'90 Day Fiancé': A Fan Slashed Tom's Tires After He Said This About Darcey

Former 90 Day Fiancé couple Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva didn’t end on the best of terms. In addition to their contentious Instagram interactions, fans of the show watched Tom ask Darcey if she put on weight during one of their later interactions.

A ’90 Day Fiancé’ fan slashed Tom’s tires over the comment he made about Darcey’s weight, he believes

The comment didn’t sit well with Darcey, and it didn’t sit any better with fans. One fan was so upset over the comment, Tom believes they slashed his car tires.

“I had all my car tires slashed,” he said in an Instagram interview with The Domenick Nati Show on May 29.

“It was the weekend after the, “Have you put on weight?” comment,” he said.

Tom attempted to defend his statement by saying, “I never said she was fat,” and he “never said [he] didn’t like her bigger.” 

“Are you OK with bigger women?” asked the interviewer.

“Yeah, of course,” replied Tom. “I like a nice a*s.”

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Tire-slashing isn’t the only fan interaction Tom has experienced since starring in 90 Day Fiancé. He also had to have someone “removed from the property.”

“They just kind of continued coming over and every time I came through the lobby they wanted to like get a photo or talk. So I just had them removed from the building,” he said. 

Tom says, currently, he and Darcey aren’t speaking, but that he’ll always think of her as a friend.

“Until all of this blows over, you’re still living in the story. It happened so long ago and you’re having to relive it and you can’t really detract from that. Yeah, I don’t know. She’ll always be my friend,” he said.  

What Tom wants in a partner after dating Darcey on ’90 Day Fiancé’ 

Moving forward, Tom says he wants to date someone who “doesn’t work in television.”

“I think this time I really need someone who’s loving and caring first and foremost for themselves and someone that doesn’t work in television. Someone who’s just got a normal 9-5 and just goes to work, has their routine, likes to go out and enjoy life,” he said.

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Tom doesn’t want to be in a televised relationship ever again.

“It’s hard. Like, being in the public eye and having a relationship is the hardest thing you could imagine. And it’s distorted. Even myself, I’ve looked at stuff and I can’t remember it ever happening like that. So it’s like you get a warped sense of what actually was and then you question yourself,” he said. “And then you have hundreds of people, thousands of people, questioning you, questioning your relationship. That puts doubts in your mind. I don’t think I’d want to do that again.”

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How Kate Middleton creates ‘instant rapport’ and ‘likability’ over lockdown video calls

Prince William and Kate Middleton have appeared on video calls on national TV and the royal Instagram account together and separately. Kate appeared on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield a few weeks ago.


  • Kate Middleton accused of ‘whining’ about lockdown

She and William also appeared together on the Kensington Palace Instagram account calling bingo numbers for a care home’s game.

A body language expert analysed Kate’s video link appearances.

Judi James told Express.co.uk the couple have a great rapport on screen.

She said: “William and Kate seem to have managed to achieve the tricky blend of being regal but accessible and understated at the same time and their techniques are visible in their body language on this virtual visit to play bingo at a care home.

“Their approach seems to relax the people they visit while still creating an aura of ‘specialness’ that will make their presence memorable.”

Judi revealed the pair succeed partly due to focusing on others, instead of on themselves.

“They work well as a team but their prime focus seems to be on the people they’re visiting rather than one another,” the body language expert said.

“There are only two brief moments when they face-check one another and they both involve approval signals when one of them has cracked a joke.

“Otherwise their strong bonding and like-minded thinking as a couple is shown in their natural trait of mirroring and their choreography and timing as they take it in turns to speak.”

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Kate and Sophie ‘delighted to be in one another’s company’ [INSIGHT] 

Kate in particular has a “ritual” to help boost her likability.

Judi said: “Kate employs a sweet, ‘baby wave’ as her greeting ritual as well as a small giggle that makes her appear slightly shy, which in turn would raise her likability points with a new audience.

“Her nose-wrinkling grin looks like a joke she’s sharing with the people she’s visiting, which again would create instant rapport, even over a video link.”

Judi warns the pair “tend to peer down into the screen which can make an audience feel like they’re under scrutiny through a microscope”, however, they combat this with leaning forwards.


  • Princess Anne can ‘appear intimidating’ proves ‘age is just a number’

Judi said: “The way they both lean forward into the camera forms a lowering technique that stops them from appearing too grand.”

She went on: “The couple can also switch moods quickly and with congruence, using expressions of concern as William asks about the mental health of their audience but then flipping back into smiles as he jokes about Welsh people being fun.

“Clearly neither of them look like regular Bingo players but they turn the joke on themselves nicely rather than looking too grand to know anything about the game.”

However, Kate Middleton was recently accused of “whining” about lockdown. 

Writer Bernadette Giacomazzo, who has penned a number of op eds about the British Royal Family, accused the media of “portraying her as a delicate, put-upon flower”.

In an article for CCN, she claims the Duchess’s comments on struggling through coronavirus amount to “whining.”

Ms Giacomazzo wrote: “In a recent interview, the Duchess said that assuming more responsibilities in the wake of COVID-19 was ‘so difficult.’

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex uses this technique to ‘add drama’ in public appearances

Sophie, Countess of Wessex is the daughter-in-law of the Queen and a working royal. With her husband, Prince Edward, 56, she has made many speeches in her senior royal role. An expert revealed exactly what she does to add more drama at appearances.


  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex made change to appear more royal in public

Sophie and Prince Edward have been married since June 19, 1999.

Since then, they have had two children together, Lady Louise Windsor, 16, and James, Viscount Severn, 12.

Shortly after marrying the Queen’s son, Sophie took on a role as a working royal.

Like others in this position, she will represent the monarch at various events all over the world.

This is something she has kept up during the coronavirus lockdown and recently appeared via video call.

Before joining the Royal Family, Sophie worked in public relations for many years.

While all royals surely get training on public speaking, her previous career could have influenced her speeches at events.

Since taking on more responsibilities, Sophie appears to have altered her style of speaking, communications and body language expert Judi James explained.

She told Express.co.uk: “Sophie’s background was in media and she can deliver a mean corporate speaking style.

“Taking over the Duke of Edinburgh’s duties for a speech at the CMI she began in a similar understated style before going what she called ‘off piste’.

She also swapped the script for some direct ad-libs and stories and added drama and humour.”

When attending public engagements, the Countess has made an effort to inject her own personality into what she says.


  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex made change after George’s birth

By doing this, the expert suggested she has been able to give more dramatic accounts.

Sophie has also engaged with what she says and adjusts her style based on what she is talking about, Judi added.

“The warmth was still there but her tone became more hard-hitting as she spoke about gender equality,” she continued.

“This time we can see dramatic pauses, a more chatty tone as she told a story about speaking to a board room full of men, plus a lower and more authoritative vocal tone that created empathy with her audience of business leaders.”

This style of speaking looks to be something Sophie uses when speaking outside of the palace and without other royals there, the expert suggested.

Judi said: “Unlike deliveries at the palace, Sophie did use more ‘ums’ as verbal fillers.

“This could have implied some nervousness at the start, but they were rare enough to add a more natural appeal to her talk, rather than sticking to an unemotional, word-perfect delivery that might have had less impact.”

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Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons: This is best time to shop as quietest hours change

Supermarkets have regularly updated shopping rules as the coronavirus lockdown has resulted in long queues outside stores. Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi and Lidl have all had queues as social distancing measures are enforced. When is the quietest time to shop?


  • Tesco UK: Supermarket makes drastic rule changes to Clubcard

During the coronavirus lockdown, supermarkets have been following social distancing rules.

There have been limitations on how many people can shop at one time leading to big queues outside stores.

Still, there could be a best time to shop to avoid a long wait, according to visiting data available on Google.

Although this will vary from store to store, some times and days are quieter than others.


Customers could get round the stores more quickly by visiting before 11am or in the middle of the afternoon, around 3pm.

Shopping between 5pm and 8pm is the busiest time, according to Google data.

Like most supermarkets, certain shopping hours have been put aside for NHS staff and vulnerable customers.

Tesco stated: “We have extended our special hour in stores for NHS staff as a thank you for all they are doing.

“The NHS hours are on Tuesdays and Thursday from 9am -10am in all large stores. Also on Sundays, they can continue to browse our large stores and select their shopping, an hour before the checkouts open.”

For the vulnerable, it continued: “We have prioritised one hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning between 9-10am for these customers. This does not include Express stores.”


Shoppers could beat the crowds by going before 9am or after 9pm, with the middle of the day being the busiest.

Avoiding big shops at the weekend will also make getting stuck in long queues less likely.

NHS and care workers can shop in larger stores on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8am and 9am.


The supermarket will update stock throughout the day to help shoppers get what they want no matter when they go.

Sainsbury’s told Express.co.uk: “We are working hard to keep our shelves well stocked so that customers can arrive at any point during store open hours and find most of the items that they need.”

Browsing on a Wednesday seems to be the quietest time to go.


  • Martin Lewis shares top tips to get most from Tesco Clubcard

The retailer is less busy around 3pm, according to visiting data.


Customers could avoid queues by going during the day and not visiting after 5pm, which is the busiest time.

The retailer previously posted on Twitter: “Thank you to our customers for continuing to shop considerately.

“We’re generally less busy later in the day so if you’d like to shop when it’s quieter, and are able to, try visiting us in the afternoon to get the essentials you need.”


The retailer has announced it will roll out traffic light technology in branches to help manage long queues.

Visiting the retailer in late evening, after 8pm, can help avoid waiting altogether.

Unsurprisingly, staying away on Saturdays and Sundays will make queues less likely.


Visiting the retailer during the week seems to be the quietest time to go.

Shoppers can beat the queues by visiting at the beginning or towards the end of the day.

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The Compact Medela Freestyle Flex Makes Pumping Literally Anywhere NBD

There was never any doubt that I would need to be close friends with my breast pump. Even before becoming pregnant a few facts were very clear to me: I wanted to attempt to feed my baby breastmilk as long as possible and that I’d need to figure out a pumping routine in order to do so. During my pregnancy, the thought of pumping was one of the more intimidating things about my future as a mom. Not the delivery, nor bringing a tiny newborn home, but hooking myself up to a machine that made weird sounds, sucked at my body, and distorted my nipples.

Fast-forward a few months to when my daughter Allegra and I were both grasping the swing of things. I tentatively started a bit of light pumping and bottle feeding so she would be used to it when my maternity leave ended and I would invariably have to return to the office (I commute from the suburbs into Manhattan, so I didn’t have the option of coming home to feed her). Then sometime after month three — and there’s no nicer way of putting this — she got annoying when it came time to nurse. We’d thankfully never experienced problems with latching or other breastfeeding issues that can plague women, but suddenly she wanted to eat, then stop, look around, fool with my nipple, eat a little more, stop, stare at the ceiling and on and on. Add to that the mounting frustration I had with being the sole person who could help when she got cranky every few hours (if I heard my husband say, “Maybe she’s hungry” one more time, I could have screamed), and I realized I should rethink my relationship with the pump.

So started a carefully choreographed routine that would have been easier from the outset if my original pump had been the compact, non-intimidating Medela Freestyle Flex. That initial premonition had come true — I was spending a lot of quality time with a pump — and when you’re that intimate with something you begin to notice its flaws. Subbing in the Freestyle Flex over the past few weeks has proven to be a boon in all the ways. (And even though I’m not commuting into the city due to the current state of things, there’s absolutely no denying that its compact size would have been a life-saver). 

Its Compact size

Commuting has always entailed extra stuff: noise-cancelling headphones, reading materials, a reusable coffee mug. Add a pump (plus its corresponding ice pack and milk storage unit) and it’s basically impossible not to turn into a serious schlepper. 

Every friend who has children a few years older than mine has honestly been in awe when I’ve shown off the Freestyle Flex to them — it’s that much smaller than what they had been lugging to and from work. The company has perfected a sleek and simple bag for carrying it, but if you’re devoted to slimming down the amount of bags you’re toting (or just really, really love your handbag collection, like me), the pump is tiny enough that you can tuck it into most larger purses.

I remember taking a girls’ trip with a friend who was still nursing a few years ago and watching, eyes agog, as she took out her pump, set everything up, and got busy before breakfast. That thing was big (and could definitely have contributed to my initial nerves around pumping). The Freestyle Flex would never require that sort of square footage. To wit, places I have successfully experimented with pumping include: my small work-from-home desk, the car, our kitchen (the pump base in my bathrobe pocket while I tidied up). I honestly can’t think of a space too small to not pump with this guy.

The Sleek Design

The friend whose pumping scarred me? Whatever device she used looked more like a run-of-the-mill piece of hospital equipment. Comparatively, the Freestyle Flex looks like a new video game console: it’s sleek, streamlined and equipped with a minimalist touchscreen. On its face, design might not matter as much as functionality, but attractiveness is a nice bonus when you spend hours staring at something. 

When I decided to mostly express and bottle feed Allegra, the pump became like a household appliance. It floated from living room to kitchen to bathroom, staying wherever I last used it. As such, having it be visually appealing actually kind of mattered. The Freestyle Flex is small enough, with rounded curves and a milky white, iPhone-esque face, that you could leave it out without attracting any curious glances from visitors.   

Its Incredible Power

I’d bet the friend with the clunky pump would take a look at mine and assume all the design came at the expense of power. This has proven wonderfully untrue. I’ve gotten into a process where I spend 20 minutes actively pumping, a time span that seems roughly on-par with friends who have larger pumps. The battery life is also impressive: I couldn’t previously imagine being unable to pump without tethering myself to a wall outlet. There was the aforementioned bathrobe-and-kitchen pump session, but also the amount of times that I’ve opted to pump from the corner of the couch watching Westworld is also noteworthy (the couch-outlet proximity wasn’t previously ideal for a pumping session). The length of time the Freestyle Flex can go between charges is seriously impressive — I never had pump plans stymied because I realized I needed to be located within cord’s reach of an outlet. Any mamas will understand the value of that: when you get a tiny block of uninterrupted grownup time, you don’t want any surprises to interfere with the agenda.

Amongst all the great parts of motherhood, there’s a fierce desire to retain parts of your “old” self — and to be held back as little as possible. Undeniably, there are some things I just can’t do since Allegra came into my life (like signing up for a workout class on a whim or having a bathtub soak and glass of wine on a Sunday evening). Deciding to rely more on my pump and bottle-feeding was freeing … until it wasn’t due to the reoccurring need to lock myself away to pump. Finding a go-anywhere, portable solution completely changed things. I’m a happier, saner version of myself. Perhaps most encouragingly, the act of pumping-and-feeding has gone from “Maybe I can make it to six months…” to “I’ve got this!”.   

This article was created by SheKnows for Medela. 

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Kelly Dodd Mocks Campaign to Fire Her: I’m Rich and Can Say What I Want!

Vicki Gunvalson isn’t the only one who thinks that Kelly Dodd should be fired after the way that she repeatedly mocked COVID-19 deaths.

Fans launched a petition for Bravo to fire Kelly. If they hated her earlier videos, they are not going to like her response.

Kelly Dodd responded to the petition in a series of six videos shared to her Instagram Stories.

For your convenience, we have compiled those into a single video that you can watch here in this article.

On Saturday, May 23, Kelly recorded herself looking as deliberately relaxed as she possibly could.

She knows that fans want her gone after her callous remarks and spread of dangerous misinformation.

“I got a call from Braunwyn this morning,” Kelly begins, referring to her castmate.

Braunwyn was “telling me about some Facebook ‘hate group’ that’s texting Evolution, my production company, to ‘fire Kelly Dodd.'”

That’s an odd description.

We doubt that they are texting. And we also strongly doubt that the people she describes match the description of a “hate group.”

“Well, you know what?” Kelly continues. “This has been happening for the last five years that I’ve been on the show.”

There’s a … Tamra tried to get me fired and Vicki tried to get me fired,” she recalls.

“So you guys … get a life,” Kelly instructs. “Do something positive.

“Maybe help people out,” she suggests, “instead of being such haters.”

“It’s hilarious by now, okay?” Kelly says. “Get a life.”

It looks like she had planned for this to be the end of her message … but just couldn’t help adding to it.

“Oh and then I get these, you know, i get a Google alert,” Kelly tells the camera.

“Like a hundred [articles and blog posts],” she describes.

“You know what?” Kelly challenges, feigning indifference. “Keep writing about me.”

She dares entertainment news writers to keep addressing her controversies, “because you’re just keeping me more relevant.”

“So, you guys,” Kelly claims, “I love it.”

“I love it because you’re keeping me relevant,” she reiterates.

“So keep on writing about me,” Kelly suggests.

She seemingly can’t help but then refer to “all of these stupid little bloggers.”

“Go ahead,” Kelly adds. “It doesn’t bother me. It’s hilarious.”

“So keep writing about me,” she states yet again, “because all press is good press, as far as I’m concerned.”

“And,” Kelly notes, “you are keeping me employed.”

We have to point out that when entertainment news writers cover a story, it’s generally because it’s relevant.

Fans may be attempting to take down Kelly Dodd. We here are just writing about it, and explaining why her awful statements are so very bad.

But as you can see from this Instagram Story that Kelly shared on Monday evening, she just doesn’t get it.

“It’s not the government’s job to protect my health,” Kelly’s Instagram Story reads. “It’s the government’s job to protect my rights.”

“It’s my job to protect my health,” she insists.

“When you trade liberty for safety,” Kelly whines, “you end up losing both.”

Fun fact: one of the major jobs of any government is trying to prevent its citizens from dying en masse from preventable causes.

We have to wonder if someone in Kelly’s life has tried explaining to her that other human beings exist.

We can’t imagine that it was very successful.

Some things, you can explain to people.

“You should care whether tens of thousands of people die from a preventable disease” seems like something that you either understand, or don’t.

But then, Kelly doesn’t seem to think that the 100,000 Americans who have died, most of them alone and in isolation, are worth much.

The evidence of that callous disregard goes back much further than that “just let poor people die already, saving them is inconvenient” post.

Earlier this month, she recorded herself dismissing the mounting death toll, and then made flagrantly false comparisons to flu deaths.

Neither the death toll nor symptoms of COVID-19 are “like the flu,” but she claimed otherwise on Instagram for reasons unknown.

Some people are blaming Kelly’s penchant for misinformation and her apparent inability to care about other people on her fiance.

He does, after all, work for Fox News. They employ real journalists, but the higher up they are, the stronger the political slant of their “reporting.”

But while her engagement to Rick has led Kelly to rub elbows with ilk like Donald Trump Jr., can her attitude be blamed on Rick?

It’s not that all of Kelly’s opinions are always bad. But this deranged selfishness and refusal to consider that she’s wrong seems all Kelly.

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Kate Middleton hair: All the times the Duchess of Cambridge has nailed a chic updo

The Duchess of Cambridge has become known for her impeccable style and flawless hair, but as the UK lockdown continues her fans have seen her with a new look. Taking part in video calls from her home with Prince William in Anmer Hall, Norfolk, Kate has had a more relaxed look to her hair and is likely to be styling it herself. In their recent virtual appearance, Kate wore her brunette locks in a chic updo – and it’s not the first time she’s ditched her usual blow-dry. 


  • Pippa Middleton’s rare adorable photo from wedding revealed

The Duke, 37, and Duchess of Cambridge, 38, took part in a video call to celebrate the first anniversary of Shout, the UK’s first 24/7 crisis text line, last week. 

Kate wore her thick brunette hair in a swept-back style, showing off a subtle tan in a white scalloped Sandro top while the pair spoke to the Shout volunteers. 

As the lockdown continues and social distancing means hair salons are closed around the country, it’s unknown whether Kate is styling her own hair, but experts think it is likely. 

The mother of three has been wearing a much more casual look in recent weeks, with soft waves that have been brushed out rather than the carefully coiffed curls that the public are used to seeing. 

READ MORE: Kate’s appearance in latest engagement sparks frenzy among fans

As a busy mum who’s having to homeschool the children while keeping up with charity work, it’s no wonder Kate is opting for easier styles and quick updos. 

But the Duchess has also worn some beautiful hair-up looks for royal engagements and events in the past that are just as pristine as her go-to blow-dry. 

Kate often goes for a chignon style for the bigger occasions. Royal protocol dictates that hats are always worn for formal occasions, with Kate carefully following the rules and even wearing a fascinator for her sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding. The Duchess wore her long hair in a chic, twisted updo for the big day. 

Clive Lever, Senior Stylist at Jo Hansford’s Mayfair salon, commented: “The chignons that Kate Middleton wears are a modern take on a classic look. It is effortless and softer so it does not look overdone. and is a younger version of the French pleats and chignons worn by an older generation. 

“It suits her age, and is sophisticated and elegant but doesn’t detract from the headwear, and is not too formal.”

Kate also wore a similar look for Princess Eugenie’s wedding, only with a modern twist. 

The Duchess was wearing a fuchsia pink fascinator on top of a sleek yet slightly more casual twisted chignon style that was pulled to the side slightly, giving it a more trendy and relaxed feel. 

How Pippa and Kate were compared to Jackie Kennedy in cutting jibe [COMMENT]
Shock: One of the only moments Kate Middleton lost her composure [INSIGHT]
Kate Middleton wears £550 new dress with an incredible message [PICTURES]

The side-swept look is one Kate has turned to for other formal events, too – on Anzac day she wore her brunette locks in a glossy chignon style that showed off her statement earrings. The Duchess had plenty of volume at the crown to balance out the neat knotted style, giving it an edgier finish. 

“Quite often when wearing fascinators or hats the hair style has to be created to work around the headpiece so these updos work on both levels,” explained Clive. 

“The side chignon may be used to create the balance of the headpiece. Keeping her hair back in a tight style prevents any flyaways, as looser styles can become dishevelled by the elements such as the wind if outdoors which could end up looking messy and creating the need to be fiddled with.”

Clive said the prep for the royal chignon will still involve Kate’s signature blow-dry. 

“It’s really important to always blow dry the hair before creating these looks so the hair is still smooth and sleek and shiny. The styles also show off her hair colour and the low lights beautifully.”


  • Kate Middleton did this to ‘prove herself’ to the Royal Family

Kate has mastered the art of the flawless chignon, which she’s also worn to Ascot before – but it’s not just the style that’s the key to the look. Fans with an eye for detail will spot that Kate wears a very fine, delicate hairnet in the same shade as her hair so that it keeps her look in place while almost going undetected. The clever trick keeps her style from becoming unruly throughout the day. 

However, while Kate usually picks the classic chignon or intricate styles for her royal appearances, she has previously sported a more casual look that has been seen in her lockdown days. 

On a visit with Prince William to Blackpool in 2019, the fashionable royal wore her thick hair swept back into a soft, mid-height ponytail, with soft curls throughout the ends.

The modern look was topped off with a wrap of her hair around the base, a nifty trick used by many pros for a sleek finish to give the humble pony some wow factor. 

Kate’s long lengths give her plenty of options when it comes to hair styling. 

On a recent visit to a children’s hospital in Lambeth, Kate wore her hair in a half-up style with pretty tousled waves as she met with young patients.  

The Duchess famously opted for a half-up do for her wedding day in 2011, though of course it was also dressed up with a tiara and veil. It’s also a look Meghan Markle’s been trying during her own virtual lockdown appearances. 

“The half up, half down is a younger look; not ageing, but more relaxed and not harsh. It shows her softer and gentle personality as does the backcombed ponytail. This is fresh and modern and in keeping with fashion but without trying to make a statement,” commented Clive. 

“Kate is beautiful, stylish and elegant but her clothes and hair never overshadow her, she always manages to look fashionable without trying too hard.”

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Prince Charles Wants to Turn Furloughed Workers into Farmers

It’s been nearly two months since Prince Charles tested positive for the coronavirus. So, what has the 71-year-old been up to since self-isolating for a mere week? He has commended nurses and other essential workers. He has benevolently shared his favorite cheesy baked eggs recipe. And as of this week, he has taken to urging his fellow Britons to drive tractors and pick vegetables and fruit. 

“Food does not happen by magic,” Charles said in a video posted to Clarence House’s official Twitter account on Tuesday. “If we are to harvest British fruit and vegetables this year, we need an army of people to help.” Which is to say the government needs “many thousands” of people to enroll in Pick for Britain, its campaign to help furloughed workers “seize an opportunity for a very different kind of work.” (As well as replace migrant workers currently unable to travel to the U.K.) 

Charles, Clarence House noted, is “a farmer himself.” But you wouldn’t know it from the video. While Charles is standing in a garden, he’s also wearing a tie and a blazer—and notably not wearing a mask. Perhaps that’s why the 71-year-old is separated from the cameraman by a wire fence. 

Still, Charles is familiar enough with plant husbandry to know it involves quite a bit of dirt. “I do not doubt that the work will be unglamorous and at times challenging,” he said. “It will be hard graft but is hugely important if we are to avoid the growing crops going to waste.”

But on Twitter, many of the royal’s fellow Britons aren’t so sure. A significant number of replies to the video fall along the lines of “hi charles, i would love to pick blueberries but sadly, i hate you and will therefore not” and “pick your own damn fruit, binch.” 

To be fair, Pick for Britain’s website says that all workers will at least receive minimum wage, which is roughly $10 per hour for those 25 and over. (Though for those under 19, that rate could be cut in half.) Farms that allow room and board will charge a maximum of roughly $65 per week. But the number of people receiving and paying those amounts may be negligible at best. In late April, the charity Concordia reported that only 6,000 of the 50,000 people who applied for fruit-picking jobs accepted an interview, and only 150 went on to become employed. 

Perhaps Charles wasn’t aware, but the country’s environmental secretary had just issued a similar plea, causing the initiative’s website to crash. Fortunately, it’s once again up and running, with job postings such as “runner beans and Helda beans grower” and “grower of cherries, apples, pears, arable and sheep.” There are also some informational, pre-social distancing videos of “life on a farm.” 


The idea that Charles would do the work himself, as some have suggested, isn’t as outlandish as it sounds. Bella Hadid has spent the past few weeks toiling away in the dirt, planting no less than 1,500 lavender herbs. (All while wearing gloves and a mask.) 

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Haye snubs Mike Tyson in top five heavyweights of all time as he questions his mental strength and details sad decline – The Sun

DAVID HAYE cannot rank Mike Tyson in his top five heavyweights of all time having questioned his mental strength.

Former two-division champion Haye was discussing the night Tyson beat Michael Spinks in 1988 by a 91-second knockout.

But the retired 39-year-old believes Iron Mike's inability to overcome adversity during fights he was losing is a reason why he does not consider him among the five greatest heavyweights ever.

Haye said on the BBC's Costello and Bunce podcast: "How many fights did he have where he was behind on points? Where he got put down, hurt and came back, that's the question.

"The moment he started to lose or it started to get tough, it seemed to go the other way.

"Many fighters – Holyfield, Lennox Lewis – they've all had tough fights where they are on the brink of losing and found a way to win, I've never seen that with Tyson.

"I find it hard to say someone's in the top five of all time if they've never had a fight which they was losing and they came back to win."

Tyson, 53, still reigns as the youngest heavyweight champion of all time after he thrashed Trevor Berbick in 1986 but did so after the death of his mentor Cus D'Amato, who left Kevin Rooney to corner him.

But four years later, having succumbed to distractions outside the ring, the American was upset by James 'Buster' Douglas in Tokyo, losing for the first time.

Tyson would then spent three years in prison after being convicted of rape in 1992 before making his boxing comeback in 1995.

He won the world titles back again in 1996 but in the same year lost to Evander Holyfield and infamously bit his ear in their rematch a year later.

The knockout artist retired in 2005 after losing to Kevin McBride and left the sport with a record of 50–6 but shocked fans after this month announcing plans to make a comeback to compete in exhibition bouts for charity.

Haye argues if the hotheaded puncher was guided correctly throughout his career, he could have been the greatest heavyweight of all time.

He explained: "If he would have had the same team around him which got him into that shape and continued to have the fights that he had, he would've grown and become a better version than that.

"If he's 21 there, he's a baby in boxing terms. He was only going to get better and better. But what happened was, he peaked at 21 and didn't get better, he got worse every fight.

"He did less training, less sparring, had less discipline, more money, different women. He got worse and worse until he lost.

"If he wouldn't have fell off, and had Rooney in his corner and the same team and had people looking after him, investing his money correctly, looking out for him, he could've been No1, without a doubt."

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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Fox News for Extending Its Own Work-From-Home Order (Video)

“Apparently they don’t get their news from Fox News,” Kimmel joked on his show Tuesday

On Tuesday night’s episode of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel began his monologue with the big topic of the day: Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony in a congressional hearing, in which he was heckled by Sen. Rand Paul. But after that, Kimmel transitioned into a thread about the folks around the country who are defying lockdown orders, as well as Fox News extending its own work-from-home directive even while trumpeting the “America must reopen” rhetoric.

Kimmel’s comments about Dr. Fauci wrapped up with a metaphor about scabs. If you pick a scab too early, Kimmel said, then the wound will be right back where it was before the scab was formed. So with the coronavirus pandemic, Kimmel said, “don’t pick the scab.”

“Unfortunately, there are some impatient people who want to dig their tiny, orange fingernails into the scab and rip it off early. And eat it,” Kimmel joked.

So, Kimmel said, while Trump “continues to pat himself on the back and insist the numbers are going down almost everywhere, they are not.”

“NBC News got hold of an unreleased report from Trump’s own pandemic task force that shows the numbers going way up in many spots across the country. The virus is surging across the Midwest and the South.,” Kimmel continued, as the show displayed footage of folks defying their local stay-at-home orders. “This is from a restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado that decided to open on Mother’s Day despite an order that bans in-house dining throughout the state. You can see no one was protecting themselves. I guess if it’s mom’s last meal you might as well make it delicious.

Then Kimmel took aim at those protesters in Florida who went viral on Monday for doing their workouts on the sidewalk in front of a courthouse.

“In Clearwater, Florida, demonstrators gathered outside a courthouse to protest the fact that gyms are closed,” Kimmel said. “Well, looks to me like they don’t need a gym. They’ve got a perfectly good sidewalk to do push-ups on.”

Kimmel then delivered the punchline to this whole thread.

“And this is interesting. At Fox News, which is the little engine behind the back-to-work movement, they just decided to keep their offices closed through June 15th. Isn’t that something?” Kimmel mused. “Fox News, the ones who are making fun of people cowering at home, is advising its employees to stay home. Because apparently they don’t get their news from Fox News. So it looks like we’ll have at least another month of Judge Jeanine smearing her lipstick on like the Joker.”

You can check out Kimmel’s monologue from Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the video embedded up at the top of this article.

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