Aaron Carter's Fiancé Just Shared a Photo of Her Rather Large Engagement Ring With Fans

Aaron Carter and his fiancé, Melanie Martin, have had their fair share of ups and downs in their relationship. They are now back together and happily engaged. Both have shared images of Martin’s new engagement ring, and it’s rather large. Read on to learn more and see a photo of the huge stone.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin have had a rocky relationship

The relationship between Carter and Martin has included problems. They’ve broken up before and Martin was even arrested on a felony domestic violence charge. The couple tried to repair things after that, but trouble returned to paradise and they broke up again.

The couple recently got back together and shared some details with fans

Carter was dating another woman in the interim, but not forlong because he and Martin are giving things another shot. A few weeks ago, thecouple appeared in a video detailing the happy news. Carter announcedthat the couple was back together. “We are back together,” Carter said. “Thankyou to all the fans being understanding. And really just kind of not reallyjudging too much.”

Carter also revealed that his heart never let go of Martin,and that’s clear to see. “My heart never let go of her,” Carter said. “Therewas nothing I could do about it and I became so miserable and just lonely,couldn’t sleep I haven’t been able to eat.”

Aaron Carter announces their engagement

Two weeks ago, Carter posted an image to his Instagram ofMartin’s hands with a rather large diamond ring on. He used the hashtag “engaged.”Carter captioned thephoto with: “Lövē wins ❤️😍💍 #iloveyou3000#engaged #fiance #ourlovestory my future Mrs. Carter Melanie ♥.”

Aaron Carter’s fiancé just shared a photo of her rather large engagementring with fans

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#engaged#iloveyou3000❤️ @aaroncarter 💍 #love

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Carter isn’t the only one sharing an image of the impressivediamond ring. Martin recently posted the same image on her Instagram and fansdidn’t hold back. Many people seem to be happy for the couple who are trying tomake things work between them.

Martin captioned the post: “#engaged #iloveyou3000❤️ @aaroncarter 💍 #love.”

Fans commented in large numbers with their thoughts, whichare overwhelmingly positive for Martin and Carter. Carter even commented on thepost himself: “❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you sweetheart.”

Numerous fans commented with their thoughts. There were many “congratulations” from fans eager to share their opinions on the subject.

“Love always wins! Congratulations you guys,” a fancommented on Instagram.

One fan is really glad things worked out between the couple.“Congrats! Glad to see things worked out,” another fan said.

A fan is welcoming Martin to being part of the “wifey club.” “Congrats welcome to the wifey club,” the fan wrote.

It’s nice to see the two of them so happy together. We’llkeep you updated on all the latest when it comes to the engagement betweenAaron Carter and his fiancé Melanie Martin as we learn it.

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