Power: Tommy Egan star drops surprise bombshell about Ghost character

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For six seasons, Power fans had grown to love the brotherly relationship between Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) and righthand man Tommy (Joseph Sikora). The duo had more than their fair share of ups and downs in the Starz series but by the time the drama came to a close, their bond was clear for all to see as Ghost died in Tommy’s arms. Their popularity was in no small part down to the fantastic performances from both Hardwick and Sikora but the latter has now revealed Ghost was “supposed” to be played by someone else.

Seeing Ghost played by anyone other than Hardwick may be a difficult concept to grasp for Power fans around the world.

The 46-year-old had endeared himself to Starz viewers, portraying Ghost’s brutal and murderous ways while juxtaposing it with his loyal and highly-intelligent attributes.

Hardwick’s time in the role was met with so much praise it earnt the actor a BET Award nod and Image Award wins over the course of six seasons.

However, Sikora has revealed it was actually co-star 50 Cent who was initially penned in for the role.


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Power fans will know 50 Cent took on the role of the murderous drug dealer Kanan instead.

But speaking to The Hot Zone, Sikora opened up on how he almost took on the lead role.

Sikora revealed: “It was originally gonna be 50 Cent who was going to be Ghost.

“Originally it was going to be 50 and then because of how intense the, not only rehearsals, but filming schedule would be,

“He didn’t want to put in all of that time. (To) executive produce, and star, and write the music and score.”

Sikora then recalled how Hardwick was next in line for the part.

He continued: “They reached out to Omari and offered him the role of Ghost.

“Then after they offered him the role, they needed to build the cast around him.”

The Tommy Egan star then detailed how he and his co-star developed their chemistry off-screen as well as in front of the camera.

He said: “That’s when we started doing chemistry reads with Omari,

“And Omari and I, we just kinda had a great chemistry.

“We put in the time together, we drove around southside and Jamaica Queens before we started and the streets where our characters were supoosed to be from.”

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Sikora added: “We made up our history together and we made decisions.

“Even if the writers conflicted with the decisions we made for our characters before, it was important that we had that history behind our eyes,

“And had that time when we were in sync with each other and I think that that spoke volumes for the brotherhood.”

Power is available to stream on Netflix UK now.

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Olly Murs admits to keeping ‘naughty’ secret hidden from girlfriend: ‘She’ll never know’

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The Voice 2020 coach Olly Murs, 36, has been showing off his trim figure on Instagram after embarking on a health and fitness journey with the help of his bodybuilder girlfriend, Amelia Tank. However, the Heart Skips A Beat hitmaker recently admitted he slipped up by cheekily tucking into a Big Mac behind his partner’s back when they were meant to be taking part in a “six week prep” of dieting and exercise together.

Olly sheepishly revealed his mistake during an appearance on Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Field’s Postcards from the Edge podcast.

The star made the confession when Ayda shared the reasons behind her exercise regime, as she quipped: “Cardiovascular great, health, cellular, wonderful.

“I just want to be able to eat, I don’t want to have to compromise.”

He said: “Don’t tell Amelia, I ate something really naughty the other night, I had a Big Mac, I buckled.”

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Olly’s revelation prompted a shocked reaction from Ayda, who gasped and exclaimed: “That is not on the prep.”

Defending his actions, the former X Factor star added: “I had it, I enjoyed it, I watched the telly, I was really enjoying it, I was like, this is incredible, then I had this instant, ‘Oh my God I feel bad’.

“So I finished it and then I did 20 jump burpees on the floor, I was like, ‘Yes I can do this, I’m burning up calories, she will never know!’”

However, unfortunately for Olly, Amelia was immediately suspicious about his actions when she returned home.

The singer recalled: “As soon as she walked in, she was like, ‘Something’s changed’, and I was like, ‘Nothing’s changed’.

“I don’t know what it is with you women, you know, you know when something’s not… you know! I don’t know what it is.

“I reckon she must have been somewhere and she must have been walking along and going, ‘What’s that? What’s that? Something’s happened’.”

Olly’s awkward admission comes after he credited Amelia for becoming his unofficial personal trainer.

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Speaking to Heart Breakfast hosts Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston earlier this year, the performer said: “Well she’s not a personal trainer but she’s done bikini competitions in the past and she does train a lot, but she is actually my personal trainer. In more ways than one.”

He continued to gush: “She’s brilliant and she’s been absolutely fantastic.

“She just gave me that extra little bit of encouragement and she says, ‘It’s not up to me to do it, you’ve got to be able to do it yourself. You’ve got to get up to do it every day.’ 

“So I was like, ‘Okay I will.’ So she did this little nutritional plan for me and I just went out and did it and I loved it. And I still love it now.”


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The couple recently celebrated Olly’s birthday during the coronavirus lockdown last month.

Olly marked the occasion with a sweet Instagram selfie with Amelia in view of his 3.3 million followers.

The star was pictured wearing novelty happy birthday branded sunglasses while planting a kiss on his girlfriend’s cheek.

He captioned the photo: “So Chapter 36 begins thanks for all your amazing messages and love today! 

“Wow I won’t forget this birthday in a hurry! So very weird but at the same time loved every single second of it with this legend xxx.”

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Da Brat on Coming Out in Her Mid-40s: 'I Did This on My Own Terms'

Since coming out, Da Brat said feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, but that she had to make the choice in her own time, even as she faced speculation into her sexuality throughout her career.

"The reaction made me feel like, 'Why didn’t I do this s— years ago?'" she said, adding that she received countless calls, texts and messages of support. "… There were some people saying, 'We knew it.' Well, good for you! Now I know it, and I’m able to say it. I did this on my own terms."

The artist said Dupart is the right fit for her: someone whom she can "learn from [and] grow with."

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"We just complement each other," she said. "Some of my exes wouldn’t be able to take how social media drags people — the hate and the trolls. But this one that I got now? She’s built for it. She teaches me."

She added: "So I’m learning, and when you have a partner that you can learn from, grow with, who inspires you? I love that."

As for what Da Brat says kept her from opening up about her sexuality, navigating the dynamics of the music industry made it seem like an impossibility.

"I was always told you want to be f—able to men and women to sell records — you don’t want anybody to discriminate," she explained. "It was absolutely my decision. I mean, you saw what happened to people like Ellen [DeGeneres]: Remember when she lost her TV show and all these horrible things were happening? People were totally against it."

Today, the rapper — who is set to play an LGBTQ character in an upcoming stage adaptation of the 1996 movie Set It Off — said the industry is still stacked against women who don't fit a certain mold.

"It’s still tough for female MCs, producers and writers if you don’t have the support of a major male artist backing you — or if you’re not super-duper sexy and have some big titties and a nice ass and can twerk," she said. "You can’t go in there looking [tough] like I did [back in the day] and be like: 'I'm a rapper.' They’re going to say, 'Let’s get you out of those tomboy clothes and dress you up in a teddy.'"

"But that changes who you are — and then your rhymes start changing because you look different," she continued. "Then you’re not so relatable because you’re not being yourself anymore. Now you’re somebody else. Who are you?"

Da Brat said she hopes to inspire anyone coming to terms with their sexuality or finding their gender expression: "To me, Pride is loving myself and not making excuses for anything: Live in your truth."

"If I can inspire someone or help somebody to deal with their issues and their sexuality," she said, "then I’m here for it."

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Just Mercy: Warner Bros make Michael B Jordan movie FREE to rent for the next month

Earlier this year, the much overlooked legal drama Just Mercy hits cinemas, but sadly didn’t pick up much attention during the Oscars race. Michael B Jordan plays real-life lawyer Bryan Stevenson, who helped Walter McMillian get his murder conviction appealed after years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. The touching film highlights the work of the Equal Justice Initiative who provide legal representation for prisoners, many of whom are black, who may have been wrongly convicted in Alabama.

Now, following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Warner Bros Pictures have made Just Mercy free to rent.

The rental period is for the whole month of June and is only for those in the US.

The official Just Mercy Twitter account wrote: “We believe in the power of story.

“Our film Just Mercy, based on the life work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, is one resource we can humbly offer to those who are interested in learning more about the systemic racism that plagues our society.”


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They continued: “For the month of June, Just Mercy will be available to rent for free across digital platforms in the US.

“To actively be part of the change our country is so desperately seeking, we encourage you to learn more about our past and the countless injustices that have led us to where we are today.

“Thank you to the artists, storytellers and advocates who helped make this film happen.

“Watch with your family, friends and allies. For further information on Bryan Stevenson and his work at the Equal Justice Initiative please visit EJI.org.”

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly ahead of Just Mercy’s release, Walter McMillian star Jamie Foxx said how had been “drawing from the matter-of-factness of racism” he faced growing up in Texas.

The actor said: “When I met with [director] Destin [Daniel Cretton], I said, ‘Destin, you have to understand, I was just born.’

“‘I had nothing to do with being born this colour, but it’s interesting how much this colour brings outrage, brings out anger, brings out happiness, brings out perception, brings out stereotypes, brings out a whole lot of things when you’re black.’

“Being black is the greatest — and sometimes the most difficult. Just being born, somebody hates me for that.”

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On the impact, Foxx hoped Just Mercy would have, he said: “I just hope it opens their eyes.

“We’re not beyond reality, where everybody is suddenly going to lead the charge.

“But as long as it’s out there and everybody can rally around it, to where it’s not black or white, it’s just a human thing.

“This is a movie where everybody feels like they can help. This is the right kind of medicine that we need.”

Bryan Stevenson star Jordan added: “I want people to feel something after they watch this movie.

I want them to go home and figure out what their ‘thing’ is.

“You don’t have to be some fancy, educated defence attorney to attack this issue. Each person can do something to be a part of the fight, to be a part of the change.”

Just Mercy is free to rent in the US during June and available to rent and purchase in the UK across major streaming platforms.

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Piers Morgan: GMB host stuns fans in surprise revelation ‘I refuse to start before 6pm’

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Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, 55, reacted to a report which claimed half of Britons admit they are having a drink much earlier in the day amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, the ITV veteran admitted he sticks to a strict rule and refuses to indulge in an alcoholic beverage until the evening.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, Piers dismissed the idea that his drinking habits have changed following the COVID-19 crisis.

In view of his 7.5 million followers, the ITV anchor retweeted the article before adding a cheeky caption.

He penned: “I refuse to start before 6pm.”

Fans flocked to comment on the post, as many people joked they are drinking even earlier.


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One person commented: “I don’t start till 9pm as the 30’s have hit me hard and within 2 hours of drinking, I want to go to bed.”

Another person echoed a similar sentiment and wrote: “I only drink on a Friday or Saturday from 3pm.”

A third person added: “5pm is the widely agreed alcohol time.”

“It’s 6pm somewhere on the planet,” another social media user tweeted.

Piers’ remark comes after a survey of 40,000 people across the world revealed Britain tops the table among 12 countries on a number of drinking parameters, according to MailOnline.

Britons say that the unprecedented lockdown – imposed on March 23 – has triggered boredom and anxiety that has left them reaching for the bottle.

Despite pubs being closed, off-licences have stayed open and in the early days of the pandemic, alcohol was swept off supermarket shelves.

It found 31 per cent of people globally are drinking earlier in the day, which has jumped up to 47 per cent in the UK.

Countries who are on the lower end of the scale – with less dramatic increases in drinking habits – include Greece, Germany and Switzerland.

Elsewhere, Piers took another swipe at “whining” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle despite recently saying he had gone “too far” with his comments about the couple following their decision to step down from royal duties and move to America.

Speaking with The Sun’s TV Magazine, he said: “I don’t really care about them anymore.

“They seem so utterly irrelevant, stuck in their rented Hollywood mansion, desperately trying to get attention. Doing stupid lawsuits and whining about the media. No one cares.”

Piers was referring to Meghan’s recent high court privacy case against a tabloid.

His remarks come after the small-screen star previously claimed he had taken “things too far” with his commentary of the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

He said: “I think that’s a perfectly fair criticism. It’s probably not wise, if you’re a columnist, to make things too personal.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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Fern Britton hits back at accusations of ‘virtue signalling’ as she skips demonstration

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Fern Britton, 62, was criticised by a follower after she posted the hashtag Black Lives Matter UK in response to a shocking video that shows a police officer setting a dog on a black man in the United States.

I believe all humans are equal

Fern Britton

One response that caught the attention of Fern said: “I didn’t see you in London at the demo.  

“It’s easy to bandy about words when you’re safely and financially nicely removed from this world.  

“No one likes a virtue-signalling hypocrite,” they added.

This prompted Fern to justify her actions with a strongly worded response to the accusation.


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She replied: “ I believe all humans are equal. I am not removed from this world, but I am socially distancing.

“However I would never hurt or abuse anyone because of their ethnicity,gender,religion, sexuality, or what they do or don’t have. #BlackLivesMatterUK.”

Many of her 73.8k followers agreed with Fern and told her to ignore “keyboard warriors” as they concurred that it would be hard to socially distance at a protest.

One follower said: “Well said Fern. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone though especially trolls.”

Another replied: “A majority of us totally agree #blacklivesmatter without doubt, but our children and families matter more at this awful time.”

A third commented: “@Fern_Britton ‘s track record speaks for itself. Complying with the rules is not hypocritical. How we live our lives is more telling, In this Fern is exemplary.”

It comes as yesterday saw thousands of Londoners take to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd in the USA.

23 people were arrested during the battle between police and protestors outside the US embassy.

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Many activists were pictured holding placards that read “no justice, no peace” as similar demonstrations took place in the United States.

George died after a Minneapolis police officer was filmed kneeling on his neck in a widely circulated video.

At the time of the Black Lives Matter protest, it was illegal to socialise in groups of more than two until rules changed today allowing six people to meet in public.

This did not deter Britons from taking to the streets of central London to make a statement.


  • Piers Morgan reveals fears over GMB viewers forcing him off air

However, newly single Ferne remains in lockdown at her home in Cornwall, as she gears up to release her next novel Daughters of Cornwall.

Since quitting This Morning back in 2009, she has released seven books inspired by the British coast 

Her latest offering, released on June 11, is said to tell the story of family, love and Blitz spirit.

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Carol Vorderman: ‘I’m an expensive date’ Single star, 59, surprises co-host with remark

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While former Countdown star Carol Vorderman, 59, was discussing her dream beach destination with her co-star Owain Wyn on BBC Radio Wales today, the presenter admitted she is “expensive” when it comes to picking the place for a date. The Maths Factor founder opened up about where she would rather be during the coronavirus lockdown.

I’m an expensive date.

Carol Vorderman

This all came after Carol asked Owain live on air today: “If you had to be on a beach somewhere, which beach?

“And what would you be drinking? What would it be?”

After her Owain confessed about how much he would love to be in The Gower with an Aperol Spritz, Carol divulged: “I would be…

“So I grew up, basically Prestatyn, and those big open sands. But I know, from having lived there that the wind whistles right along them,” the former Loose Women star explained.


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“So I prefer a little cove. A little beach. And there is quite a view in Pembrokeshire.”

The BBC favourite went on to say: “There are some that you can only get to via boat or kayak.

“So, I would take my cool box, get on the kayak,” she announced, which led on to her to joke with Owain: “I’m an expensive date, aren’t I?”

After Carol’s cheeky remark, her co-star agreed and laughed: “You are!”

She added: “Get in your own canoe to the beach, get your stuff out on a cove that you can only get to by boat.

“That’s where I would be.”

Meanwhile, the Maths expert recently made a surprising appearance on Myleene Klass’ Instagram page this week.

The Hear’Say star shared a picture of the two of them, where Carol had her arm around Myleene, who was just a child back then.

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Myleene shared the snap on her Instagram story with her 330,000 followers by writing: “Me, 10yo and Vorders. I wanted to be an engineer growing up.

“I made this ferris wheel in a competition, won £100 and went for a happy meal in London!”(sic)

The singer went on to share: “I even bought a bolero jacket for the occasion.”

The candid photo is believed to have been taken in the late 1980s when Myleene was living in Norfolk at the time.


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Elsewhere, Carol stunned her fans in a bright blue dress while sharing some exciting news on social media on Thursday.

Writing to her 440,000 Twitter followers, Carol stated: “Tonight on #[email protected] at 7.30pm…@ScottQuinnell and I with some wonderful tales from lockdown in Wales…

“Inc Ruth Jones and a surprise for 2 special women, @ShaneWilliams11 and @RyanJonesOnline…and some amazing singing.”(sic)

Once the mother-of-two shared her announcement online, fans waded in to say how “fantastic” she looked.

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Selling Sunset cast Instagram: How to follow the agents on Instagram

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Selling Sunset is an addictive reality series on Netflix which gives the inside scoop on the real estate company – The Oppenheim Group. The real estate agency is known for making deals on some of the most luxurious houses in LA, and the agents themselves live lavish lifestyles. Here is everything you need to know about how to follow the real estate agents on Instagram.

How to follow the Selling Sunset agents on Instagram

Heather Young

Heather Rae Young is one of the most popular agents on Selling Sunset and she is one of the most Googled cast members.

She is from South California and has a number of acting credits under her belt, having previously appeared in The Malibu Tapes and Chrismas in Compton.

Fans can find her on Instagram under the tag @heatherraeyoung and it is clear from her posts she is also a well-known model.

Her posts also include pictures of herself with her boyfriend, Tarek El Moussa, who also writes gushing posts about Heather on his own Instagram.

Heather has the most followers out of all the agents, with a total following of 649,000, and she can make $2,633 (£2,134) from her posts according to the Jellybean Agency.

She also describes herself as being a “Playboy Playmate, Miss Feb 2010”, and her most recent post was thanking fans for their support over the latest season.

She said: “I’m so overjoyed with the amazing response from all of you! So crazy we filmed for so many months and you guys watch in one day!! Crazy!

“I love reading all the comments and seeing where you guys are around the world! So many places I still need to visit.”


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Chrishell Stause

Terrina Chrishell Stause is also an actress who has previously starred in Another Time, All My Children and Days of our Lives.

She is from Kentucky and she became one of the most popular agents in the series after it was revealed she was going through a divorce with her husband, Justin Hartley.

Season three, which has been given the green light, is likely to look deeper into their relationship.

Chrishell is on Instagram under the tag @chrishell.stause and she has a total of 428,000 followers. She is able to charge $1,729 (£1,401) for her posts.

Her latest post was a fun photobooth session which took place at fellow agent Mary Fitzgerald’s wedding, which was shown at the end of season two.

The post said: “Ok here is a little of what you didn’t see on #SellingSunset! We had so much fun in the photobooth and dancing!

“Congrats @themaryfitzgerald & @theromainbonnet. Was such a fun, gorgeous wedding!”.

She has posted photos of some of the extravagant houses she has sold, and fans are in awe of her job.

Christine Quinn

Fans are obsessed with the glamorous Christine Quinn, who also got married to Christine Richard and fans are hoping to see clips from the wedding in the series.

She is known for causing some drama between the ladies and her standout look is unmistakeable, making her a popular agent amongst the group.

Christine is on Instagram under the tag @thechristinequinn and she has a total of 269,000 followers.

The star is able to charge $1,288 (£1,044) for her posts, which mainly consist of photographs of herself at quirky fashion shoots.

In one of her most recent posts she is wearing a pink latex dress and is holding a gigantic snake.

Fans have taken to her social media to express their love for her in the series, with one fan saying: “Just binge watched the show and I am obsessed with you! You are my idol! Just saying.”

Mary Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald became a popular cast member in season two as she got married on screen to her husband Romain Bonnet.

She graduated from Ball State University and split her time between New York and London, building up her real estate experience.

The star hit headlines as fans were dying to know more about her family, including her son, following her big day.

She has posted plenty of photos of her son Austin Babbitt on her Instagram account, under the tag @themaryfitzgerald.

She shared a photo of herself from a poolside with her son, saying: “Such an amazing day hanging with my son while in Arizona. Missed this guy so much!”.

The star has also of course been sharing wedding snaps, calling her big day “personal, hilarious and completely unforgettable”.

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Maya Vander

Maya Vander is a fan-favourite on the series as she has a kind nature and is extremely family-orientated.

She has just given birth to her second child, and she splits her time between LA and Miami so she can spend time with her husband.

The star grew up in Israel and moved to LA in 2002 to start her real estate career, and she is certainly a powerful businesswoman.

She has a total of 155,000 followers on Twitter and is able to charge $624 (£506) for her posts.

The agent has shared some gorgeous photos of her family, and plenty of date night photos with her husband. Fans can find her Instagram account by searching for @themayavander.

Amanza Smith

Amanza Smith has also hit headlines recently as she opened up about her ex-husband Ralph Brown, the former NFL star, on the series.

There has been plenty of news surrounding her love life and she has become one of the most popular agents in the series.

The star is on Instagram under the tag @amanzasmith and she describes herself as being an interior designer and agent for The Oppenheim Group.

She is also the CEO at her company AmanZa LLC, and she first started decorating children’s bedrooms through her Kidterior Design company.

The star has been sharing videos from during the coronavirus lockdown and in her most recent video she is taking part in a fitness programme.

She also shares plenty of photos of her children, daughter Noah and son Braker.


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Romain Bonnet

Romain Bonnet has also found himself in the limelight as his wedding to fellow agent Mary Fitzgerald featured on the series.

Fans were left feeling emotional as they watched the couple recite their vows and celebrate with their closest friends and family.

The star has given some sound advice to fans on his Instagram account, under the tag @theromainbonnet.

He said: “Life is not always easy but honestly, if it was, would it be worth it?”

The agent has shared plenty of photos from his big day with Mary, and he also shared a photo of himself with his mum on Mother’s Day.

The star is also a model in New York and LA, and his Instagram account is full of photos from his shoots.

Davina Portratz

Davina Portratz is a broker and director of the new development division at The Oppenheim Group, and she is one of the most experienced agents.

She is originally from Germany, but moved to Malibu to attend university, and her real estate career began in 2006.

The star is known for travelling and she has lived all over the world, including London, Milan and New York.

She is on Instagram under the tag @davinapotratz and she says on her profile her favourite things are “beauty, art and lifestyle”.

The agent has more than 28,000 followers on Instagram and she has shared plenty of photos from glamorous professional shoots.

She has also posted photos from the famous Oppenheim Group base, which is the main set for the series.

Selling Sunset is available to watch on Netflix now

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Walking Dead: Is THIS the mysterious man behind the mask? Fans have theory

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The Walking Dead is now in its tenth season on AMC and the series is taking a break during the coronavirus lockdown. The final episode of season 10, episode 16, was due to air in mid-April, but the network announced the episode will be shown as a one-off special later this year. In the teaser trailer, a mysterious character appears, with a covered up face, wielding two pick axe-like weapons.

Is Duane Jones the mysterious man behind the mask?

In the intense trailer for the final episode, Aaron (played by Ross Marquand) and Alden (Callan McAuliffe) are seen fighting off a group of walkers in the woods.

The camera then pans around quickly to a hooded character with his face covered, and he is brandishing two kama weapons.

The teaser left fans in deep discussion as they tried to figure out who the mystery character was, and they have come up with a theory.

Some fans think the man could be Duane Jones (Adrian Kali Turner) who is the young son of Morgan (Lennie James).

Duane featured in the very first series of The Walking Dead, and he and his dad offered shelter to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) when he first found out about the virus outbreak.


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They initially think Rick has been bitten, so they tie him up, but he reveals his wound is from a gunshot and they release him.

Morgan then explains the story of the outbreak to Rick, who had been in a coma during the early days of the pandemic.

Fans were left devastating after learning Duane’s mother was a zombie, and Morgan tries to muster up the courage to shoot her.

Later in season three, Rick sees a message saying ‘Duane Turned’ and Morgan tells Rick he had tried to shoot his mother but could not do it.

His mother ended up biting Duane, but it is not known whether Morgan shot Duane or let him roam as a walker.

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the possibility of the mystery man being Duane, with Louie3020 saying: “Is Duane Jones the mystery person in the mask?

“Morgan has struggled with mental illness throughout the series, it makes sense that he THINKS he saw his son die when this whole time Duane might have run away/escaped from him because dad went to that dangerous place we’ve seen so many times in the series.

“Nobody that’s still on the show would even know who he was. But it would make for an intriguing storyline if Duane, Morgan and Rick could possibly meet again.”

However other fans have said it was clear Duane turned into a zombie, which is the main reason why Morgan suffered with mental health problems.

Emilybryn added: “Even if Duane did survive, he’s only ten. He wouldn’t have lived much longer anyway.”

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The man in the trailer does have the stature of a full-grown adult, but some fans have even suggested it could be a woman.

Most viewers believe Duane sadly died in season three, and the man behind the mask will remain a mystery.

Masterwon said: “I’m pretty sure the mental illness comes from having to watch his son die. He wasn’t like that when Rick first met him. I don’t think he could’ve imagined/visioned it.”

Other suggestions for the identity of the masked man include Sheriff Kapoor, a sheriff of the Commonwealth who features in the original comic books.

Some even believed the character could be survivor Maggie (Lauren Cohen), who is known to be making an appearance in the final episode.


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Other fans have taken to Twitter to jump on the Duane theory, with one fan saying: “How epic would it be if the masked character with the pickaxes was Duane Jones, son of Morgan Jones.

“Maybe he never died and 10 years later he’s back and a badass.” Some viewers have suggested there is a better chance of Morgan himself, as it is still unknown what happened to him.

Morgan leaves the rest of the group following a war against The Saviors, and he said he wanted a chance to figure out who he was and start a new life.

There is a chance he could return to the action to help the other survivors, perhaps after hearing his old ally Rick was wounded and is now missing.

Towards his last appearance in the series he starts showing severe signs of PTSD and experiences hallucinations.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC later this year

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Dimitri Diatchenko: Chernobyl Diaries actor’s cause of death age 52 confirmed

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Dimitri Diatchenko died at the age of 52 on April 21 and now his cause of death has been confirmed as accidental overdose. The Chernobyl Diaries star, who played Uri, was found dead in his Daytona Beach home in Florida, after police made a wellness check on the star.

According to reports, medical examiners noted that the actor also suffered from cardiomegaly – an enlarged heart – as well as moderate coronary artery disease.

The report acknowledged that Dimitri had been injured at work several days before his death after being hit with 220 volts of electricity.

According to TMZ, his death has been listed as misadventure following “illicit drug abuse with prescription drug use”.

Speaking shortly after the discovery of Dimitri’s body, the star’s brother told TMZ that his death was not related to coronavirus.


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He told the publication at the time of Dimitri’s death that he was in good shape and healthy.

He said the family had been “blindsided” as a result.

Alongside The Chernobyl Diaries, Dimitri appeared in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

He has also had credits in Sons of Anarchy, Bones and How I Met Your Mother.

Dimitri was born in 1968 in San Francisco to a Ukranian father and a Swedish mother.

The actor attended Newton North High School in Massachusetts and graduated from Florida State University in 1996.

He landed his first role in the 1997 film GI Jane, which starred Demi Moore and was directed by Ridley Scott.

Following his breakout appearance, Dimitri moved to Los Angeles and starred alongside Jennifer Garner in Alias.

He also had a role in Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway’s 2008 film Get Smart.

However, fans knew the star best for his performance in the 2012 thriller Chernobyl Diaries.

The actor played a Ukrainian tour guide named Yuri.

The movie was about a group of tourists who follow Yuri to the town of Pripyat, Ukraine, which was abandoned after the 1986 nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

They then find out that they are not alone in the ghost town.

Dimitri also did voice work for the video game Medal of Honor: European Assault.

In 2017, Dimitri voiced the character of Vulko on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

His final on camera acting role was as Janko Kolar on the show Murder In The First which co-starred Taye Diggs.

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