Video shows car drive through crowd of protesters in California

A man was arrested Wednesday night after ramming his Mini Cooper through a crowd of protesters peacefully demonstrating in California after the death of George Floyd, video shows.

Dozens of people are heard screaming “Oh my God” as the car, which had Arizona plates, speeds through the Newport Beach Pier protest, video taken by KTTV shows.

“The suspect apparently told his friend he was being attacked by Antifa … that’s why he sped up,” anchor Elex Michaelson tweeted.

But witnesses the outlet spoke with could not verify the man’s claim.

The driver reportedly hit at least three protesters, though nobody was seriously injured, KCAL reported.

Newport Beach Police arrested the man on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, Mayor Will O’Neill confirmed.

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Kylie Jenner releases skin care products in Europe with Coty Inc., Douglas

US surgeon general asks Kylie Jenner, Kevin Durant for help in coronavirus fight

Surgeon General Jerome Adams asked celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kevin Durant with large social media followings to help spread the word about the seriousness of the coronavirus.

Kylie Jenner’s skin care line is now available in Europe.

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On Friday, beauty company Coty Inc. announced that customers in Europe can buy Kylie Skin at more than 2,000 Douglas beauty retail stores in 25 countries.

Six products will be available, according to a press release from Coty: a face wash, a face scrub, a moisturizer, an eye cream, a toner and a serum.


Jenner launched her skin care line a year ago, the press release said.

"I am so excited to be celebrating Kylie Skin's first birthday by launching in Europe, at Douglas,” Jenner said in a statement. “The creation of my skincare line was an incredible process for me, from designing the packaging to developing and perfecting the formulas that are now a part of my day to day skincare routine.”


“So many of my fans have been asking me to make my skincare available in Europe, and I’m so happy that they’ll now be able to make my favorite products a part of their daily lives, too,” she added.


In November, Jenner sold a controlling stake in her cosmetics company to Coty for $600 million.

As part of the deal, her company was rebranded from Kylie Cosmetics to Kylie Beauty. The company is primarily known for its lip liners and lipsticks.

Jenner, 22, is the youngest self-made billionaire and is worth an estimated $1 billion, according to Forbes.

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
COTY COTY INC. 3.75 +0.42 +12.61%


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Horse and car racing to resume in New York in June — without fans

Horse and car racing will resume in New York next month — without spectators in the stands, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday.

All tracks statewide — from Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, Belmont Park in Long Island to upstate’s Saratoga Raceway may reopen June 1, the governor said at his daily press briefing in Albany.

“If you can have economic activity without a crowd, that’s great. We can do that in this state with horse racing tracks … no crowds, no fans but for the industry itself, for the televised viewers, that can still work,” Cuomo said.

Keeping fans out helps to contain the coronavirus, he noted.

The state is also working with Major League Baseball to develop a plan so that the Yankees and Mets could play, sans fans too, Cuomo said.

“When you look at the risk-reward, there is a lot of reward for minimal risk,” Cuomo said about televised sports when asked about the probability of a professional baseball season.

“We don’t control baseball,” he said.

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Theater by car? Control Group Productions is trying it in Denver.

Most performing arts groups have a long way to go before returning to normal in the age of COVID-19.

For Denver-based experimental theater company Control Group Productions, that distance is at least 9 miles.

“A lot of it is deeply informed by spaces,” artistic director Patrick Mueller said of the company’s latest show, “Cavalcade.” “We’ve been tilting more and more toward an even hybrid of theater and dance over the last several years, and this is headed back toward that site-specific movement.”

Forward motion is at the heart of “Cavalcade,” Control Group’s 9-mile route of dance and narrative performances that will run June 5-21 (with previews June 3-4).

After purchasing tickets, attendees will be asked to follow a prescribed driving route starting in north Denver, witnessing one staged scene after the next from cars while listening to an FM radio broadcast that offers context — and directions — to the next one.

Only eight cars will be part of each production, owing to Control Group’s careful use of public and private spaces that don’t require a city permit to take over for a few hours. The “immersive caravan plus multi-site performance experience for audiences in cars,” as Control Group calls it, costs $40-$100 per car and goes on sale May 15 at

“The structure of the project is largely in response to the last couple months and how to work within the crazy safety and health recommendations we’re all trying to navigate,” Mueller said. “And also because we postponed our planned 2020 production, which was already designed and financed when we went into lockdown.”

That production, “The End,” was supposed to run for eight weeks but had been in the planning stages for more than a year. It would have been Control Group’s largest to date, an “immersive bus tour of the apocalypse” with similarly seated audiences. But the company canceled for various reasons including, as Mueller called it, “the defictionalization of contents.”

In that way, it’s familiar territory for Control Group, which for the last decade-plus has presented the work of hundreds of touring artists while creating its own productions at unique locations that draw from historical research. Past projects include exploring “darkness and death in a Globeville slaughterhouse; ghosts and 1950s sci-fi at the Aurora Fox theater; and Greek rites of spring in the wilds of Boulder County,” the company said in a press statement.

But to use a well-worn phrase these days, “Cavalcade” seems like another order of magnitude for the group, and another chance to ask audiences what a “stage” is really supposed to be.

“Big inspirations for this are (modern dance pioneer) Merce Cunningham and (experimental musician) John Cage, who both had plenty of whimsy and willingness to let go of control over their projects,” Mueller said. “And it’s right there in our name — that tightly controlled experience. But we’re looking for a way to let go and find that joy and silliness that’s inherent in acceptance of your circumstances.”

Some performances will be seen through double windows — both the audience members’ cars and the structures in which performers are situated. Some will be fully outside, as the production begins at dusk and runs through dark, winding through neighborhoods both familiar and forgotten, Mueller said.

In addition to similar drive-by productions in New York City, Mueller and associate directors Bailey Harper and Nicholas Caputo drew inspiration from Fairplay’s 1950’s-style cruising event in late April, in which residents were encouraged to safely tour their suped-up cars on a prescribed route to combat cabin fever.

“A really important element in our work, and lot of performances in outdoor sites, is that it needs to have some amount of trespass,” Mueller said. “There needs to be something illicit about it, so that it feels like you’re offering an experience that isn’t available on the same street every other night of the year.”

Without the ability to pack people into a theater for the foreseeable future, it’s also the best chance Control Group has of making attention-getting new work.

“It’s very much situated in this historical moment,” Mueller said. “But we don’t want to spark anxiety, and we’re not asking people to do anything illegal or dangerous. Some of the themes we’ve been playing with are the stages of grief, indeterminacy and spiritual therapy.”

How that exactly plays out remains to be seen, but with uncertainty on the forefront of society at the moment, “Cavalcade” feels like an intensely relevant experiment.

“I sure hope it’s not the limit of how we can interact with strangers in a live performance setting,” Mueller said after noting a popular theater meme that depicts a drive-in, in-the-round production with audience members in cars. “But we don’t want to dwell on that. We want to move forward and create a bubble of alternate reality that follows your car.”

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New Jersey driver crashes car after passing out from wearing N95 mask

A New Jersey driver crashed head-on into a pole — after passing out from wearing an N95 mask for hours, police said Friday.

Lincoln Park Police believe that the driver, who was not named, lost consciousness while behind the wheel Thursday from lack of oxygen and breathing in excessive carbon dioxide thanks to the mask, the department wrote on Facebook.

“The LPPD responded to a lone occupant single car motor vehicle crash yesterday. The crash is believed to have resulted from the driver wearing an N95 mask for several hours and subsequently passing out behind the wheel due to insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake,” the cops wrote.

“We also know that nothing was uncovered at the accident scene that would suggest that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“While we don’t know [the cause] with 100% certainty, we do know that the driver had been wearing an N95 mask inside the vehicle for several hours and ultimately passed out while operating the vehicle,” the department said.

Police told residents that while they should continue to follow Gov. Phil Murphy’s guidelines for wearing face coverings in public, wearing an N95 mask while driving with “no other occupants is unnecessary.

Still, “We are not trying to cause public alarm or suggest wearing an N95 mask is unsafe,” the department added.

The driver was taken to a local hospital, where the person was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, cops said.

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Tim Allen Owns a Car That Was Built on the Set of 'Home Improvement'

Tim Allen may be best-known for his roles in Home Improvement and Toy Story, but he’s actually a big car enthusiast as well. In fact, Allen has actually raced professionally before. It’s not surprising then that, like many celebrities who love cars, Allen has a big car collection himself.

Allen doesn’t just collect expensive cars, either, he has a very particular taste. Here’s a look at Tim Allen’s car collection, which includes the car that was built during ‘Home Improvement.’ 

Tim Allen in ‘Home Improvement’

Allen’s career started in stand-up comedy, which is probably why he was cast in so many comedies in Hollywood. Allen’s first real role in Hollywood is indeed the role that most people know him for. He was cast as the lead character of Home Improvement and when the show debuted in 1991, it was a hit. 

Home Improvement was a very popular sitcom at the time, and it easily became one of the most iconic sitcoms of the 90s. The show ran for eight seasons and Allen was in each episode. In the later seasons, due to the show’s success, Allen took up a bigger role in the show’s production, and that allowed him to earn more money. 

Allen was paid over $1 million an episode in the last season of the show before it got canceled. As a result of the success of ‘Home Improvement’ and the other films in his career, Allen’s net worth is estimated to be about $80 million right now. This big net worth has allowed him to spend a lot of money on his hobbies.

Tim Allen owns the 1933 Ford Roadster from ‘Home Improvement’

As Allen told GQ, when the show featured the 1933 Ford Roadster, the show actually had to rebuild it so that it looks accurate and appropriate for the episode. After the show ended though, Allen kept the 1933 Roadster as he has a fondness for classic American cars. 

According to Hot Cars, while the 1933 Roadster in Allen’s garage is authentic, it does have a lot of aftermarket parts due to the fact that it was rebuilt on the set of ‘Home Improvement.’ One of those aftermarket parts is its engine. 

Despite the fact that it’s a Ford car, Allen and the team at ‘Home Improvement’ put a Chevy 350 engine in it instead. The Ford vs. Chevy rivalry aside, it was a powerful engine that fit the needs of the car. The Chevy 350 was a 5.7-liter V8 engine.

It’s not known which variant of the Chevy 350 that Allen and the Home Improvement team used, so the exact horsepower that it gets is unknown. The Chevy 350 could get anywhere between 145-hp to 350-hp. 

Other cool cars in Tim Allen’s collection

While Allen is fond of classic American cars, he’s also just fond of cool cars in general. Like he told GQ, he owns a rare 1986 Ford RS200. This car was a race car that Ford never actually sold in America, according to Hot Cars. In fact, it’s not even street-legal. 

Allen told a story to GQ about how a police officer pulled him over while he was driving his RS200. The cop said that the car wasn’t street-legal and that he could actually confiscate it. The cop didn’t, so now, Allen’s RS200 just sits in his garage since he can’t do anything with it.

And, while Allen loves American cars, he also buys foreign cars, too. Allen has a 2004 Porsche Carrera GT, and it’s one of the most expensive cars in his collection. It was a very fast car, and Allen is one of the few people who owns one. The Carrera GT had a starting price of about $450,000, according to GQ.

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Cyclist dies in car crash during evening ride across Anglesey bridge

Cyclist father-of-three, 36, dies in crash with car after setting off on his daily lockdown bike ride across the Menai Suspension Bridge

  • Cyclist Robert Holmes, 36, went for an evening ride on Isle of Anglesey Friday
  • Involved in a collision with car was pronounced dead near Menai Bridge
  •  North Wales police appealing for witnesses near Pentraeth Road area at 9pm

A father-of-three has been killed on his daily cycle ride across one of Britain’s most stunning bridges.

The family of a cyclist Robert Holmes, 36, have said they are ‘heartbroken’ following the incident on the Isle of Anglesey.

The construction worker had gone out for his regular evening ride, which includes crossing the famous Menai Suspension Bridge, which connects the isle to Wales.

At around 9pm Friday, Mr Holmes was involved in a traffic collision on Pentraeth Road. 

The family of a cyclist Robert Holmes, 36, have said they are ‘heartbroken’ following the incident on the Isle of Anglesey

Police and ambulance crews attended the scene near to the bridge where Mr Holmes was pronounced dead.

The road was closed for 19 hours while investigations were carried out, and police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. 

Mr Holmes, of Menai Bridge, regularly rode over the UNESCO World Heritage Site – designed by Thomas Telford and a Grade I listed structure. 

He leaves behind three sons, Aaron, Jack and Connor.

His parents said in a statement: ‘Our loving son, Robert Holmes died too soon at 36 years old, in a tragic road accident on Pentraeth Road. 

The construction worker had gone out for his regular evening ride, which includes crossing the famous Menai Suspension Bridge, which connects the isle to Wales

‘We are all heart broken. He will be dreadfully missed by his three boys Aaron, Jack and Connor and his whole family and friends.’ 

Police and ambulance crews attended the scene and the road was closed for 19 hours while investigations were carried out.

Sergeant Emlyn Hughes of North Wales Police Roads Policing Unit said: ‘Our sympathies go out to Mr Holmes’ family and friends at this difficult time.

‘We are appealing for any witnesses or those with dashcam that were in the area of Pentraeth Road, Menai Bridge between 8:45pm and 9.10pm last night.’

Anybody with information is asked to contact officers at the Roads Policing Unit on 101 or via live web chat quoting reference number Y049943.

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