Slides are the only sandal you need this summer

Casual vibes rules these times! Slip into some comfort food for the sole with slide sandals — the only summer shoe you’ll want to buy this season.

Melissa Beach 3DB Rain Slides, $34 at ShopBop

Leila Hurst Slide-On, $37 at Vans

Pool Slider in Confetti Palm, $38 at HappySocks

Tretorn Scout Slides, $50 at ShopBop

Adidas Adilette Aqua Slides, $25 at Adidas

APL Iconic Calf Hair Slides, $105 at ShopBop

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Cleaning fanatics are using dishwasher tablets to shift stubborn stains from clothes with astonishing results

WE normally just chuck them in with our dirty pots and pans without a second thought – but it turns out, dishwasher tablets can be used for more than just washing up.

While some cleaning fans have been using them to get grimy baking trays and oven doors sparkling, others have even thrown dishwasher tablets into their washing machines to get them a thorough deep clean.

And now they're taking this trend one step further – by using dishwasher tablets to tackle stubborn clothing stains.

Posting on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one woman explained: "My husband always has black coal and grease on his work clothes."

Although he usually gives his hi-vis clothing a wash at work in their industrial machines, the woman will sometimes give them an "extra soak" at home.

She added: "Today I decided to chuck his work clothes in to wash with four dishwashing tablets.

"I had done the dishwashing tablet clean to my washing machine a few days ago (water was clear so washing machine obviously pretty clean) and thought the same idea might help me with grease and black stuff on his clothes."

As well as sharing before-and-after images of the jackets, the woman also posted pictures of the filthy water in the washing machine.

"'Yuck! It didn't get everything out, but they are much better! I might start sending a few dishwashing tablets to work with him to wash with a bit more regularly now," she said.

Unsurprisingly, the woman's post racked up hundreds of "likes" and comments in the Facebook group.

"I can't wait to try it," one gushed.

"Soak your clothes in a bucket with carpet shampoo, then put the clothes on a normal cycle with laundry liquid," another suggested. "My denim came out like brand new!"

Meanwhile, others suggested using Coca Cola or vinegar to remove greasy stains.

For more cleaning tips and tricks, this cleaning fanatic shared their mess-free hack for dusting fans & people are calling it a ‘life-changer’.

Plus women are soaking their loo seats in the bath to clean them – but some reckon it’s just too gross.

And this woman transformed her tarnished jewellery using £1 paste and people claim it’s better than expensive specialist cleaners.

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Why Weight Loss Patches Are Too Good to Be True

A product that promises to help you lose weight without restricting calories sounds ideal. Stick-on weight loss patches are the latest fad that touts this claim—and they’re popping up all over social media.

These patches may seem like the answer to your weight loss problems, but could they actually replace a healthy diet and exercise plan?

Men’s Health reached out to Philadelphia-based weight loss expert Charlie Seltzer, M.D. and Holly F. Lofton, M.D., Director of the Medical Weight Management Program at NYU Langone Health, to get a better understanding on weight loss patches.

Here’s what you should know:

What exactly is a weight loss patch?

Weight loss patches work in a similar fashion to a nicotine patch. They are large adhesives that are placed on a specific area of your body. Unlike supplements that people take orally for weight loss, the active ingredients found in patches are meant to be absorbed through your skin, says Dr. Seltzer.

Do slimming patches work?

According to Dr. Seltzer, there’s no scientific evidence indicating that ingredients found in weight loss patches are effective.

“Everything about weight loss has to do with a calorie deficit,” he says. “What these supplements report to do is either bring down the calorie intake by either decreasing appetite or enhancing your metabolism. Unfortunately, we don’t have any drug that could really do that well.”

Dr. Lofton says that the patches could actually be harmful as most are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“These types of supplements are not vetted,” she says. “We’re not really sure of the potency or the formulation that you’re getting or where it’s derived from. Thus we don’t have studies that are proven to be reproducible.”

Both doctors say you shouldn’t count these ingredients to help with weight loss:

Green tea extract: Older studies indicated that green tea may help with weight loss, but newer research hasn’t supported the theory. Ingesting it in tea form is perfectly safe, but the extract found in some supplements can potentially cause liver damage.

Green coffee bean extract: According to Dr. Lofton, older, unreliable studies indicated green bean coffee extract could help with weight loss. Eventually, this research was debunked.

Japanese Mint: Dr. Seltzer says that Japanese mint is used more for marketing purposes than actual health benefits.

Ephedra: More commonly known as ephedrine, it was originally used by diabetics to help with weight loss, says Dr. Seltzer. The supplement eventually got banned in 2004 by the FDA because people it was tied to heart attacks and strokes.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil: Although CBD has been marketed as a cure-all that helps with muscle cramps, anxiety, and weight loss, there’s no evidence that it works for anything.

Garcinia: Some early research that shows that supplements made from garcinia’s peel may give you feelings of fullness in the stomach, leading to the suppression of cravings and eating less.

Ashwaghanda: Dr. Seltzer says that when taken orally, research shows this ancient herb can help people reduce their “stress eating” and decrease bouts of anxiety. But this doesn’t mean it works when placed in a patch, nor does it prove that you’ll shed weight.

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Men’s Health

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How do you use the patches and are there any benefits?

Well, it’s pretty simple—you essentially apply the adhesive or band-aid on the skin. The instructions will tell you how long and how often to wear the patches.

Ultimately, there’s no evidence that using a weight loss patch will give you the immediate results you’re looking for.

“There are no magic tricks for quick weight loss that don’t involve the lifestyle to get real results,” says Dr. Lofton.

What’s the best way to lose weight?

Although this seems pretty obvious, maintaining a healthy diet and regular workout routine will give you the best results. There are some great apps to make things easier—like MyFitnessPal or All Out Studio. And you should always consult your doctor or dietitian with any questions or additional support.

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These 13 House Dresses Are Our New Comfy Summer Uniform

We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

Sweatsuits are a given for lounging around the house, but an underrated and just as comfy alternative is the house dress. It takes no thought or time to simply pop on a flowy, breathable dress—and it often looks more presentable than that oversize T you’ve worn to death since college.

So below, shop the house dresses that are our new comfy summer uniform from Anthropologie, Asos and more.


Shorts Sets That Are Sure to Become Your New Summer Go-To

We love the seaming on this affordable maxi dress available in plus sizes. It has an eye-catching peplum hem and low back while remaining super comfortable.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This pretty linen-blend dress is super flowy and breathable. Pair a comfy bralette underneath and you’re ready to go.

E-COMM: House Dresses

You can’t beat the relaxed fit of this dress with eye-catching buttons. It’s perfect to throw on everyday.

E-COMM: House Dresses

You can easily pull on this breezy mini dress with whimsical bow details.

E-COMM: House Dresses

If you’re feeling the chill of the A/C, pop on this long-sleeve smock available in plus sizes. It has a v-neck and buttons down the front.

E-COMM: House Dresses

You can’t go wrong with this super-soft cotton maxi dress. It has a pretty bow detail in the back.

E-COMM: House Dresses

If you want to feel covered up and comfy, opt for this cotton dress with cute ruffle sleeves.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This cotton tank dress is super easy to throw on. Plus, it has a pretty pattern that’s woven right in.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This simple cotton T-shirt dress comes in the sweetest pink hue. We love its lettuce-edge trim.

E-COMM: House Dresses

For a classic house dress, opt for this linen number in a pink shade. It comes with a belt to define your waist.

E-COMM: House Dresses

A cotton shirt dress is a great option, and this one comes in a summer-ready print.

E-COMM: House Dresses

A simple tank dress is super easy to slip on, and the red hue of this ribbed one is super flattering.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This T-shirt maxi dress is super affordable and loved by reviewers. Depending on how you accessorize, you can totally dress it up or down.

E-COMM: House Dresses

While you’re at it, shop these items to create a comfy at-home office, plus the most comfy work-from-home clothes that still look polished.

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Maternity ward nurses are sending videos of newborn babies to parents

Maternity ward nurses are filming videos of newborn babies in their care to send to parents after visiting hours were slashed due to coronavirus crisis

  • NHS staff have been taking videos of newborn babies to send to their parents
  • Visiting hours for new parents have been reduced due to coronavirus 
  • One worker has put a photo of her face on her top to make her more identifiable 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Like many people across the globe, NHS staff have seen their day-to-day work duties change dramatically.

Despite the increased pressures, these nurses have taken on a wonderful new duty on the maternity ward.

Staff at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, have been making videos of newborn babies in their care to send to their parents. 

NHS nurses at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey are making videos of newborn babies to send to their parents

The nurses decided to take on the touching gesture after the coronavirus pandemic meant visiting hours for parents were massively reduced.

New parents can now keep up to date with their little ones’ progress by watching the videos and are provided reassurance and comfort.

The sweet pictures were captured by a photographer who was given rare access to the hospital.

Masked intensive care unit nurse Tina wears a picture of her face on her personal protective equipment (PPE) visor so she is identifiable

Included was an image of a nurse, identified only as Tina, who works on the intensive care unit.

Tina has put her name on her PPE visor and a picture of herself on her top so she is an identifiable, friendly face to her colleagues and the coronavirus patients she is helping to treat.

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People Are Starting to Dislike 'KUWTK' Because the Kardashians Seem to Hate Each Other

All good things must come to an end, but it’s starting to appear like mediocre ones can go on forever. At least, that’s the sense some Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans are getting. Loyal fans obviously want to see the show through to the end, but will the Kardashians admit when it’s time to pull the plug? Cancellation rumors have already swirled several times, but each time fans think they’re finally seeing things come to a close, the announcement is made that the show will go on. 

One of the main reasons that people are tired of watching the show drag on and on is because of the relationships between the cast members. This close glimpse at a family is supposed to reveal the bonds between them, but more and more it seems like they don’t even like each other. Whether it’s the stress of the cameras rolling or that they really have grown apart, fans are tired of watching it. 

RELATED: Fans Say Kendall and Kylie Jenner Are Too Different to Be BFFs

Family fighting has featured heavily on KUWTK

It’s not like the show has ever been drama-free. In fact, a big part of the attraction to the show was getting to see the ups and downs of these celebrities’ lives. However, earlier seasons didn’t seem to be quite so full of anger and spite. Now, the fights between the sisters seem to be drowning out everything else, and they’re going on for much longer. 

Throughout much of the show’s 17th season, a fight was building between Kourtney Kardashian and her sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian. Kim and Khloé felt like Kourtney was no longer pulling her weight on the show, and they were feeling the pressure of having to fill airtime with their own lives. Kourtney, meanwhile, was dealing with her own family dramas and ultimately announced she needed to take a step back from filming. 

All of that conflict came to a violent head in the season 18 premiere when Kourtney and Kim got into a physical altercation on-screen. To make matters even worse, this fight became part of the teaser for the show’s premiere, making the anger even more of a central focus than it already had been. 

More family members are getting in on the feud

View this post on Instagram

A surprise trip to Napa on #kuwtk

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

The fight seemed mostly contained to Kim and Kourtney, and with Kourtney leaving the show, there was an opportunity for the drama to die down and get back to less angry topics. However, it now looks like things are set to get even worse. The drama has spilled out to other family members who are taking sides in the battle. 

Kylie Jenner took to Twitter, and her posts there seemed to suggest she supported Kim’s claim over Kourtney’s. “Kourtney is just straight unapologetic lol #kuwtk,” Jenner posted. The fact that she, too, was using the battle to promote the show while also taking a shot at her oldest sister suggests that the drama is far from done. Even with Kourtney largely off-screen, the fallout from the conflict looms large. 

Fans are tired of the fighting and anger

A little bit of drama is fun, but this fight has been dragging on and on for months, and fans are growing weary. In fact, many of them think that this battle is a sign that the show should finally be done for good. The battle over who owes more screen time to the show has made fans question the entire premise behind the latest seasons. 

“When the show first started, Khloe and Kourtney were living together in [a] small apartment. They obviously weren’t wealthy millionaires when the show first started. That’s what made them so interesting to watch. They wanted fame and fortune so bad. Season 1 and 2 will always be classic reality TV. Nowadays the show is so scripted and out of touch with reality because they’re pampered billionaires,” one fan wrote on Reddit. 

Back when the show started, the chance to be on-screen was a privilege for the sisters to make their break in the world. Now it’s a burden, and that makes it a lot less fun to watch. Perhaps it’s time that they just accept that their role has changed and give fans the closure they want. 

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Travel firms are ALREADY planning to exploit loophole in new UK rules

Travel firms are ALREADY planning to exploit loophole in 14-day quarantine period by flying holidaymakers into UK via Dublin (which is exempt from new isolation rules)

  • Priti Patel said those arriving from June 8 will be forced to self-isolate for 14 days
  • However those flying in from Ireland will be exempt from the quarantining rules
  • It means travellers can first fly into Dublin then get a connecting flight to the UK 
  • Firms have already suggested they would exploit the ‘Dublin dodge’ loophole

Travel firms are already looking to exploit a ‘Dublin dodge’ loophole in Britain’s new quarantine rules that allows those arriving from Ireland to avoid having to isolate at home.

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced plans for a tough new quarantine regime requiring almost all arrivals into the UK to immediately self-isolate for 14 days as of June 8.

The move, unveiled on Friday, received widespread backlash both at home and abroad, with France threatening to impose a ‘reciprocal measure’ on Brits arriving at its borders.

The travel industry also lambasted the rules, labelling them as ‘ineffective and unenforceable’ given that those travelling to the UK from Ireland were exempt from the rules.

It means flyers can first travel into Dublin and then either jet into the UK or get a bus across the border with Northern Ireland, avoiding the self-isolating rules.

Mike Woolridge, founder of Flyaway Weekends, predicted that travel firms would be quick to cash in on the loophole.

Travel firms are already looking to exploit a ‘Dublin dodge’ loophole in Britain’s new quarantine rules that allows those arriving from Ireland to avoid having to isolate at home

He said: ‘We can see a real demand for short-notice travel once restrictions are slackened, and are already looking at offers that divert via Dublin so we’re ready to help plan weekend breaks as demand starts to return.’

Travellers coming into the UK from Ireland are exempt from the restrictions due to it being a member of the Common Travel Area, along with the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Meanwhile, Ireland’s own coronavirus rules stipulate that travellers do not need to quarantine if they are getting an immediate connecting flight or bus into the UK.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: ‘Anyone travelling from Ireland will be exempt.

‘However, given the high levels of compliance we have seen to date, we expect that the majority of people will do the right thing and abide by these measures.’

Miss Patel last night confirmed that the new quarantine regime would apply to almost all arrivals, including people returning from holidays abroad.

But she also revealed a list of 39 categories of people who would be exempt from the rules, including healthcare workers and pilots.

She said that ‘air bridges’ could be agreed with certain countries with a similar or lower Covid-19 infection rate, meaning citizens could travel between each nation without the imposing of self-isolation.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has received widespread backlash both at home and abroad after unveiling the new quarantine measures on Friday

However no such agreements had been finalized as of Friday’s announcement, while preliminary talks between the UK and France about a quarantine-free corridor with no checks abandoned two weeks ago.

Currently, Britons can only fly to France on ‘essential’ business, a position it said earlier this week would be reviewed on June 15. 

Responding to the UK’s announcement last night, a spokesman for France’s Interior Minister said: ‘We take note of the British government’s decision and we regret it.

‘France is ready to put in place a reciprocal measure as soon as the system comes into force on the British side.’  

Who is exempt from the government’s mandatory 

Here is the list of people exempt from the 14-day self-isolation requirement.

– A road haulage worker and road passenger transport worker

– A transit passenger, an individual transiting to a country outside of the Common Travel Area, who remains airside and does not pass border control

– An individual arriving to attend pre-arranged treatment, when receiving that treatment in the UK

– A registered health or care professional travelling to the UK to provide essential healthcare, including where this is not related to coronavirus

– A person who has travelled to the UK for the purpose of transporting, to a healthcare provider in the UK, material which consists of, or includes, human cells or blood which are to be used for the purpose of providing healthcare

– Quality assurance inspectors for human medicines

– Sponsors and essential persons needed for clinical trials or studies

– Civil aviation inspectors engaged on inspection duties

– Eurotunnel train drivers and crew, Eurotunnel Shuttle drivers, freight train drivers, crew and essential cross-border rail freight workers operating through the Channel Tunnel

– A Euratom inspector

– Workers engaged in essential or emergency works, related to water supplies and sewerage services

– Workers engaged in essential or emergency works related to a generating system, an electricity interconnector, a district heat network, communal heating, automated ballast cleaning and track re-laying systems or network

– A worker undertaking activities in offshore installations, upstream petroleum infrastructure, critical safety work on offshore installations and wells

– Workers engaged in essential or emergency works

– Drivers and crew of trains operated by Eurostar International Limited, essential cross-border workers working for Eurostar International Limited

– Operational, rail maintenance, security and safety workers working on the Channel Tunnel system

– A worker with specialist technical skills, where those specialist technical skills are required for essential or emergency works or services  

– Seamen and masters

– A pilot, as defined in paragraph 22(1) of Schedule 3A to the Merchant Shipping Act

– An inspector, and surveyor of ships

– Crew, as defined in paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 to the Air Navigation Order 2016(h), where such crew have travelled to the UK in the course of their work

– Nuclear personnel who are essential to the safe and secure operations of a licensed nuclear site

– Nuclear emergency responder

– Agency inspector

– An inspector from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, a specialist aerospace engineer, or a specialist aerospace worker

– A person engaged in operational, maintenance or safety activities of a downstream oil facility that has a capacity in excess of 20,000 tonnes

– A postal worker involved in the transport of mail into and out of the UK

– A person involved in essential maintenance and repair of data infrastructure

– An information technology or telecommunications professional whose expertise is required to provide an essential or emergency response to threats and incidents relating to security

– A person who is engaged in urgent or essential work on electronic communications networks

– A person who is engaged in urgent or essential work for the BBC’s broadcasting transmission network and services

– A seasonal agricultural worker 

– Members of diplomatic missions and consular posts in the United Kingdom

– Crown servants or government contractors returning to the United Kingdom who are either: required to undertake policing or essential government work in the United Kingdom within 14 days of their arrival, have been undertaking policing or essential government work outside of the United Kingdom but are required to return temporarily, after which they will depart to conduct policing or essential government work outside the United Kingdom

– International prison escorts – a person designated by the relevant Minister under section 5(3) of the Repatriation of Prisoners Act 1984(a)

– A person responsible for escorting a person sought for extradition pursuant to a warrant issued under Part 3 of the Extradition Act 2003 or sought for extradition pursuant to any other extradition arrangements

– Defence personnel and contractors doing work necessary for the delivery of essential Defence activities, including Visiting Forces and NATO

– An official required to work on essential border security duties

– A person who resides in the UK and who pursues an activity as an employed or self-employed person in another country to which they usually go at least once a week 

Raffaele Trombetta, the Italian ambassador to the UK, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that no discussions had yet taken place between the two countries.

He said: ‘There is always a large number of British tourists coming to Italy, it’s one of Britain’s preferred destinations.  

‘We had 40 million trips from the UK to Italy last year. We know how much they love Italy. We are still open, welcoming them. 

‘We believe that this is pandemic is a global problem so the best thing to do is to tackle it with a coordinated approach.’

Mr Trombetta pointed to Italy’s own plans to lift quarantine rules for those travelling from the UK and the EU as of June 3.

He said: ‘We have made it clear what we are going to do and it’s important for British people to know that they can come to Italy. 

‘We understand that the UK’s new rules will be reassessed after three weeks so hopefully there will be an easing of the measures as we are doing in Italy.’

Several exemptions to the new rules were announced last night, including those living in Ireland, healthcare workers pilots.

However Ms Patel’s plans were also panned by the travel industry, which pointed out that those arriving in the UK will be allowed to use public transport to reach their address, possibly infecting others.

They also said that people could get around the rules by first flying into Ireland, which is exempt from the quarantine rules, before then travelling into Britain. 

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, was among the first to hit out at the new guidelines, which Ms Patel has already admitted would be under constant review. 

In a statement, it described the regime as ‘unenforceable’ and said it was ‘strongly opposed to ineffective non-scientific measures’. 

A spokesman added: ‘This isolation measure simply does not work unless passengers arriving in international UK airports are detained in airport terminals or hotels for the 14-day period.

‘Once these arriving passengers have travelled on the crowded London Underground, or the Heathrow and Gatwick Express, or buses or taxis to their destination, the subsequent quarantine is pointless.

‘If this measure had any basis in science, then the Irish visitors would not and could not be exempt.’

British ministers are said to be examining the idea of ‘Covid passports’ that could allow those who have had the disease to travel more widely without the need to undergo quarantine on their return to the UK.

The plans to get tourism moving are being promoted by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who is said to have the backing of both Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Miss Patel last night confirmed that the new quarantine regime would apply to almost all arrivals, including people returning from holidays abroad at ports and airports.

Under the plans, travellers arriving at all ports and airports will be ordered to go into self-isolation for a fortnight and to provide an address and contact details. 

They will not be allowed to accept visitors, unless they are providing essential support, and should not go out to buy food or other essentials ‘where they can rely on others’, the Home Office said. 

There is a small number of exemptions for truck drivers and some other critical roles while transit passengers who do not formally enter the UK will also be exempt.     

Public health officials are expected to conduct approximately 100 spot checks every day to ensure people are sticking to self-isolation. Those checks will start from the middle of June. 

People who arrive in the UK without accommodation arranged will have to pay for Government-arranged accommodation themselves. 

Despite Ms Patel insisting the policy will be reviewed every three weeks, Whitehall sources have played down hopes that the measures could be lifted before the summer holiday season.   

Virgin Atlantic warned the plan would keep planes grounded. 

‘The safety and security of our people and our customers is always our top priority and public health must come first,’ a spokeswoman said. 

‘However, by introducing a mandatory 14-day self-isolation for every single traveller entering the UK, the Government’s approach will prevent flights from resuming. 

‘We are continually reviewing our flying programme and with these restrictions, there simply won’t be sufficient demand to resume passenger services before August at the earliest.’

The airline instead called on the Government to introduce a ‘multi-layered approach’ with targeted public health and screening measures to allow the safe restart of international travel. 

The chief executive of the Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee, had earlier told the Home Affairs Select Committee that drastic reductions in passenger numbers ‘may simply lead to a prolonged shutdown of all aviation’.

France immediately hit back at the UK last night, saying it ‘regretted’ the decision and would look to impose a ‘reciprocal measure’ on Brits arriving at its borders

Passengers wearing personal protective equipment queued up to board a flight at Heathrow Airport on Friday

The strict new rules

What is going to happen?

All passengers arriving in the UK will have to fill in a form before heading to Britain. This will include British nationals coming home, as well as foreign visitors. You must provide the address at which you will be staying in the UK – and self-isolate there. You will not be allowed to leave that address at all, or receive visitors, for 14 days.

How will it work?

Passengers will be able to complete ‘contact locator form’ on the Government’s website up to 48 hours before departure. There will be no paper versions of the form. Failing to complete the form before travelling is a crime, but there will be a short grace period and allow travellers to fill in the form electronically in the arrivals hall.

How will this be enforced?

There will be spot checks to ensure all passengers have completed a form. Border Force staff will interview people as they leave planes and at border checkpoints.

What happens if I refuse to fill in a contact locator form?

You will be given an on-the-spot £100 fine by Border Force officers.

When will this come into force?

June 8.

What checks will take place during the 14-day period?

Public health officials will carry out random checks by telephone. If these raise doubts, police will visit the address, issuing a fine where necessary.

What happens if I leave the address I provide in the form?

In England, you will be issued with a £1,000 spot fine. You could even be prosecuted, and face an unlimited fine if convicted. The fine could increase beyond £1,000 if the ‘risk of infection from abroad increases’, the Home Office says. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have their own enforcement systems. 

A spokesperson for the Association of Independent Tour Operators told The Daily Telegraph: ‘As with so many Government ‘initiatives’, the 14-day quarantine rule comes across as a bit of a stab in the dark, quite possibly to be changed as quickly as it was introduced, as with the mooted air bridges.

‘In reality, quarantine should have been put in place right at the start of the pandemic, as our European neighbours did – we are now out of synch with them, as they emerge from quarantine and we go into it.’  

Piers Morgan lead calls for transparency about why coronavirus carriers were able to fly into the UK in the first place.

He wrote: ‘Of all the inexplicable decisions this Govt has made during the coronavirus crisis, quarantining people who fly into the UK after 20 million people have already flown in and 62,000 people have already died is the most… inexplicable.’

Nigel Farage tweeted: ‘The government quarantine should have been three months ago, not now. Far too late.’ 

Ms Patel insisted the Government does ‘recognise how hard these changes will be for our travel sector’ and that ministers will work with the industry to find ‘new ways to reopen international travel and tourism in a safe and responsible way’. 

A former head of Border Force said today he was ‘surprised’ quarantine measures had not been brought in at UK borders sooner.

Tony Smith, now chairman of the International Border Management and Technologies Association, told the Commons Home Affairs Committee today: ‘Yes I was surprised that we hadn’t seen earlier measures introduced at the UK border.’ 

Mr Shapps on Monday raised the idea of ‘air bridges’ with popular tourist destinations such as Spain. 

Madrid yesterday signalled it might be prepared to welcome UK tourists from July without asking them to self-isolate for 14 days.  

Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said: ‘We need to find a way that the vast, vast, vast majority of people who don’t have a disease can still fly.’

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Nick Viall and Hannah Ann Are Flirting on Instagram Right Now and I! Fully! Stan!

Look, at this point there’s almost no one in Bachelor Nation that Nick Viall hasn’t been linked to, but he’s currently out here getting vaguely flirty with Peter Weber’s ex-girlfriend Hannah Ann Sluss on Instagram and I’m very much here for it.

Because why not, Hannah went ahead and posted some bikini pics to Instagram, and Nick hopped into her comments being all “As far as caption go…’Dear Peter…’ would have been a home run.” Hannah responded that Nick “nailed it” and didn’t seem to hate the suggestion that he should “get on this.” Basically, there was a vibe okay? That! Is! That!

As a reminder, Hannah won Peter’s final rose and a massive engagement ring—but he broke up with her on camera because he couldn’t ~give her his heart~ or something (IDK, honestly trying to block that entire season out). Peter went on to date Madison Prewett and then Kelley Flanagan, while Hannah’s been linked to NFL player Mason Rudolph.

Back in April, Hannah showed up on Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe, saying she had a “FaceTime date” with someone but that their relationship is “just a nice little quarantine fling.”

Hmmmm, whatever, still think Nick should shoot his shot.

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Dolphins are bringing ashore ‘gifts’ while coronavirus keep humans away

Dolphins in an Australian coastal town have been bringing ashore “gifts” from the sea — and volunteers say it might be a sign they’re missing human interaction while coronavirus restrictions keep visitors away.

People usually line up to feed the school of humpback dolphins at the Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding at Tin Can Bay, Queensland — but the venue has been closed for weeks.

Now, volunteers at the cafe say the dolphins are showing an unusual, very generous, new behavior.

“The pod has been bringing us regular gifts, showing us how much they’re missing the public interaction and attention,” said a post on the cafe’s Facebook page Monday. “They are definitely missing you all.”

The treasures include sea sponges, barnacle-encrusted bottles and pieces of coral.

A volunteer told the ABC the marine creatures have displayed that behavior before, but it has increased since the venue’s closure.

Barry McGovern, an expert in dolphin behavior, told it’s possible the dolphins are trying to express that they miss humans, but it’s unlikely.

“Nothing surprises me with dolphins and their behavior anymore,” McGovern, a University of Queensland PhD student, told the outlet.

“They do everything – they use tools, they have culture, they have something similar to names in signature whistles,” McGovern said. “In all likelihood, they probably don’t miss humans per se. They probably miss a free meal and the routine.”

They might be displaying a “play-like behavior,” or just acting “out of boredom,” he said.

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Are Shady Instagram Giveaways The New MLMs?

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Controversial loop giveaways on Instagram have some things in common with MLMs

I have written extensively in this newsletter and in stories about the rise of loop giveaways on Instagram, and why they are so controversial. This week, the issue boiled over.

A group of influencers announced they were giving away a car as part of a loop giveaway, sparking immediate backlash and a ton of questions. I reached out to Instagram, and a spokesperson told me these types of giveaways were against its policy and they were investigating. You can read about it here or on my Instagram, where I detailed my reporting.

As I reported this out, I got messages from a few people who said these giveaways reminded them of MLMs, or multi-level marketing companies. After thinking about it, I think this comparison is a rather apt one, for a few key reasons.

First, many of these loop giveaways require some sort of buy-in, whether it is paying a fee to a third-party that organizes the giveaway or splitting the cost of the prize with the other influencers involved. For example, influencers involved in a recent Peloton giveaway told me they split the cost of the prize, four bikes that cost more than $2,000 each, among themselves.

This aspect of the giveaways shares a key detail with MLMs: women are paying money upfront to buy into a dream with no guarantee of success. In MLMs, women are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars with the hope this will lead to them being able to run their own, revenue-generating business. In a loop giveaway, women are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars with the hope that this will lead them to get more and more followers, which will lead to better sponsorships and ad deals.

In both these circumstances, the woman who already has the most money starts out with a huge advantage. Take for instance, LuLaRoe, which I did a big feature story on earlier this year. To join LuLaRoe, you need to pay a minimum of around $5,000 for a starter kit, but former sellers I spoke to told me in actuality many women paid sometimes double or even triple that amount to join and build their inventory. It makes sense that spending more money on LuLaRoe upfront would lead to greater success down the road, as customers naturally will flock to sellers who have the greatest variety in size and style of clothing. Sellers who can only afford to spend the minimum amount to join are therefore at an immediate disadvantage from day one.

In loop giveaways, an influencer already has a huge advantage if they can spend thousands of dollars every month joining multiple loop giveaways and build their following quickly. I have seen some influencers who are part of three or four, sometimes even more, giveaways at a time. Influencers who can only afford to join maybe one giveaway, or don’t have enough extra income to join at all, grow much slower, and don’t get the same opportunities.

In both of these cases, the woman who is able to buy her way into bigger and bigger success is then peddled around as a model to the other women as what is actually possible, leading them to sink even more and more funds into playing the game. Some influencers with huge accounts can even leverage their “success” into making money off of the women who want to be like them by working with third-party companies like Social Stance, which is widely believed to pay big influencers to “host” these large loop giveaways and charge smaller influencers to join. There’s also the possibility that, like in MLMs, women who are making a significant amount of revenue through bigger ad deals gained through these giveaways aren’t actually seeing their bottom line grow, if they re-invest said profits into buying into more, bigger loop giveaways.

All these facts are pretty depressing, and show why loop giveaways are giving influencers a bad reputation right now. However, the one key difference between these giveaways and MLMs is an encouraging one. Becoming an influencer is, unlike joining a MLM, an actual real business opportunity, and if you do it right, an extremely lucrative one. Influencers who build their followings through slow and steady hard work over time are thriving, and the market is free for anyone to join. You just can’t cut corners.

There are also encouraging signs that the market is catching on. Many industry blogs have encouraged businesses to look at an influencer’s engagement rate, rather than overall following, when looking for partners for ad deals. A 2019 study found that engagement actually increases the fewer followers an influencer has, because their audience tends to be more loyal and actually willing to buy things the influencer recommends. In other words, paying your way into higher and higher follower counts may soon become way less lucrative.

So while some influencers may be using tricks to get ahead that remind me of MLMs, the industry will hopefully soon self-correct to get rid of these shady elements. While it is frustrating to see these tactics on Instagram, a platform I personally believe in and love, it is only one part of the overall economy. Unlike a MLM, if you work hard, don’t cheat, and stay true to your brand as an influencer, you can actually succeed. And I think that’s something worth rooting for.

— Stephanie

Karens going wild has grown an Instagram page at a wildly rapid rate

Karens have been causing chaos for decades, and they’ve long been a meme. But during the coronavirus crisis Karens have been upping their ante and memes about them have become popular again.They are a welcome distraction for frustrated Americans who are trying to comply with safety regulations.

This explains the popularity of a new Instagram page called @Karensgoingwild, which has grown to 1.9 million followers since it was created last Friday. Riley Beek, a 25-year-old from Newport Beach who runs this and another popular meme account full-time, told me she believes her page of “obnoxious content” is a “mental escape from everything that’s happening in the world” right now.

Riley posts an average of 25 times a day because she said she’s noticed an increase in Instagram meme activity overall and people are asking her for more. She posts both jokes about the “Karen” caricature and actual women who are caught on film defying orders, threatening to call the police for petty purposes, or doing other Karen activities. Here’s one of a Karen filming her woes and complaining about not being able to breathe wearing a cloth mask.

“It’s comedic relief intended to make people laugh…and temporarily forget their troubles,” Riley said. “Karen memes have been getting more and more popular.”

Riley said she’s also noticed that she’s seen a “huge increase in engagement” over the past few weeks, but specifically late at night during the 1:00 to 3:00 am window.

“Not only is everyone at home doing nothing but their sleep schedules are messed up,” she added.

The @Karensgoingwild page is not a happy accident, of course, as Riley is a pro in the meme industry. Riley, her partner, and a friend together also run another major meme page called @Memequeen, which has over 6 million followers. She began cross-promoting her Karen content via this page last week, which helped introduce people to the new page. However, very quickly, she said, the growth skyrocketed. She’s now receiving “tons and tons” of user submissions.

Riley and I DMed for a while about the ridiculousness of the content she’s received and posted, and also the catharsis of consuming it all. It’s often maddening, but it’s also an outlet for all of us who’ve observed at least one Karen in the wild.

“Karens are handling [the pandemic] the worst,” Riley said.

She also has some words of advice for anyone who lives with a Karen, or is a Karen. And no — she doesn’t think making fun of entitled Karens is problematic.

Since this is an ~influencer~ newsletter, I asked her where she thinks meme pages fall within the industry.

“I like to think we influence people to connect and stay in touch by sharing the funny, relatable content we post. I don’t think ‘influencing’ solely has to be about promoting a product. Our goal as a meme page is to influence our audience to not take life so seriously,” said Riley.

In addition to her meme pages, Riley, her fiance, and a friend have created two different apps, one for sleep meditation and another to encourage teens to quit vaping. She said almost all the users on these apps have come from promotions on their original meme page. They’re also not immune to some Fashion Nova shilling every once in a while. A meme page is a business, apparently one that funds these three adults’ full-time salaries. But, hey, if they’re making money off of Karens wreaking havoc everywhere, and they’re properly sourcing their materials, I guess I’m not totally mad at it.

— Tanya

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