Woman stays in Ibiza's famous glass-walled bedroom

I stayed in Ibiza’s famous glass-walled bedroom – people banged on the windows all night but it was completely free

  • A woman stayed in Ibiza’s Paradiso Art Hotel Zero Suite that has glass walls 
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A woman got to stay in a four-star Ibiza hotel for free – but the catch being that her accommodation was a glass-walled room in the middle of the lobby. 

The beachside Paradiso Art Hotel Zero Suite is for ‘people who like being the centre of attention’, and doesn’t cost a penny.

While some tourists might balk at the idea of being on display 24/7, one TikTok user shared a video of her pal making the most of the bedroom. 

Milica Mijailović from Belgrade, Serbia, posted a short clip of her friend inside the hotel room and exactly what she got up to. 

The small suite, which is painted yellow, has a double bed, a small table and chairs, and a private bathroom. 

TikTok user Milica Mijailović from Belgrade, Serbia, shared a short clip of her friend inside the glass-walled Paradiso Art Hotel Zero Suite

The adventurous young woman didn’t mind having an audience as she got ready for a night out in Ibiza and even joined as people knocked on the window

Sharing to the social media platform, Milica wrote: ‘POV my friend booked the see thru room Ibiza,’ before adding: ‘I love her.’

The video has already racked up more than 400,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments. 

Milica’s pal appeared to be loving the experience, prancing around in her towel getting ready and greeting guests as they arrived.

Clearly at ease, she teased fellow holiday makers by pretending to kiss them through the glass and danced for those watching.

Viewers of the clip were left in awe by the experience and flocked to ask questions and leave comments, with some expressing their fear of staying in such a place. 

One person wrote: ‘All I can think of is me falling asleep and then some creep watching me all night long, breathing heavily, pressed up against the glass..’

‘NO cos I sleep with my mouth open I’d die if someone saw that,’ another social media user.

Someone else applauded Milica’s pal, writing, ‘Free is free,’ to which Milica replied, ‘Preach’.

‘i would love this so much,’ announced a fourth person.

And a fifth user penned: ‘She’s a vibe’.

Some burning questions were also answered with Milica revealing the bathroom is completely private to get changed in but they do keep the lights on all night so an eye mask is a must. 

Another viewer who was familiar with the suite also revealed that you’re not allowed to sleep naked and it’s only for one night.

The Zero Suite at £150-a-night Paradiso Art Hotel in Sant Antoni de Portmany is touted as ‘beautifully decorated and aesthetically pleasing’ – but made completely out of glass.

The bizarre hotel room is made entirely out of glass and can be found in the hotel reception

The wacky Ibiza beachside haunt usually charges £150-a-night, but a night at Zero Suite is free

People were enthralled by the idea of the suite and had lots of questions and comments for the poster of the video

It’s also right in the middle of the hotel lobby, meaning any privacy will go right out the window.

According to the hotel demand is high for the room but there are a few rules to follow in order to stay.

First up is that you’ll have to sign a release form with the right to use your image, as chances are you will be filmed while in the room. 

A maximum of two people are allowed to sleep in the room, although the hotel doesn’t specify whether or not having sex inside it is allowed.

Another rule is that you won’t be able to repeat your stay in the same calendar year.

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