You can now Rickroll office Zoom meetings – here's how

It’s the internet meme that just won’t die – and now Rickrolling has become a way to liven up the office Zoom meeting.

Unbelievably, the concept of hooking someone with a link leading them straight to Rick Astley’s seminal 80s hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ actually started way back in April 2007.

But here in 2020 we’re using Zoom for everything thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Astley shows up there too.

It’s all thanks to creative technologist Matt Reed, who created a designated Rick Rolling service that summons the pop hit to your Zoom meeting. All you need to do is head over to and put in your Zoom meeting ID.

At the moment, the service is only running at certain times. Probably because if unleashed on the web 24/7, the results would be catastrophic.

‘On weekdays beginning July 7th from 10a-4p (EST), Rick will be awaiting your Zoom invite links over at so he can drop by and roll out his signature serenade to all your Zoom friends,’ Reed wrote on a blog post explaining the service. ‘Why only during certain hours? Because he can’t be trusted at this point. He’s still in beta and has to be constantly watched over.’

Reed admits that the service may not stay live for long because, well, it kind of violates Zoom’s terms of service.

But for the moment, he’s doing his best to never give up and never let down as many Zoom meetings as possible.

‘There’s a simple intake form on the site that you can drop your meeting invite link into. That saves to a local database that I, sorry, Rick, will be monitoring,’ Reed explained, pointing out that he sacrificed his personal Zoom account to make the pop magic happen.

‘When Rick sees a new link come in, off he goes to deliver happiness, smiles, and cybersecurity audits. Once rolling has been completed to Rick’s satisfaction (about 15 seconds) he’ll check that meeting off the list and move on to the next one.’

Surely throwing a Rickroll into your next Zoom meeting will give everyone a chance to smile during this otherwise pretty bleak time. Either that or it’ll get you a disciplinary hearing with HR.

It’s worth pointing out that the man himself has actually said he’ll hold a free concert for NHS staff when the pandemic is over.

Rick will be performing at Manchester Arena on 28 October, and wanted to give back to the everyday heroes who are facing the coronavirus pandemic every day to save lives. The singer said: ‘Our NHS and emergency services are amazing. This concert is a thank you to all those fantastic frontline staff.’

Attaboy, Rick.
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