Woman horrifies with salad recipe that involves mixing popcorn with greens

A food writer shared her unique salad recipe online – and involves using popcorn.

Molly Yeh, who hosted the popular Food Network show, explained "popcorn salad" is a classic mid-Western dish that people could find in a church basement potluck.

The dish is often mixed with popcorn, vegetables and mayonnaise as sauce.

The recipe video has since gone viral, with some viewers commenting on it with a string of vomit emojis.

Molly says: "Some people will put fish in it as well. You don't think it's going to work, but when you taste it, it's really good."

She prepares the sauce by mixing mayonnaise, sour cream, dijon mustard, sugar, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.

Then she adds in the snap peas, carrot and chopped celery and tosses them to get the ingredients coated in the white sauce.

When the popcorn is ready, Molly drops it on top of the salad mix and garnishes the dish with some chopped watercress.

"What it looks like you're getting a salad, but you look underneath, you see a pile of popcorn," the presenter grins.

"That is my kind of salad. This is the kind of salad you eat with a spoon."

She describes it as "crunch on crunch on crunch".

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But viewers seemed to get put off by the soggy popcorn that was drenched in salad dressing.

One who tried the salad gave her verdict: "My coworker brought this s*** in for our workplace potluck.

"Everyone was repulsed but still ate the s*** just to be polite. I left immediately because no."

"I refuse to believe she’s serious," a second wrote. "There’s just no f***ing way."

A third added: "'I love the texture of the popcorn in the salad' is literally where I stopped the video….how bad was it?"

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