Your Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for March

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Aquarius, babe, let’s talk. I know you’ve been feeling a little lost lately (after all, your birthday season came and went like a flash). But on March 3, Mars—the planet of action—pivots into Gemini, and suddenly you’re all kinds of naughty. That’s you sliding into the DMs, sending late night “u up” messages, and posting thirst traps for shits and giggles! Yes, Aquarius, we love to see it! Get down with your bad self! With virile Mars lighting up the area of your chart associated with passion and play, in this like-minded air sign, you’ll feel confident, radiant, and—perhaps most importantly—extremely flirtatious. This is so unlike you…but have fun with it, Aquarius! You will always be a humanitarian at heart, but there’s nothing wrong with infusing a little harmless “come hither” into your life. Have fun!

Next, on March 13, the sky is enveloped by a velvety New Moon in Pisces. For you, this kicks off a new 28-day lunar cycle aligned with money and values. Does that mean your bank account is about to get a double-dose of lovin’? Perhaps! But—since the Moon is linked to emotions—you may want to manage your expectations: Major financial shifts are more likely to show up in your dreams than in your wallet. New Moons are great canvases for setting intentions, so this is a wonderful opportunity to manifest abundance. Most importantly, remember that money is an energetic frequency: Getting is giving and vice versa, so when in doubt, be sure to donate generously. The more the merrier!

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Spring begins on March 20, when the Sun shifts into Aries’ spirited sky, putting you in an extremely chatty mood. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself drifting towards the proverbial water cooler by the end of the month, but the core of the conversation doesn’t need to be gossip. You can actually put your cool, calm, and collected Aquarius twist on dialogue by engaging in deep, meaningful conversation that promote self-awareness and propel positive change. What does it mean to be a social being in this world? How can you shift your words and re-frame your participation to enhance the greater good? Simply put, this is an opportunity to turn fair-weather chatter into philosophical discourse…you know, NBD!

And finally, the month concludes with the Full Moon in Libra on March 28. The sky will be electric and—activating the area of your chart associated with travel and expansion—it will be bringing powerful information from afar. This is an excellent time to expand your horizons, tapping into unexplored curiosities…especially those that feel otherworldly. Whether you’re signing up for an astrology workshop, flipping through a book on palmistry, or simply sitting with your intuition, you’ll be inspired to connect with the language of the cosmos. Go ahead and get weird, Aquarius! At the end of the day, the Full Moon is a perfect time to let your freak flag fly, so don’t be afraid to get a little wild!

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