DNA testing to confirm he is the father.

Raiven has not yet responded to the filing.

The complaint came after The Sun exclusively reported that the reality star filed a Petition for Disestablishment of Paternity on March 12.

But Bear claimed the filing was a “court error.”

He wrote on Instagram: “I am not trying to un-establish myself as River’s Dad, I am trying to establish myself AS his dad, so that I will have equal rights as a parent!

“When my petition was filed there was a mistake in the order, it was supposed to say I’m trying to establish myself as River's dad! NOT un-establish!”

Raiven has been in the hospital every day since their son’s birth, as he was born several weeks premature.

Raiven filed a restraining order against Bear in February, accusing him of exhibiting “erratic” and “abusive” behavior.

She dropped the restraining order three days before their son’s birth.

Despite the request for paternity, Bear claimed over social media that he is the father of the newborn.

He alleged he wasn’t told about River’s birth until days later.

But Raiven responded by claiming he “mentally abused her for months” and that she did try to contact him during labor and after delivery.

Raiven posted text messages where she told him: "Call me.”

Bear also claimed he has not seen River because he wants to protect him amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He wrote on social media: "Hey everyone! I just wanted to let y'all guys know that I would be with River if I could but with everything going on with this virus it would only put him in danger!"

But Raiven has vowed to “keep her son away” from Bear, as she urged fans to see her side.

She wrote on Instagram in March: “Too many people speak after hearing just one side of the story.

“Judging a situation without being there and knowing the actual facts, ruins lives and relationships, so you best know the full story before attacking someone and making false accusations.”

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