Yankees mailbag: Gary Sanchez’s future a hot topic

You ask, we answer. The Post is fielding questions from readers about New York’s biggest pro sports teams and getting our beat writers to answer them in a series of regularly published mailbags. In today’s installment: the Yankees.

With Gary Sanchez struggling again this year, the long-term future could be with one of the several catchers they have drafted over the last few years. What is the latest on the development of those young catchers? — Joe Mongiardo

The Yankees took catchers with the first two picks of the 2018 draft. Anthony Seigler was picked in the first round out of high school and Josh Breaux was taken in the second round out of junior college. Seigler turned 21 in June and Breaux will be 22 in October. Neither has played above Low-A ball, and without a minor league season this year, it is hard to gauge their development, but it is safe to say they won’t be in the big league picture for next year.

As J.T. Realmuto will be a free agent after this season, would it be feasible for the Yankees to try to trade Sanchez and sign Realmuto to a full time deal? He is more durable and a better all-around catcher. — Mark Weinstein

If Sanchez’s bat doesn’t wake up soon and stay productive for however long the Yankees play this year, it will be very difficult to trade him for much value. And if they do deal Sanchez, the Yankees better be sure Realmuto is signing with them.

The more I see of Gary Sanchez, the less convinced I am he’s the Yankees’ long-term solution as a catcher. What are your feelings and how does the Yankees’ brain trust view him? — Bill Staropoli

Right-handed power-hitting catchers are hard to find, and despite a very slow start at the plate, that is what Sanchez is. His defense improved last year and he has been better this year. The Yankees have arbitration control over Sanchez for two more seasons, so the betting choice he is the Yankees’ catcher for at least that long.

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With [Giancarlo] Stanton being placed on the IL once again, do you think we are seeing another Jacoby Ellsbury? — Mike Stanley

Don’t think so, because Ellsbury’s career ended due to surgery. Stanton has been sidelined by problems that haven’t required surgery. As far as staying on the field, that was a problem last year, but remember Stanton played through leg issues in 2018 because Aaron Judge was out.

Don’t you think the Yankees are being unfair with Clint Frazier? I know he has some faults, but they seem to be jerking his career around with no plan for him. … Seems an injustice. — Joseph Benedetto

It’s not a question of fair or unfair. Aaron Hicks is making $10 million a year to play center, a position Frazier is not suited for. Aaron Judge is one of the top 10 players in baseball playing right. The duo of Brett Gardner and Mike Tauchman handle left. Unless MLB gives the Yankees permission to play four outfielders at a time, Frazier has to wait.

Aaron Hicks is a career .235 hitter for 8 seasons who is typically batting third. What is up with that? There are much better offensive options who also play good defense. — Paul Alexander

By better options you mean playing Brett Gardner and Mike Tauchman in center? Gardner is off to a slow start, and though Tauchman is capable of playing in the middle of the outfield, he is better built for right and left.

I get frustrated sometimes with [Aaron] Boone’s use of the bullpen. Now that [Aroldis] Chapman is back, will innings 7, 8, 9 become a standard for [Adam] Ottavino, [Zack] Britton and Chapman? — Michael John Vanchy

When Chapman returns to the big leagues, he will close and Boone will use Chad Green, Ottavino and Britton in front of Chapman, but not designating a specific inning for each. Losing Tommy Kahnle’s versatility hurts.

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