Yahoo mail: Is Yahoo mail dead? Is it worth opening a Yahoo mail?

Yahoo email actually remains one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, third behind only Google Outlook and Microsoft’s Outlook.Part of Yahoo mail’s popularity concerns how an account is much more than just an email provider.

The service in fact offers access to various Yahoo features, including a news feed, calendar, notepad section, address book and much more.

Yahoo accounts also allow users to manage rival email platforms like Microsoft’s Outlook and Google Gmail from within Yahoo Mail,.

And Yahoo mail can additionally configure auto-replies for when you are away.


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How to create a Yahoo mail account:

The best way to create a new Yahoo mail account is via the services desktop website.

Prospect users should begin the process by visiting the Yahoo Sign-in page.

They should then fill out the form with their full name, username preference, password, phone number, birthday and gender.

The password should be made as complex as possible to prevent others from accessing the email account.

If the email password is too difficult for you to remember, users should consider using a password manager.

The phone number is required as a precaution for account recovery.

They should next select either Text Me an Account Key or Call Me With a Verification Code to confirm they really do possess the phone associated with that number.

This code should be entered to verify the phone access and then select Verify.

Users will then be redirected to the Yahoo email homepage.

They can easily access Yahoo Mail by clicking Mail on the top right corner of the page, or by inputting the URL


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How to you send an email on Yahoo:

Begin the process begins by entering your email and password into the Yahoo login page.

Users should next press “login” at the bottom in the requisite area.

Tap Compose Message, which is located in the top left of the page.

This opens up a tab where you can write your email, add emojis and so on.

You should next specify who the email is intended for.

If you have the person in your contacts, you can write their name from there.

Remember, you can contact any email account – it does not have to be an @yahoo address.

You should now type in the subject – this is the bottom square above the larger text box.

Next type the message in the bottom box – this can be as short or as complex as you wish.

The final step is to press send, meaning your email has instantaneously reached its destination.

Yahoo v Google Gmail – which is better?

Google Gmail is the most popular free email provider, with more than 1.6 billion users.

One immediate advantage Gmail has over Yahoo is it allows users to easily send instant messages to their contacts.

Although Yahoo also has instant messages, it is not nearly as accessible as its rival.

Another victory for Gmail relates to the use of attachments.

Gmail users can quickly and easily put up as many attachments as needed.

Yahoo mail requires users to visit a separate screen in order to include attachments and can only add five without needing to add any more.

One area where Yahoo mail is arguably better is the way it allows better folder creation and organisation.

And while Gmail allows users to label folders, the email platform keeps all your folders in approximately the same area, making organisation difficult when juggling a large amount of folders.

A significant advantage Gmail has over Yahoo is it allows for a bigger attachment size.

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